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The churches against Israel
Giulio Meotti
Published: 03.07.11, 20:02
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1. Dishonest slur agains all Christian criticism of Israel
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (07.03.11)
So because there are some Christians in the world who use antisemitic themes to criticize Israel, all Christian critics of Israel are antisemites who are reviving the blood libel? This is one of the most dishonest and disgusting pieces I have read. It's hard to believe that Ynet would provide this writer with a platform. To quote Ethan Bronner: "The Israeli-Palestinian dispute is increasingly disintegrating from a debate over borders and security into a battle between those claiming that Israel is a genocidal machine and those who dismiss every attack on its policy as an assault on its essence. " This article is a case in point.
2. Blood Libel Article
Michael Netzer ,   Colorado USA   (07.03.11)
I read with interest the article entitled "The churches against Israel" frankly - it is amazing. If you are a "Christian" you have to have a New Testament that includes Paul. Paul indicated that Christians are graft of the Hebrew peoples by their faith. Never mind that the Christ was a Jew that is said to have been blameless... called 'Rabi' by the people that met Him... Talk about a house divided! It is profoundly absurd to go round this insanity - in 2011?!?! In my small circle of Christian acquaintances to not be supportive of Israel, to - at the risk of sounding 'radical' ... to not be Zionistic in hopes for Israel would be tantamount to being tossed out, ignored as ignorant. But then you see 'Israeli citizens' on the flotilla boats... ? I mean it is like upside down world now... who can keep score?
3. Churchs against Israel
John ,   Sunbury USA   (07.03.11)
The world Council of Churches does not speak for all Christians. There are many of us Christians that support Israel. There are millions of Christians that pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem.
4. There is much apostasy in the Sunday churches and religions.
Rivkah   (07.03.11)
The Sabbath of man is apostasy since the Jewish Messiah named Yeshua did not change the Shabbat to another day. Emperor Constantin did that about 300 years later. The name of the Jewish Messiah was changed by Constantin to Je-Zeus, another apostasy, to call the Messiah by the name of a pagan idol and chief pagan deity of Greece. The Jewish Holy Days were outlawed by Constantin and pagan days of the birthday of Zeus and Jupiter and Mithra and Ra and Tamuz, all pagan gods, was honored on December 25 for Je-Zeus. Now the replacement theology crap is being thrown at Jews and Messianics and Saturday Sabbath people. No wonder Christian and Christianity have become dirty words. I prefer Messianic since so many Christians are religious unbelievers who will be turned away from YHWH's Kingdom, utterlly surprised at their exclusion. The Sunday Sabbath people are so brainwashed they won't listen when they are shown in the Scriptures that God is not a liar and Yeshua the Messiah did not change the Shabbat and God's promises to Abraham and the Jews and those of the circumcision are everlasting.
5. Moral authority?
i ,   jerusalem   (07.03.11)
Beyond absurd!
6. Blood Libel
Dennis Hibbard ,   Whittier USA   (07.03.11)
Luke 21:24, for How Long? Acts 15:14 - 17 For those Christian in Name Only, Counterfeit Christianity, Lucifer has Counterfeited almost everything in Relation to HYHY who are Losers in the End, lest they Repent!
7. Dovid@1, prove you are different. Let me see you fight them
leo ,   usa   (07.03.11)
and fight them loud.
8. Jews popularize the scholarship that religion is fiction.
JMK ,   NYC   (07.03.11)
Fiction, mythology, magic and make believe is no way to further civilization. Rabbis say anyone killing someone for being an Amalek is a murderer because nobody could possibly know who an Amalek is wink, wink. Priest's,Minister's,Imam's should adopt the same attitude. The offenses against their godmen are mythology, the very existence of their godmen are fictional, hate of Jews is just wink wink mythology, not real.
9. Better Christians than #1&2 those jews
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (07.03.11)
dovid & nezer - true members of the lost tribe - so lost that they see Israel as enslavement in Egypt, and the Diaspora as their promised land. I really don't care that much what the nations think about us, that's been predicted. But to see Jews swallowed up in such blatant lies is painful. This article gives a glimpse into things to come. Sadly, there probably is a form of replacement at work...those who bless Israel will be blessed and that includes a lot of righteous gentiles, many Evangelicals amongst them, but why do Jews have to join in the chorus of those that curse us? I pray that such Jews will have a full spiritual recovery, which will allow them to see exactly what side is upright.
10. The World Council of Churches is so evil that the Salvation
Rivkah   (07.03.11)
Army pulled out of it during the Reagan Administration because the World Council of Churches was supporting war in Nicaragua.
11. Chin up... according to most reports/polls,
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (07.03.11)
the majority of Americans stand with Israel.
