Rabbi Yosef: Police brutality inexcusable
Published: 03.07.11, 22:01
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1. Rabbi Yosef what a hypocrite
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (07.03.11)
What a hypocrite he is, he incites murder then claims he is a victim . No one is above the law in this country regardless of who they are. If europeans were to sanction killing jews he would be the first to cry antimsemitism. His very actions cause anitsemitism and gives amunition to those who seek to destroy Israel. He is paraded around by a bunch of bleeting brainwashed fanatics as if he is some kind of a god, hes nothing but a power mad twisted ego maniac like his father. If he dosent like the law he is free to leave i will personaly pay the airfair on a one way ticket to Iran, where im sure his royal holliness will fit in well.
2. He is 101 % RIGHT!
Gábor Fränkl   (07.03.11)
3. i agree israeli police is a leftist political police
4. Stalinist Times Are Upon Us
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.03.11)
B"H At the weekly Cabinet meeting today the prime minister made the following remarks: "Israel is a nation of laws, as I said a few days ago. Nobody is above the law – and I demand that every Israeli citizen respect the law". If Israel was a Jewish State, what would have been said at the weekly cabinet meeting? That Israel is the nation of G-d and its citizens and its institutions are meant to respect and to observe the Torah and that therefore the case of the officials who lost their way will be looked into by our appointed Judges, with the full force of halacha, Jewish Law! That's what would have been said, if Israel was Jewish!
5. #1 contact the police
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.11)
Please give the evidence you have that Rabbi Yosef incited to murder to the police. They've been desperately searching and despite spending thousands of hours have no evidence whatsoever. They will be very grateful to you.
6. #1
chaim ,   miami usa   (07.03.11)
from the way you want to be identified by, spelling your name as Haim. and not Chaim only proves that you hate your parents, your heritage, your nation, such hate will only consume you
7. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.03.11)
Whats wrong with our Rabbis these days? They have to learn to respect the laws of the land or risk being shipped to their friends: The mullahs of Iran...
8. #1
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.03.11)
Did you have a fight with your spouse? did she throw you out of the house? such a loving human being as yourself needs anger management, yesterday.
9. Dori Klagsfeld got away with murder
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.03.11)
What's this garbage about "law and order" and "equality before the law"? It doesn't exist in Israel. Ariel Sharon's lawyer, Dori Klagsfeld, killed a young woman and her young son with his luxury 4WD but, because he's a big-shot lawyer, the courts let him off. It was only after a public outcry that he was sent away - for just a few months. "Journalist" Uri Blau was a fugitive in England for months, refusing to be interrogated on his revealing military secrets and his part in their theft. HaAretz SUPPORTED that criminal, instead of the law. Hypocrites! There are many, many more examples. The current hounding of Rabbis is Shai Nitzan's abuse of power - and THAT is a crime that cries out for investigation!
10. Pathetic
Mark ,   J-lem   (07.03.11)
I always amazed by the people who have no idea what "Bolshevik state" was (it's not even the right name of KPSS fool!) but always referring to it to sound good, and to scare uneducated idiots. Maybe instead of being religious mongrel he should had studied some world history, or talked with Jews from former Soviet Union... Oh! I get it! They are not the "real Jews", they are beneath him. Go to jail.
11. Wake up
grandestgrandma ,   Brooklyn NY   (07.04.11)
What’s wrong with you are you ignorant stupid blind deaf dumb pick one we have a torah and only the torah guides the Jewish people not the police nor ignorant individuals that seem to be playing dumb in such terrible times these creeps want to wash us off the globe and you even have the audacity to protest what our protectors try to protect you hope you wake up before you drown in your misery
12. 1 You have such a big mouth...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.11)
you could eat a banana sideways.
13. rabbi yosef : police brutality inexcusable
sjb ,   jerusalem ,israel   (07.04.11)
In what country,besides Russia,does someone get arrested for endorsing a book. The problem in Israel that the left control the police and the courts. They do whatever they want and do not care who they hurt. That is not called democracy. sjb,JERUSALEM
14. Endorsing a book
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (07.04.11)
Can get you arrested? Let's be frank. I think that if a cleric goes on and writes a book about when killing people who don't belng to your own creed is permitted, it means that he lost himself in fanaticism, which just can't be healthy for any human being. I also think it's a perverse way to act within, and think about your religion, and unnecessary besides. but that's not the point. endorsing a book shouldn't be punishable by law is it? I mean, not in a democratic state UNDER the rule of law?
