Greece stops another flotilla ship from sailing to Gaza
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 05.07.11, 23:39
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1. Greece is a rational European Country, Turkey...
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USa   (07.06.11)
is a big instigator. Greece understands the importance of preventing an international incident. Turkey thrives on crises to draw attention to her. Greece understands international law, Turkey appeals to the anti-semitic arab man on the street. Thank you Greece.
2. "Activists we can wait" No jobs to go to? Who is paying
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.06.11)
their open ended expenses? Some under the table deal between "peace"NGO's and the diddled EU taxpayers?
3. Silly, goofy people-
Stephen in New York   (07.06.11)
handmaidens of Hamas.
4. Success in Greece shows strength works
DavidM ,   USA   (07.06.11)
The success in Greece shows that staying strong and not surrendering to terrorists is the best policy. While foreign critics such as Roger Cohen of the New York Times have romanticized these flotilla terror supporters, Greece knows better. Caving in produces nothing but more terror.
5. Next time they should sail from Switzerland
meir elazar   (07.06.11)
6. Breaking Greek Law
Joe ,   USA   (07.06.11)
Why do these people think that Greece should allow them to use their country as a base to interveen in other peoples wars? Greece is not a party to the Arab-Israeli conflict and it is unfair that these "demonstrators" use Greece as a base of operations in (favor or against) any side in the Middle East conflict. They should take their foreign political agendas elsewhere ans stop violating Greek sovereignty.
7. Greek Laws and respect for Maritime Laws
rivka ,   los angeles   (07.06.11)
There are no people more serious about the laws of shipping and maritime than Greek sailors and Port Authorities - I have sailed on Greek vessels often - and these canadian law breakers are simply called "NAILS" in Greek maritime slang. (Backstabbers) Greeks have NO respect for any people or nationals who do not respect the laws of the waterways - and, furthermore - they would never knowingly violate the laws of any law abiding country - because if they did - they would be opening themselves up to violations by countries that do NOT respect the laws - like Turkey - who has illegally occupied and violated thousands of laws in CYPRUS - and continue to violate the rights of Cypriots. Turks can be bought - when it comes to breaking laws - we have seen it countless times with Erdogan - who's greed and ambition has led him to be bought and paid for by Assad, Hamas. Hizbullah and Ahmadinejad,. Greeks like money - but will NOT sell their souls or break maritime laws - not for ANY amount - and the Greeks are EDUCATED people with a culture that pre dates the existence of Turks by thousands of years - the only culture that exists in Turkey - is the culture of corruption, stabbing friends in the back - and violating UN sanctions for Assad and Ahmadinejad for LOTS of Swiss bank account money.
8. This is the end of the Flop tillallah
Olaf ,   Sweden   (07.06.11)
9. Greek "blocade" of theflotilla complete. Adios
Emile ,   Barcelona   (07.06.11)
10. It's not that Greece does a favor to Israel
Tahl   (07.06.11)
And it's not that Israel and Greece struck some sort of a deal between them, and it's not that Israel is paying off Greece's debts. And it's not that Israel owns the Mediterranean. And it's not that the Jewish lobby in America made it pressure the Greeks to stop the vessels. Greece's behavior has nothing to do with Israel. Greece is simply a sane country which respects international law, including the San Remo conventions to armed conflicts at sea, and acts to uphold it. Greece is also a responsible country, which does not allow people to risk their life engaging in stupid adventures for a cynical political cause. And still, this sensible behavior cannot be taken for granted, given the immense pressures imposed on the Greeks by the Arabs. So good job Greece for standing up for the law. Stay strong.
11. Greece turns flotilla back
poppy ,   israel   (07.06.11)
Thank you Greece for taking the time and the trouble to help Israel.
12. thank you Greece
gal   (07.06.11)
13. I am wondering if Dror Feiler is a damn liar.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.06.11)
According to the article, he said the ship was cleared to set sail (to Gaza) but everybody knows that Greece banned all vessels from sailing to Gaza from any Greek port. Well these demented leftists hooligans practice fabrication as a craft and they have become so inured to it that they believe their lies.
14. #12
Samy ,   Finland   (07.06.11)
15. Greece Gov't is a traitor to humanity;
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.06.11)
just another puppet of Zionism.
16. #15 Salma
Wally   (07.06.11)
Salma , Greece's actions are influenced by the UN report which is about to be released -. The report condemns Turkey's helping of the previous flotilla as illegal and confirms that Israél's actions were legal under international law. Greece does not want to be put in the same position as Turkey or subject to the same condemnation in the future by the UN. Its as simple as that.
