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Rabbis protest gay singer's gig
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 02.07.11, 08:10
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1. why gays need to come out ?! Proud of what ?
2. Outlandish
Silkey ,   denmark   (07.02.11)
to think it's a crime to be both religious and gay. What about the gay youth in their community?
3. The religious Right should drop this issue.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.02.11)
It's just plain stupid from every point of view.
4. Intolerance
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.11)
The fact that these people feel this was is unfortunate, the fact that they feel empowered to speak it firmly and protest the event is despicable.
5. the rabbis should serve
david k. ,   old bethpage, ny   (07.02.11)
They should serve in the army and do more for the state if they are going to complain about a singer who happens to be gay. He's not a gay singer, but a great singer who just likes men not women. get over it or serve in the army
6. This is pointless:leave the pious to their ways&beliefs!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.02.11)
You can't make the leopard change it's spots (or whatever). Why insist on this pointless "battle"? Only a slow, v-e-e-e-ry slow education can bring those keepers of medieval values out of their religion induced brain- paralysis.You might as well parade with quarters of pork through Mea Shearim.God made gays, it's His problem, not some self-appointed "Hahamim's" !(well: they're actually appointed by brain-dead , black-clad mass of followers) Leave the gays to their lot; and by the way: GAYS, please stop preaching/being bloody "Proud" at every opportunity , we've "got it" long time ago!!!
7. Regilious girls dont want to sing with gay singer
Marlene   (07.02.11)
Let the religious girls stand down, not everyone wants to hear them and besides this is an event to honour all volunteers and not just for the religious. Time to clamp down on the religious blackmail. The religious girls don't want to sing in the same concert they can stay home. This event is for all the volunteers and not just for them
8. We are Queer, We are Here
Nour ,   One-State   (07.02.11)
Get Over it, we are in the 21st century. Enough of homophobia!!!
9. Tom, you may have gotten it a long time ago....
Aharon ,   Jerusalem, IL   (07.02.11)
.....these idiots obviously have`nt and the state gives them control of the education system, so either the silent majority starts shouting out, or the groups being marginalised by these self appointed tzaddikim will continue to make their case themselves, sorry if it disturbs your endless slumber. Hope you wake up before we all live in a Jewish version of Iran
10. Let them boycott the event, then go straight to hell
Talula ,   Israel   (07.02.11)
How pathetic that these people feel it's their duty to judge someone on their sexual orientation. He is going there to sing, that's all!! These sad lost losers will forever make me sick to my stomach - I simply HATE this vile intollerance to the gay community. Leave them alone, live and let live!
11. like everywhere...
Julie ,   Israel   (07.02.11)
"Gay" "rights" are the only ones that count. The minority rights are more important than the majority. Their sensibilities must not be offended at any cost. the built-in born-with natural revulsion of homosexual behaviour that has guided mankind since the beginning of time, has been turned around by political activists who want to do what ever feels good to them, however depraved, disgusting and bizarre. Thissinger can't. of course, just stand and sing a song lke anybody else, nooooooo. He has to antagonize and flaunt his sbnormal preferences to the world. A total disgrace and completely unacceptable
12. Deliberate Provocation by Left Mafia
BoycottNat'lService ,   china and israel   (07.02.11)
It should be quite obvious this was a deliberate provocation in repsponse to not having a woman sing so the Tel Aviv crowd who contol the entertainment scene ( read MAFIA ) decided o.k. so lets send them a male a gay male what a hoot !! THey must be having many a good laugh over that. In response I would suggest the threat by the religious volunteers to just volunteer from now on ONLY in their own communities and lets see who in the "liberal" commmunity will "volunteer" to empty the bedpans and other dirty work in hospitals and old age homes.Boycott national service girls fight back
13. So we condemn Iran and do exactly the same!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.02.11)
To those bigots who Claim that Gays flaunt their rights, well, if there weren't homophobes like you and Gays were accepted there would no need for Gays to make a statement! The religious DEMAND tolerance but won't give anything back! Why can't you just live and let live? Also, clean up your own houses and look at the behavior of some of your Haredi and Orthodox folk! Isn't a certain Rosh Yeshiva under investigation for molesting boys?
