Statehood not in the cards
Anav Silverman
Published: 03.07.11, 11:32
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1. don't forget to mention
nadav ,   tel aviv   (07.03.11)
that the "palestinians" also lack a national history, geography, identity! After all, they stole the Roman name Palestine from the Jews, who used it to describe Israel to their gentile compatriots. Pallies are just another colonial failed state, just like Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria- none of those countries are real or have a unique national identity...
2. If honest leaders are a pretext to state, there would be no
jabberwocky   (07.03.11)
3. The numbers are staggering
Devorah   (07.03.11)
And when you factor in the others who have become wealthy off the backs of their own people, all foreign aid should be cut off IMMEDIATELY. Arabs, stop blaming Israel for your misery because the enemy is one of your own and making a bundle at your expense.
4. Anav has never had to seek funds for
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (07.03.11)
the political campaign to be elected to or deal with the compromises required to maintain a viable position in a national office. This article is a fluff piece.
5. There IS already a "Palestinian" state east
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.03.11)
of the Jordan, just get USED to it...the only thing you need is a new form of government >>>abolish the unlegitimate monarchy and establish a democracy and a state called Palestine...
6. A democratic "Jordan" = PALESTINE !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.03.11)
IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT...! This is the political formula which will SOLVE the whole mess...
7. #5,6 Chris, you have a bright future in diplomacy.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.03.11)
Maybe you're the one who will finally usher in world peace.
8. Where Arabs of Judea and Samaria want to live
Moshe ,   Netanya   (07.03.11)
First, as most told me is Saudi Arabia. Second Tel Aviv. Nobody ever mentioned Jordan. Some mentioned USA.
9. seadog1946 / 4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.03.11)
This article is a fluff piece. Like your posts. Why don't you tell us what political office Sufa Arafat is running for to need all that money?
10. Is it any different for any Arab country?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.03.11)
I think not. Fascist regimes are never viable.
11. Fluff Dog
Pantherjet   (07.03.11)
Yep you really have a handle the situation in the ME. Fatah and the Hamas nazis are at each others throats in an ever ending spiral of self destruction. Go peddle your crap somewhere else.
12. #4 seadog
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.03.11)
Your comment is irrelevant and therefore a fluff comment.
13. ON the cards, not IN the cards........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.03.11)
14. Good Article! Why create it ever?
bjl ,   USA   (07.03.11)
The Ottomans had the land for 500 years. Why didnt they create a "palestinian state"? They Jordanians had the "west bank" from 1948 until 1967. Why didnt they create a "palestinian" state? Simple. There NEVER has been a arab palestinian state. And they know it. The Romans call the area Palestine to stick it to the Jews. In 1922 the (League of Nations) San Remo conference approved the return of the Jewish people to ALL of their Homeland all the way to the Jordan river. It is still law today! Everything EAST of the Jordan river is "palestine for the arabs".
15. What?
Don shaw ,   L.A. U.S.A.   (07.03.11)
No, it,s in the cards!
16. If the Palestinians don't have the elements for a state
Cynic #2   (07.03.11)
then the only viable solution is the one state solution in historic Palestine.
17. #6 - That's fiction
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (07.03.11)
Christian, this may be the reason, why the stateless Arabs in the autononmous region want all of Israel for their state. There will be no such thing like a democratic Arab state. Neither in Jordan, nor in an Arab state of Palestine or anywhare else! (look at the troubles in Iraq) They want to build their own autocratic kleptrocracy. Both, the Jordanians and the stateles Arabs, who like to call themselves Palestinians, don't want to share pork barrels. They are all dreaming of a life as despots of their country. A luxurious life with four blond wifes from Ukrain at their side.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.03.11)
..into the evil Arab supremacist League. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
19. #16 Cynic 2 - so DEFINE "historic Palestine"
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.04.11)
Do EXPLAIN what you mean EXACTLY by the term "historic Palestine". Oh, PERSONAL fairy tales do NOT count.
