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Paul Simon to Israelis: See you soon!
Or Barnea
Published: 06.07.11, 13:28
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1.  press release verbatim?
yehuda ,   israel   (07.06.11)
2. Video Screens
I think you'll find the U2 concert in 1997 had a slightly larger screen - lol.
3. At least
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
Paul Simon speaks to his fans via a video & will speak to his audience at his up coming concert in Ramat Gan - unlike Bob Dylan who performed at this stadium ( a few weeks ago) without saying even half a word to his fans in the audience! Weird behaviour on Dylan's part.
4. Psul Simon concert - I heard it was great
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (07.25.11)
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