Israel ranked 14th in global innovation
David Shear
Published: 03.07.11, 13:37
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1. inovation
fredi ,   karmiel/israel   (07.03.11)
and, what kind of innovation is coming from Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, exactly?
2. As orson welles's character reminds us in the
Anton Orde ,   Lagos   (07.03.11)
Third Man, in 500 years of so-called democracy and peace all switzerland has innovated is the cuckoo clock. That's a trifle unfair. Adding the Swiss army knife and a couple of complications in watchmaking provides a fairer perspective.
3. #1, The Sweedish bikini team of course!
Sargent Preston ,   U.S.A.   (07.03.11)
4. And 15th of 30 in difficulty of starting business
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.03.11)
Among the other negatives in this report, Israel ranked 29th in terms of the bureaucratic burden facing start-ups, putting it only eight places above China, the last-ranked country. Israel was also found to be lacking in terms of investment in growth capital - investments in mature technology companies: Israel's venture capitalists tend to invest in young start-ups. In summary, though Israel is a lot more open than it was in the heyday of socialism, much work remains. And the "cottage cheese" protests shows there's a big difference between oligopolistic, crony capitalism and a truly free market.
5. Switzerland?
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.03.11)
Switzerland? Innovation? Is this a joke? Or do they count that assisted suicide "hospital" as an innovation?
6. Israel ahead of Japan, Norway, France, Austira, etc.
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.03.11)
Israelis have a lot to be proud of! Congratulations!
7. Sweden and Switzerland
Sidney ,   NY US   (07.03.11)
What are they innovating? New forms of antisemitism, of course. Singapore is only a distant third.
8. Less money for education and still ranked high.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.03.11)
All of the countries ranked ahead of Israel have less students per teacher in their schools. So, it is actually surprising Israel is ranked so high. Also, without America's help there would be even less research grants for Universities and students would have no funding for advanced degree studies. Congratulations Israel, but please find the money to pay your teachers better and have more teachers employed in education.
9. Low score in R&D financed from abroad
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.03.11)
If you look at Israel's scores ( you will see that one of the areas in which Israel was very low was the proportion of R&D that is financed from abroad. This is an area in which those abroad who have an interest in Israel can have real impact, and illustrates an important need.
10. does it include all the innovation by yordim?
Max   (07.04.11)
of course not, so many of the best and the brightest in Yoredistan - the USA and elsewhere...
11. Israel needs most: good business management
Ran   (07.04.11)
innovation is ok but then selling out after a couple of million does Israel a bad turn every time...
12. What rank is " Palestine", "west bank " PA, Hamas, Hizbola
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (05.22.12)
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