15. @4 ariel b. yochanan - you have the wrong...
chaim ,   ny   (07.04.11)
definition of "jewish" my friend. israel is not, nor was intended to be, a state for the jewish religion. it is, and was hoped to be, a state for the jewish people, who and where they are in space and time and not who where they were in the rabbinic heyday. essentially nothing "jewish" fits neatly into your prescribed category, even ones as immense as "religious." jewish "civilization" is as big as i can get, but let's face it, these terms are at best a stab in the dark. submission to such a narrow scope of abstraction (our inhibitions to the infinite) must be surrendered at the door of intellect debate in order to wrestle with the complexity of jewish identity. and bare in mind that while not the same by western measure, jewish culture and religion are inseparable entities. one breathes life into the other.
16. Israel a Bolshevik State ?
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.04.11)
If that were the case, neither the Rabbi nor his "talkback groupies" would be whining away on YNET. They would be elsewhere.
17. The twisted ego of Ayatollah Yosef
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (07.04.11)
Parading him around like some kind of idol . Like his father he is a petty criminal who wraps himself in a religious cloak to discusie his true criminal activities , encouraged by a flock of brainless sheep who only further inflate his twisted ego.
18. Well done our police force in dealing with this thug
Avi ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
A good job by our police force who are intimidated by the angry mob in carrying out their duty. These fanatics are not above the law and need to be taught a lesson. Well done once again to our police force.
19. "We won't be allowed to study the Torah?"
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.04.11)
Study t in private, in your spare time, whether at home or in your beit knesset away from my view. Do not infinge on me with your wiggling, shaking, your insane appearance. In schools study secular subjects such as science, math, computers, and prepare graduates to work, serve the country, do useful things for themselves and others.
20. #12: ORA HA! HA! HA! Delightful!
Israeli 2   (07.04.11)
21. What if someone endorsed "Mein Kampf"
Adolf ,   Germany   (07.04.11)
What if someone had endorsed "Mein Kampf"? The book used to justify the killing of Jews during war. Instead they endorsed "The King's Torah"? Which justifies the killing of non-Jews during war? Is one a crime and not the other?
22. Beware the danger in our midst
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (07.04.11)
Many of the talkbacks seem to miss the salient point. These rabbis and their followers want to replace Israel democracy with a theocracy where the rabbis rule the country. This will turn us into a Jewish Kumauni like state. Only the ultra orthodox will be able to live here and as they shun military service Israel will be destroyed once again. It is becoming more and more impeditive that safeguards to insure Israel’s survival be put in place. Religion MUST be separated from politics.
23. Police Brutality???
Shaul ,   Sheboygan   (07.04.11)
Show us your bruises, bandages, x-rays, broken-out-teeth. Not a Democracy??? 1. You were out after 30 minutes (not 30 years) 2. You were free to complain about it (did not have tounge cut out).
24. In Israel it is Guilty until proven Innocent!
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
25. A hypocrite reb yosef? we've known that for years
El gordo   (07.04.11)
And your obnoxious, disgusting behavior surpasses his statements. The only ugly part in this confrontation came from you as usual, you have learned nothing else, certainely not how to react to civilized demands. Remamber reb yosef, you are not god (god forbid). You represent less than a speck of dust, and think that by inflating your corpulence, you will be able to dictate the rules of the game. Of course, since you feel that no one has the right to " question " a book, why don't you have " Mine Kampf " printed in yiddish --- sure to become a best seller among your bearded afficionados. To you Ariel Ben Yohanan, you are a contemptable nut. Theocracy will bring you to the level of the sadistic level of islam. Certain that you'll fell right at home in their midst.
26. the kettle calling the stove black...
Rafi ,   US   (07.04.11)
yes... heredim are known for their tolerance!
27. Police have too much power in this country!
American Sabrah   (07.04.11)
They need to know that they are not above everyone else.Their authority should be limited.After all, we live in a Jewish state; not in the Soviet Union as some of the left wing irreligious Bolsheviks from Tel Aviv and Haifa would like to see.Police brutality is never acceptable.Even convicted Arab terrorists receive better treatment than other convicts which is pathetic.Our jurisprudence system dictates that all convicts are innocent until proven guilty; not the other way around.
28. Here is another example of how....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.04.11)
the holy State of Israel is the beginning of the Final Redemption. Where's my flag?
29. Love
Aussi yid ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.04.11)
These types of rabbis are not authentic rabbis in my opinion. They foster hate not love. The Torah teaches the brotherhood of the human race. All people are equal and beloved in the eyes of God. Truly great spiritual leaders such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe always emphasized love and compassion.
30. #14 Help me out here
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.11)
Why are you condemning Jews? According to US military sources, the Americans have killed 6000 Afghan civilians since Obama took power because Obama preferred indiscriminate bombing to losing US soldiers. Has Obama lost himself in fanaticism? Or is he a rational American leader? And the 4th Geneva Convention allows the killing of civilians. Do you condemn the 4th Geneva Convention?
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