Turkey working for Shalit's release
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.07.11, 11:19
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1. Now all the Arab rulers
seriously ,   IS   (07.03.11)
want to raise their heads and show how influent they are- getting themselves involved in Shalits rescue Is this a joke? they keep on playing- let's see who comes being a "hero"
2. improving ties
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.03.11)
it will be good to see captive soldiers released ,and for him and family this pain stopped but improving ties thats wrong, i dont think this can be achived personally i dont trust israel and vice versa so what should turkey do is to forget it
3. Who changed his pills ?
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (07.03.11)
4. Poor, desperate Shalit family. it breaks one's heart, on the
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.03.11)
other hand no way we should release even one terrorist! The really infuriating fact is that Israeli govt. did practically nothing all these years. Only NOW they're starting witholding cottage-cheese(or whatever) from the imprisoned hammasniks! What a pathetic joke! Is there absolutely NOTHING these thugs need from us more that Gilad??!! Really? You want me to believe that, You're nuts!
5. Gilad Shalit's fate is in the hands of Hamas
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.03.11)
Sorry Ynet, the truth had to be told.
6. No.2
Ram ,   London   (07.03.11)
I am sure you prefer adhering to your Quranic beliefs i.e. hold Jews as infidels to be exterminated and feel manly by abusing women. Good luck; Israel will have a better friend in Greece anyway.
7. Turkey pulled on old cliche, namely exploiting the Jew
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
as a political scapegoat. Turkey's trades with the West is at an all-time low and the EU had made it clear that they do not want them, so the Turks figured they would improve ties instead with their fellow Islamic neighbors. And what better way to do that than attacking Israel. All that smooching between Erdogan and Al-Assad and their new strengthened relations took a nose-dive when Syria started to massacre protesters. Basically, you know that awkward moment on the highway when you decide to switch lanes, only to find out seconds later that the traffic on the lane you left is now the one moving faster. Looks like Turkey wants to move back from Syria to the Israel lane. Only thing though is that we have seen Turkey's intentions, their lack of integrity and that they can't be trusted.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.03.11)
Hamas turned down a deal that Israel offered 1000 for 1? Interesting, isn't it? Have you ever seen better proof that Hamas just wants the PR this generates. What hypocrites they are, to vilify Israel for a failure, Hamas themselves create.
9. #5 salma
mba ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
The fate of hamas is in the hands of hamas, not flotillas, not syria, not killings, when hamas decides to become a nation among nations then your food bags goes empty
10. Erdogan wants to be friends again
Rachel ,   US   (07.03.11)
I guess things did not work out with Syria & Iran?
11. why cant we release thousands of prisoners
JL   (07.03.11)
and then hunt them down? prison they feel safe...get shalit back then its open season...
12. #7 why Jew?
mba ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
It's ISRAEL, my man, and not jew. Talk to me in one or two years, and let's see where the Israel/Turkey relationship will be. Interests always trump emotions and words in international relations as is in politics.
13. #6 happiness with greece
ali ,   istanbul   (07.03.11)
U.S. senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham visited Erdogan.all of the same words in the language of ''Turkey could play a role in solution of Israeli-Palestinian dispute.''lobbyists should go to Greece because the wrong place..
14. Ali from occupied Istanbul no 13
JUDAH THE LION   (07.03.11)
Israel will not trust Islamic country called Turkey.
15. #1 seriously how ignorant can you be?!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.03.11)
Turks are not Arabs! Erdogan is a Turk! Wake up and do some reading!
16. Turkey-EU
AHMET   (07.03.11)
Turkey last year grew 8.9..(After China, the fastest growing country Turkey)..the first quarter of this year, the fastest growing country in the world(Turkey %11 Argentina %9.9 China%9,7)The economic crisis in the European Union..who cares EU...If I know there's one thing ..It is this.''we don't care that the current EU''
17. When Turkey has 33% unemployment growing 9% is pathetic!
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.11)
All of it is inflation of raising prices for the average citizen and in real terms it is stepping in place. If this pace keeps up they will go down to 32% unemployment in 30 years.
18. bitter facts (1453)
ali ,   istanbul   (07.03.11)
be difficult to accept but an Islamic country of Turkey..Remember new?Israel, Syria in talks it was. I say again, lobbyists must go to Greece
19. Marco it is Spain w/33% UNEMPLOYMENT not Turkey!
Levo ,   Turkey   (07.03.11)
Obviously a confused Zionist Spaniard? Turkey is way outperforming Spain economically and Spain is likely to be a 2nd Greece!
20. marcos comment
besiktasjk ,   ankara   (07.03.11)
Turkey has 33 percent unepmloyment? LOL get your facts straight right, ALSO Turkeys economy has been growing and blooming
21. your dream but it is not real
AHMET   (07.03.11)
Turkey statistics office, the unemployment rate 10.8% in March..described in the last 41 years the lowest inflation rate in Turkey the month of January data ..You can learn here ('s the facts..
22. Turkey
Tania ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.03.11)
Turkey turned its back on Israel and now wants to appear more reasonable I don't trust them
23. Turkey's government cooks the books on GDP, unemployment,
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.11)
and inflation. There is a lot of underemployment too and the prices in lira keep rising like crazy every month. Several of my Turkish friends living there keep telling me of college graduates in practical professions who sell flowers on the street if they are lucky to make a meager living, and people in scores of villages dying of starvation. Streets in big cities have a homeless population that has increased 25 folds in the last 10 years. A Muslim government always lies and cheats to stay in power.
mark ,   t.a. israel   (07.03.11)
25. Thumbs up for #23 Marco, I agree with u.Bravo
Muay Thai ,   Turkey   (07.03.11)
26. To N 4, Tom
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.03.11)
Dear brother. It is not easy, to any country, to free someone under the hands of a terroristic organization. I believe Israelian government has done the possible. But, from distant South America, I tell you that this soldier does not belong, only, to YDF. All decent, true Christians and Democrats, around the world,like me, do support the struggle for his liberation. I saw her mother when I visited Jerusalem in November, 2010. God protects the righteous ones. So, you have to be firm, but, also, patient. There is not another choice about the issue.
27. No. 24, only if Erdo does without one Arab terrorist release
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.11)
28. to get rid of lies Marco
AHMET   (07.03.11)
Do you have proof of his arguments?then you don't believe the lies..or spain turkey mix...You live your dreams...real growing turkey...foreign person can not see from the outside or is difficult to accept..continue to empty talk..Spain's need your suggestions for solutions..
29. marco
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.03.11)
you never fail to make fool of yourself :)
30. Turkey is a basket case, Greece and Spain are $trillioners
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.11)
in comparison.
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