12. Without the Jews, these morons don't even have a G-d.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.03.11)
13. Still deny Jesus of Nazareth & Christianity?
Lisa   (07.03.11)
14. These are all denominations in decline.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.03.11)
The future of Christianity is with the Evangelicals. The Christians in the Arab world face extinction, literally. No matter how much they hate the Jews, the Muslims still see them as infidels. The other ''mainstream' denominations are not really Christians anymore - they believe in ''social justice'' - an amalgam of failed socialism covered over with theological rhetoric, they're leftists or progressives pretending to be Christian. All are losing members & their leadership hardly represents the views of the majority of their adherents. Their churches are empty & in Europe, will soon become mosques. It's nonetheless a disturbing phenomenon.
15. True christians loves Israel
rune f ,   oslo Norway   (07.03.11)
If christians do not love Israel they are bad because without Israel there would be no christianity.Thank you Israel for bringing christianity.Jesus is a jew and Israeli
16. European Jew-Hatred Not Found in USA
Dan ,   NYC USA   (07.03.11)
Fortunately, with the rise of Obama, we've seen a rise in Christian Zionism.
17. No. 1 - Dishonest?! Really?
Shaul R ,   US   (07.03.11)
The article is quite specific in its focus and references, referring to actual and well-documented cases. Dishonest? Care to back up your assertions with facts, not just some ridiculous rhetoric? I won't be holding my breath.
18. Churches or lynch mobs?
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.03.11)
seems the Nazis are now called "Christians." 'Many will come in my name, ' who said that? Obama called himself a "Christian" too. If he's a "Christian" i'm a bear.
19. Dovid #1
Doris Wise Montrose ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.03.11)
That you are using Ethan Bronner to confirm your point makes your it irrelvant and specious.
20. "dovid": u don't get out much or read much
dante ,   uk   (07.03.11)
let's start by reading what the Meotti wrote: when a vatican publication and appointees or associates of the pope use the vocabulary and theories of ancient enemies/persectuors of the Jews, it is fair to conclude that these are not the isolated and inconsequential views of a few individuals. an attempt to dismiss them as such is reflective, at the least, of the dishonesty of the apologist.
21. @1 Most Christians ...
Joe ,   St Louis usa   (07.03.11) least most that I know are very supportive of Israel and the Jewish people. This group is hateful and an embarrassment to Christians as a whole. Funny how the first people to criticize Israel often object to any criticism of their criticism. Not all criticism of Israel is anti- semitism, but some is. If your criticism is based out of hate, naivite or misunderstanding (accidental or intentional) then people will call you on it. Get used to it.
22. Many church- priests cannot read the Bible.
Jouko ,   Finland   (07.03.11)
The problem with many churches and denominations is their strange interpretation of Bible. Catholic priests like many protestant pastors never read the Bible. I never see a Catholic go to his/her church carrying the Bible. No wonder their believe whatsoever their leaders teach. Even many famous Christians like Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu are not able to read Bible like it is written.
23. God bless Meotti for telling the hard truth
Miriam   (07.03.11)
24. The great islamic deception is in place...
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (07.03.11)
And just to' make a point some church and some bishop do not make Christianity.Anti-zionism and anti-semitism is Alive in "individuals" in the vatican,bishops and priest too...the good news is christians do not listen to' them anymore....churches Are empty and anti-semit anti-Zionist got what they deserve...nobody want to' listen to their bullshit anymore...
25. World Council
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.03.11)
Of course, Jews do not and never did use anyone's blood for any purpose; that premise is utter nonsense. Aside from that, however, the World Council of Churches is spot-on when it comes to the fundamental illegitimacy of the existence of the state called Israel. Christianity does indeed supersede Judaism as the Teaching of the Lord, as the New Testament/Covenant clearly points out. Thus the World Council and all proper Christians will vigorously continue the world BDS campaign, and not rest until the Zionist state, as a political entity, is extinguished; hopefully by peaceful means. The article's author, Giulio Meotti, given his views, is a gross heretic who would have been dealt with sternly in times past, and may yet be.
26. Replacement Theology is wrong
Scott ,   Haifa   (07.03.11)
Don't confuse these deceived groups with true followers of Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah. True followers of Yeshua re 100% behind the creation and foundation of Israel.
27. There are millions of anti-semites !!!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (07.03.11)
No one is perfect, but Israel is more perfect than most of the worlds racist countries. Most gentiles, not all, deep down through church and mosque lies, hate Jews. Because we never converted, and we are the chosen people, plus you copied our religion, yes copied are religion, you racist gentiles are always looking for ways to deligitimize Israel and us Jews. As an American Jew who supports Israel 100%, you can choke on your hate and go to HELL !!!!
28. The nonsense of replacement theology
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (07.03.11)
Those who accept replacement theology must, logically, demonise Israel as illegitimate. To do otherwise (i.e. accept Israel) makes a mockery of their brand of Christianity which sees Judaism as a fossilised religion and Jews as a condemned people with no future.
29. Gay Marriage
Kerykan ,   China Canada   (07.03.11)
The United Church of Canada preforms gay marriages like the rest that are listed, are in strict contrast that the moslims believe in and where moslims would have no problem in murdering any one of these so-called Christians in a blink of an eye.
30. leo@7 - vice versa
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (07.03.11)
If Dovid proofs he's different, they will fight him!
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