Jerusalem tram going nowhere
Published: 09.07.11, 08:37
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1. jerusalem tramway
DAVdav ,   TLV   (07.09.11)
2. light rail
colin   (07.09.11)
Overtarget ??Where did the money go?? All the corupt city-The longer the project can be delayed more money for the fraudulent officials. Ex officials have become rich people from the light rail mess.The project must again me delayed. More contraband for the lieing,untruthful so called officials.
3. Reuters piece woefully obsolete
Gábor Fränkl   (07.09.11)
The Jeruslaem-based competitor (hmmm, which 1 that would be...) already last week told us that the tram will HAVE to start service in 5 weeks time at early August, regardless of the lack of semaphores of give way for the trams erected, so far. The end (of troubles) is indeed very near. 1 month more, only 1 month!
4. Mass transit systems in US, especially
Rose ,   USA   (07.09.11)
first one in local area, all took far longer to build and cost much more than forecast. The Jerusalem train is now being tested and will operate with passengers next month. I bet it will cause renewal to city center and greatly benefit the city.
5. #4 amazing sight u have all the way from USA!
Jerusalemite ,   Israel   (07.09.11)
I live here...on Herzl Street....(the tram was built just outside my window) and no I don't see what you see! But then again what do I know I am just a Jerusalmite and you are Rose the American!
6. mmm that wasnt such a great idea
Ester   (07.10.11)
i loved how israel looked ancient and eternal :/
7. #5 read your local newspapers
Rose ,   USA   (07.10.11)
They report the mediator ordered the tram to begin test runs this month and to carry paying passengers in August. The street traffic co-ordination will occur later, not ideal I think. As for improvements in areas along a route, look outside your street to Los Angeles and other cities in world where that happens-after time
8. The Tram
Jack Kugelmass ,   Gainesville, Florida   (07.10.11)
Having watched this project develop over the last six years I must say how impressed I am by the rebuilding of Jaffa Street. It's starting to look elegant as are more and more of the side steets leading into it. When all is said and done, the tram will be a great success.
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