Deputy minister meets neo-Nazi millionaire
Eldad Beck
Published: 04.07.11, 13:47
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1. Birds of a feather flock together
jackflash   (07.04.11) me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.
2. Eldad Beck is an ignoramus
Rechavia Berman ,   Karkur, Israel   (07.04.11)
German law bans neo nazi parties. NDP is an extreme right wing, skinhead, racist party, but not neo-nazi, because if it was, it would not be allowed to exist as a party. It directs its racism towards Muslims, rather than Jews. Brinkmann may have had ties with neo-nazi organizations in German, but not such a party because there is none.
3. #1, so what does that make you?
Danny   (07.04.11)
4. Rechavia @ 2, I am aware of this German law, but I also know
leo ,   usa   (07.04.11)
that laws can be circumvented. I do not know who is right, you or Beck, but could it be possible that Beck simply calls things for what they truly are?
5. #2 You are wrong
Dave ,   FFM   (07.04.11)
The NPD is the most antisemitic party in Germany. They ally with radical Islam and they are strong supporters of Hamas. Members of them were already banned from speeking to the state parliament of Saxony because of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish speeches.
6. We are a nation of fools!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (07.04.11)
We let the enemies live and feed in our nation. All these palestinians we have in the Knesset are Cancer that grows and want to destroy Israel. Look at this guy, or Bisharah, or Tibi with his Nakba day bill. They Hate israel and want to destroy it and we are leting them live here and paying them great amounts of money for their fight to our destruction. This will never happen in a normal country. But we are a country of idiots, of super moral idiots. We have to get rid of the enemy. We should through out all these traitors to Gaza were they will feel at home with hamas. Out with all these palestinian enemies in our knesset.
7. #2 NPD
Ahmad ,   Germany   (07.04.11)
The NPD is ideological successor of the NSDAP and primarily Anti-Semitic in any sense of the word. Their hatred of Muslims is subordinated to their hatred of Jews in general, which are the main enemy of the world in their weltbild. You ask, why the NPD is legal then? We are not in Austria, where apparent Nazi parties are forbidden, while with the FPÖ a "moderate" fascist party exists. However, Brinckman is one of those Nazis, who says, that Anti-Semitism is old-fashioned and will not lead to victory of any "national revolution", and therefore, one should focus on Muslims and defend Israel (or whatever they suppose to be Israel, namely a bastion against Islam)
8. A nobody dep. minister meets a nazi
A ,   Belgium   (07.04.11)
So what? Every Israeli prime minister since Rabin has shook hands with terrorists and murderers.
9. Phoenix Israel #7: Your post is
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.04.11)
embarrassing. Ayoob Kara is a Druze politician and a member of Likud. We honour the Druze, incidentally, because right from the get-go, they supported us in our quest for independence. They also number amongst our toughest fighters--IDF. Please learn something.
10. anti-islamic in europe
moron ,   galut   (07.04.11)
the enemy of my enemy is my friend;. for israeli press you are anti-semite unless you are pro pal-doublespeak!
11. Minorities
Michael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.04.11)
As #9 said, please keep the Druze out of this. A verbal attack on an Israeli-Druze is like a verbal attack on a Israeli Jew. There is no difference in this respect. Thread lightly, please.
12. Brinkmann the german nazi
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (07.04.11)
The brinkmann family own the textile chain C&A. Jews are buying there too, because they are selling cheap products. Strange, that jews do not boycott them.
13. Not Anti-Semetic
k ,   US   (07.04.11)
Because the Jews are not their #1 priority Anyone who thinks that "allying" with these far right groups is in the Jews interest needs to grow a set of balls While the Muslims are now the #1 enemy of the Jews, I assure you these Neo-Nazis are right behind
14. #12 C&A
Use ,   google   (07.04.11)
belongs to the Dutch Brenninkmeijer family and the only thing they have with Brinkmann in common is their name starting with a "B".
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