14. mic ben ari "the against man"
nice ,   tlv   (07.02.11)
ben ari against: woman voice, homosexual, arabs, refugees, seculars, the sea, the sky, moon, sun and OBVIOUSLY against G-d.
15. I agree with Terry
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (07.02.11)
Wow, I don't get to say that very often
16. Ridiculous
Ariyeh ,   Ashdod   (07.02.11)
And should secular Israelis refuse to buy bread from a religious baker? Absurd
17. openly religious
israel ,   israel   (07.02.11)
means openly intolerant? "i demand tolerance for my intolerance" religion taught these fools nothing. isn't it only fitting for the religious girls to look at the homosexual singer considering that they'll never engage in extra-marital relations anyway?
18. #1
Abie Dee ,   New York, U.S   (07.02.11)
Proud of what ? perhaps they're just proud of the way Hashem created them...
19. #8 When will you be performing in Gaza?
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.02.11)
Please don't compare yourself to Harel Skaat. He's very talented.
20. How outrageous of these "organizers".
Jed ,   Cairo, Egypt   (07.02.11)
Now "they" are trying to make people feel comfortable with beliefs that are contrary to professions of faith. Why do they have to push, force and then get upset when opposition to spreading this acceptance is voiced. When you speak of righteousness, you have supporters. There are people that still stand for principles and honoring these ladies in a way not pleasant to them is dishonoring them. The way these ladies, religious leaders and right-wing activists believe is still very familiar. The organizers did a very good job of showing how the "right" side believes in these kinds of regards and you can just figure there are more. However the ladies wind up expressing themselves is understandable.
21. surprised ?
twice blessed   (07.02.11)
I wouldnt expect less from SOME religious jews. Full rights for gay and lesbian jews !
22. why are they offended exactly?
david ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.11)
i dont get it. Stop the stupidity please.
23. reason religious dont serve under secular control
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.02.11)
Usurping power, this audience is mostly if not all religious. Why wouldnt they ask the audience who they want to sing.
24. Evolutionary dead end.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (07.03.11)
Indeed a provocation of those that wish to perpetuate their species.
25. MK Ben-Ari your very existence is offensive
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.11)
MK Ben-Ari who never misses an opportunity to attack minorities in Israel who do not share his fanitical view points. He fans the flames of hatred and incites violence. Part of his moral crusade includes inciting hatred towards arabs and provoking arab citizens with his marches through their towns. This dispicable man brings disrespect to the office of MK and acts in a way that is offensive to the decent hard working people of this country. Mk Ben Ari clearly demonstrates that Jewdism is a religion of hatred and intollernece towards not only your fellow jew but to gentiles as well.
26. Wow, When Did Harel Come Out? I Think That's GREAT !!!
Eduardo G. ,   Rio Branco,BR.   (07.03.11)
I mean we all knew already, nobody cares, we are proud of him as a Jew and as a proud Israeli citizen himself. Harel is the BEST !!! Harel LOVES his country, just because he is gay does not mean he's a leftist liberal self hating Jew, He Loves Israel and he loves his culture and religion. DON'T BE SO JUDGEMENTAL !!!!
27. Harel Skaat
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.11)
The question I ask did these girls like Harel before he came out of the closet. The next think I ask is why can't people learn to be tolerant, is that not we arer meant to be especially coming from a religious home. What would it have been better if Harel kept his secret to himself, he thought he was doing the honest thing by coming out. I am religious and I am ashamed when other Jews can't learn to be tolerenant with how others want to be.
28. #27 mark - good for you
Avi ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
Good to know there are religious people such as yourself who are tollernt to others who are different than themselves. :-) Yes were all Gods children even the gay ones .
29. Do they protest him serving in the army and his charity work
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.11)
Harel Skaat has been actively involved with charities aimed at children with disabilities, i wonder if the so called Rabbis find that offensive to?
30. Religious=voluntarily stupid
Sidney ,   USA   (07.03.11)
With our long history of being persecuted for being different, how can any decent Jew persecute others? I personally dislike religious extremists as much as these girls dislike gays, but I would never take action against them.
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