20. 5/6/8 - Good Luck
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (07.04.11)
How do you plan to handle the expulsions? Do you plan to launch a coup in Jordan first? Will the broken peace treaty with Jordan be archived as an historical anachronism? Or just used as kindling? How many do you expect to survive the transports east?
21. Palestine as a mandate
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.04.11)
Earlier, during the twentieth century, international law made use of the concept of a "mandatory" state. The state existed, but as the people were not ready to govern it, other countries did so as trustees. Perhaps this should happen in the West Bank and Gaza -- Europe could administer it until the Palestinians are prepared to do so.
22. We can live together with love and respect
Aussi yid ,   Sydney and Jerusalem   (07.04.11)
I hope that the Palestinians get their State and that the Arabs and the Jews will live peacefully together. It is time to stop the hatred and start practicing brotherly love. Start by showing respect for each others humanity. We are all created in the image of God. Jews, stop listing to fanatical rabbis. Arabs, stop listening to your crazy religious leaders that preach hate. Let us all just have friendly warm relations and share the Land.
23. Never heard of an Israeli leader who got rich? Meet Barak
Hostage   (07.04.11)
24. #20 Mark bJ - there was a PRECEDENT
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.04.11)
The palis TRIED to take over Jordan once. But they were BADLY beaten and were consequently EXPELLED with the tails between their legs. That's why the palis ONLY commemorate "nakba' - a FICTITIOUS event since there was NEVER a pali people in 1948 - and NOT the really HUMILIATING Black September. With all the UNREST in the region, it is NOT surprising if the palis try the same thing AGAIN since they are such parasitic OPPORTUNISTS.
25. The answer is simple
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.04.11)
A gradual and incremental building of Statehood in East Palestine (West Bank) first We cant wait until Hamas come on board when they have severed the Ahmadinejad noose around Gaza and were serious about peace An independent State in East Palestine is completely viable and we must focus on that aim until Hamas and Gaza are ready
26. Israel will be huge winner in Palestine fiasco.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
Israel will be the huge winner of the upcoming Palestine statehood fiasco. This will be the second, and final, Palestine statehood declaration. Israel can easily assure it's an even bigger disaster than the 1988 declaration. After all, there were less than 300,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria during the last fiasco. Today there are 700,000. Judea/Samaria is a powerful irreversibly successful community. When the smoke clears, Palestine will be proven to be as fictional as Oz, Neverland and Atlantis. Nobody will ever take it seriously again.
27. #20 MARK BJ - How about some facts?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.04.11)
You had posted quite a bit of fallacious information the other day, here are the necessary corrections With a population of nearly 25500, Ramallah was historically a “Christian town”, ... Modern Ramallah was founded in the mid-16th century by the Haddadins, Mount Moriah – Are saying that you built that too? Bethlehem- another bit of your disinformation, it was originally Jewish, then Jewish & Christian, after Mohammed arrived it then harbored Muslims, you most certainly weren’t instrumental in its construction, you added on like a boil Abbas & Arafat were/are leaders of a faction, not a country, since no country named Palestine ever had its own government Let’s not hear about your dreams & wishes, what counts are facts, which aren't on your side Y Net at times eliminates lengthy posts, nobody is guaranteed that all of their posts will be published I'll try again, with a more detailed questionnaire, let's see you dodge this one WITH FACTS, not your usual faery tales Your nonsense about the Incas, man of that era hadn’t contemplated trips to the moon either..We are discussing about what was actually know, Mohammed knew about Palestine & Jerusalem, nary a mention in the Koran, which proves he didn’t think that they were in the least bit important
28. Sammy #25 really?!?!?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.04.11)
"An independent State in East Palestine is completely viable and we must focus on that aim until Hamas and Gaza are ready " How so, please tell us. Their entire economy consists of handouts. They produce nothing, nor can they even feed themselves. So please tell how in the world you believe that these Arab squatters living on our lands can create an economically viable state.
29. 24/27/ CKT & BJ - Addendum
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (07.05.11)
What is the plan? How do you all plan to make it work? What and how do you plan to deal with Jordan?
30. #29 MARK BJ
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.05.11)
It's a "Secret Plan", we don't discuss it with enemies
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