Nasrallah: Hariri probe is Israeli plot
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 02.07.11, 21:46
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1. well we Jews have been quite busy
GZLives   (07.02.11)
While we were sabotaging the clown flotilla we were setting up Nasrallah. I continue to hear the echo of "The Jews poisoned the well" and wonder what sort of goofus buys into this idiot stuff?
2. Really?
Israel   (07.02.11)
What an idiot!
3. nasrollah bsht
alexi   (07.02.11)
In 2006, nasrollah earned some respect for his measured cool and his ability to continuing launching missiles regardless in the face of incompetent halutz's bombings and coward olmert's vacillation which only made nasrollah's work easier. Over time though, nasrollah has been boasting, exaggerating, telling cockeyed lies and falling into the same old arab trap. In the next major encounter, nasrollah's group will be smashed unlike anything they have encountered so far and h is head may be cut off. Finally, mitzna has given an interesting expose on israeli leaders describing olmert like I have, a military ignoramus, livni without back bone and weak and bibi and barak dangerous. Yet so far bibi has not hurt israel the way the gaza withdrawal of olmert has hurt it. Mitzna who fav oured the withdrawal should think through his proposals since arabs take land and use it for military purposes to hem israel in. That he wants to return golan shows he is blind to reality. Mitzna is hoping that israel can buy its way into arab acceptance and he forget that when jews are not their own landlords, disaster befalls them.
4. Balaam Nasrallah!
bob96 ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.02.11)
Well, we don't see anything like this every day... a sworn enemy of Israel PRAISING our country! "Everyone knows Israel is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world." Even a moron hateful moron like him knows it! Surely was a slip of tongue, but reminds me of the story of Balaam in the Bible, who wanted to curse Israel but turned out only praising it. Keep it coming, Nasrallah !
5. Really sad.His followers believe the hidden coward
PETER SM ,   MELBOURNE   (07.03.11)
6. you know nasrallah is guilty when he blames israel
Brant ,   Hilton Head USA   (07.03.11)
It's just so uncanny how Israel can be, at the same time, the most vilified member of the UN and yet able to control that body's investigations of political murder in and enemy State. How do those Jews do it, Sheik Nasrallah?
8. nasrallah must consider Lebanese to be stupid
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (07.03.11)
I wonder if they are
9. Nasrallah, the George Washington of the Mideast.
jonas   (07.03.11)
Another commentator with the most used word depicting nasrallah "" idiot "". It's not his fault, that's all his mother was able to produce. The result about 60 years later, a rolly polly fat pig accusing everybody else for a savage murder that he and his gang of cuttroath commited. That is an age old strategy doing the crime, and hang a bystander via lies, lies. and more lies. The are boasting on " victories " for the past 65 years, and yet still living a feudal miserable life; killing each other ( brotherly love ), and succeeding in having a stupid world to pour billions $ into their coffers (master beggars) all this while this stupid world is going broke. The 4 thugs indicted, by nasrallah standards are all honorable men, The UN is biased, and of course he has proof that Liberman is in this plot. Spewing garbage in front of a ' mic ' brings the media to it's knees; they gobble everything. Nothing has changed in the arab world for over 1400 years. Deceit is still very much in vogue "" a la muhammad ""
10. He is a dreamer and a very good drummer
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
He gets wicked ideas and all the time dream about Israel (mostly nightmarish) and drums about it all the time! Eliminate news about him. West of time and money.
11. That was your job you know what is hard for you nasrallah?to have weapon
And not to use it for your ambitious.why did you attack to israeli border in 2006?maybe that was the job of harriri.nasrallah,are you going to say that action is far from your nature?what is better than eliminating your competitor(hariri),and then call it the action of israel?
12. Well, do-nut face Nasra, no one suspected
the Israelis in Hariri's assassination simply because it was your terrorists who did it. Beyond any reasonable doubt !
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.03.11)
Yes the UN one of the most bias International anti-Israel organization hatched an Israeli plot. That's right the UN, where 57 of the 192 member nations, are Muslim countries really is controlled by Israel. The moon is really made of Swiss cheese too. Poor Nasrallah, does he believe anybody but terrorists believe his clap trap nonsense. It is hilarious to watch the guilty terrorists fall back on such comical excuses. Just print up a standard excuse card for all the the ills of the Arab world, "Israel did it". Then you can save your breath. Everybody is laughing at the fat man.
14. Fat liar...why would ISrael want him dead?
JAy3 ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
But Hezbollah had every motive for killing him!
15. Nasibala
Nick ,   Holland   (07.03.11)
and yesterday i won the lotto HAhAhAha Go to hell you fat rat.
16. If Israel was defeated, why are their drones over Beirut?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.03.11)
17. No one will buy that
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.11)
Say what you will, but nobody will buy it, except your fellow terrorists. The world court has completed its' due diligence, and came up with answer that everybody already knew. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization who kills people!
18. Israeli plot
Niss ,   uk   (07.03.11)
Nasrallah must have very good script writers to brainwash as always his followers
19. He overrates us
Sidney ,   USA   (07.03.11)
"Everyone knows Israel is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world," If we were are good as he says, he would be dead.
20. This creature...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.03.11)
This creature is a second person which I am sick and tired of their whining and barking all the time. The other one, as you might have guessed, is Ahmawhatever.
21. Like justifying the actions of a rapist / murderer
William ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
because he volunteers to read to orphans. Crime is a crime, and in addition to the countless war crimes Hizbullah has committed, now they can add "murder of elected official, leader of a country" to the list.
22. "Why do you fly drones above Beirut, have agents there?"
William ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
Because you're there, stupid. How do you think we managed to hit all of your long-range missiles in 30 minutes, and nail every underground bunker in the southern suburbs, causing you (Nasrallah) to hide in the basement of the Iranian embassy?
23. "No one investigated claims from (Nasrallahs) previous speec
William ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
yes, they did. The video and accusations were analyzed by the STL and dismissed pretty quickly because they were full of unsubstantiated claims and unrelated coincidences Hizbullah pieced together themselves into an incoherent line of reasoning. In the rest of the world, that thread of logic is called "conspiracy theory" and is usually never given credibility in a court of law (but also taken as fact by the Arab street - go figure).
24. #8 - he's not addressing the Lebanese
William ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
The Lebanese already know he's guilty and have for some time. Nasrallah is addressing the rest of the Arab world from which he gains his support for attacking Israel. If they wane, the next time Israel delivers an ass-kicking, he won't have any help at the UN. Hizbullah already terrorizes the Lebanese and have used their weapons on the population after promising never to do so. Now, Nasrallah controls the govt which makes the population unwilling lemmings of terror.
25. #18 - lucky for him the bar is set pretty low
William ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
the crap Nasrallah spews pretty much writes itself.
26. Don't tell anyone
Annette ,   USA   (07.04.11)
but Nasrallah is actually one of the Hezbollah Mossad double agents.
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