MI chief sees hope for Assad yet
Moran Azulay
Published: 05.07.11, 15:13
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1. Iran, Egypt& Muslim Brotherhood and
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.05.11)
Obama believes in having dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood as does his "Klingon" fvailure of Sec of State.Iran and Obama read from the same page all the time
2. I won't be 60 yet when the next big war with Egypt&Co breaks
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.05.11)
out, so I am willing to offer my considerable input (both mental& physical) in that endeavour. In the meantime I am willing to run this country as a Benevolent Dictator and trust me: I shall do a much better job than the present Troup of Merry Fools! I command several languages both East-European as well as Scandinavian , so I can talk to the World! Me for The "Esteemed Leader" !!!
3. Iranian influence growing & israeli influence declining
christianpalestinian ,   hong kong   (07.05.11)
These are the hard facts and realities of today's middle east.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.05.11)
So after every leader who had problems, accused Israel of being an active provocateur, look who it really was, Iran. Who can really be surprised? Israel is the favorite scapegoat, but reality is far different. The Arabs and Muslims always accuse Israel, of what they themselves are guilty of, and there is a waiting built in audience ready to believe whatever they say. Because they have taught hate to population for the last 5 generations, they have a willing and easy to manipulate populous. These guys know they can get away with anything, and just blame Israel. So Iran helped instigate all the protests, then hoped to redirect the anger towards Israel. The MSM tried to hide the Israel and Western hate during all the protests. by simply not showing the world the hateful signs the protesters carried. Then called it the "The Arab Spring" to trick who exactly? What a joke! Some Spring? Welcome to the the Long Hot Summer.
5. Israel must nuke Iran
Frank ,   Canada   (07.05.11)
stude ham   (07.05.11)
7. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.11)
Since when has the MI chief been on the payroll of the Assad clan? Shut him up already...
8. #2 tom, tel aviv
"I won't be 60..." I agree and sympathize with you Tom... You won't be 60 because you won't survive the next war with HEZBOLLAH...
9. assad is doomed and cooked
Trumpeldor   (07.05.11)
Let us see what happens this friday If Aleppo's people revolt in droves, the demise will come quick !
10. #5 Frank, Canada
Yo Frank.... What are you smoking up there in Canada? Reading an article about Syria and the MI Chief, you conclude that Israel must nuke Iran... How the hell did you arrive at that conclusion?
11. syrians know the truth .
Syrian american ,   Cleveland   (07.05.11)
Israel recently is pushing for an establishement of a jewish state ,a state based on religion in defiance of their intial plan to build a civil society . American donors oppse that . Israel now is financially sound they do not care is time to raise the bar and start talking about jewish state . the regime in syria is part of the plan in the last 48 years ..and what we are seeing now is the last dance of the play .. building up the military atrocities and the killing of peacefull demonstrators to the extent that people in syria will stand up at the end and defend thenselves and the civil war and deviding syria ..(kurds /alawaites/druze/christian/sunnies ) ..all based on religion small states around israel and a good market for their products ..who need america anymore . this is 4th grade level to an average syrian .. this is mentioned in the Hadeeth of the prophit Muhammed SAAW . this is one of the sign of the closness of the judgement day .. that is what israel want . they wont be the only religious state in the area .. that is why israel is supporting Assad . we know that all along . Ask any Muslim in the world about the signs of the end of time ..
12. Assad is a cooked goose. Soon to be dust.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.05.11)
Israel military 'intelligence' must go back to school. Assad is almost gone- into the dustbin of Arab 'leaders' that were dirtbags and murderers of their own people. Israel had better wake up and back the right horse, which ISN'T Assad. Good luck to the Syrian people who want to live free, and not on the handouts of a know-nothing leader that never earned an honest vote in his life. Assad will flee the country in a short time, or he will be buried in his 'beloved' Sryian soil. Either way, the people will be better off.
13. 6
zionist forever   (07.05.11)
I couldn't agree with you more. I have got my computer set to block pop ups but the ones on this site I jut don't seem to be able to block no matter how hard I try.
14. I beg to differ.
Stephen in New York   (07.05.11)
Can there be reform along with Assad continuing to have his security forces (plus Iran and the Hez) kill and kidnap his citizens? But should he allow continued dissent in the absence of official murder and mayhem, there will be no turning back. Assad is toast. The real question is whether the government that follows will be Sunni or a continuation of the Shitte mafia enterprise.
15. Killing people who protest is reform, interesting concept.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.05.11)
16. Israel must nuke Iran
Moses ,   godsville   (07.07.11)
Israel must nuke Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Egypt maybe and all around it....good plan, so no more enemies...but do the west love israel? or it is just money, really? and good job by the lobbies there keeping the support?..can we trust we really dare to attack Iran? syria? really, enough the tough talk, but really can we dare conventional attack on Iran? we dont know the real answers i think..we haven't seen a real war in a long time....2006 was pretty close and was no good sign for a bigger war...also, what is winning for israel in the case of big war with syria, lebanon and iran?
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