17. #10 Tahl
Wally   (07.06.11)
Good sensible post as always. Its amazing how people are concocting conspiracy theories about Greece's behaviour, everything from a new Israel-Greece alliance against Turkey to Israel bailing out a banktupt Greek economy which the entire EU has a hard time propping up. Greece is simply enforcing the law like any modern European state should be expected to do. Good point.
18. #1 and 7
AHMET   (07.06.11)
Eleftheri ship joined the fleet from 2010 greece..participated from the Greek port of...''Greek Laws and respect for Maritime Laws''I guess they forgot about in 2010..or they remembered as you said,purchase this name..Do not be funny more...real economic crisis and Israeli dollars.... The full name of the purchasing power of money ...If it is possible stay away from Turkey....
19. to Salma 15
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (07.06.11)
As if the Greek or Israeli Government would ever take your latest squawk seriously.
20. Well, that is the end of the stillborn flopsilla
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.06.11)
The French Dignite that sneaked off returned, not wanting to face Israel alone and many of the hooligans are on their way home. Some of them have not yet figured out that the show is over and are still sitting there staring at an empty screen. The hoodlums think that they succeeded in focusing the world's attention on the blockade but the attention was focused on them and their crazy and ridiculous antics as they made disgusting spectacles of themselves. If nothing else, the show was hugely entertaining. The world found out that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and no need for humanitarian aid, despite the leftist media's persistence in cooperating with the hooligans by trying to describe the flopsilla as a humanitarian one taking aid to the suffering Gazans. The world also found out definitively that the blockade is perfectly legal, contrary to the insistence of the hooligans that it is illegal. The world also found out that the Greeks are quite capable of taking command of a difficult situation and dealing with it in a very professional manner. Bravo for them!!! They were the stars of the show. I hope that there will be a strengthen of the ties between Israel and Greece because both countries can benefit from it. The only thing that the hooligan provocateurs achieved was letting the world know how badly they "want to go to Gaza" and how dysfunctional they are in their thinking. Next show is on Friday at the airport.
21. Salma "PALESTINE"
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.06.11)
ARAB REFUGEES from Jordan who kill babies and gun down pregnant mothers are a travesty to the human race.
22. #18 ahmet
Wally   (07.06.11)
As I told Salma, in post #16 the big difference this time is the Palmer report which is due to be released Thursday. The report harshly criticises Turkey and explains the law clearly in a way which has obviously alerted Greece to its obligations. Israel is a small economy with its own problems. If the taxpayers in huge rich EU countries like Germany complain about having to prop up Greece, how on earth do you expect a tiny country like Israel to be any help? I mean seriously get real and stop talking bollocks.
23. Salma Hamas is a traitor to humanity.
james ,   uk/il   (07.06.11)
24. #16
AHMET   (07.06.11)
Speaking to Hurriyet source"Turkey's stance has not changed and will not change. Are determined to demand an apology and compensation "Ynet claims denied..but the negotiations did not deny..As I said not afraid of no one
25. Flotilla activists: lazy anti-semetic noise makers!
Zad ,   Swazi, Swaziland   (07.06.11)
If these "activists" have a real cause for democracy and human rights they should go to Iran or Syria. It seems these lunatic activists have no job to do but to upset an independent State of Israel. Why can't they tell Hamas to free Gilad Schalit and stop terror against Jews? It would be fair for the IDF to sink the Flotillas. We will understand why!!!
26. Free ride
MaydayMaria ,   Kibbuts, Israel   (07.06.11)
Of course they have all the time in the world to wait since other people pay their bills and yes, Greece is very nice this time of the year.
27. #24
Wally   (07.06.11)
Turkey's stance has changed a lot. After the draft Palmer report harshly criticised Turkey the Turks offered to normalise relations with Israel if Israel agreed to kill the Palmer report. Turkey and Israel are now trying to find the words to express an Israeli apology which sounds like an apology in Turkish but not like an apology in Hebrew. All of this is a huge climb down from Turkeys previous position of self-righteous indignation. I hope they cannot find a compromise before Thursday because Palmer has promised to release the report on Thursday whether or not Israel and Turkey have found a compromise. The report is very damaging for Turkey
28. #16 "Greece's actions are influenced by the UN repor"
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.06.11)
ha! have you ever heard of UN Goldstone Report ? Wally, Just for your information "Israel" and the West reject Goldstone report.
29. #15: They know they are next
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.11)
The Hamas supporters are a sick combination of Racist Islamists and Anarchists who pick on Jews because they are an easy target. The Greeks have been on the receiving end of Islamic aggression (especially Turkish) and anarchist riots. They watched in horror as their European allies rejected negotiations and instead killed thousands of Orthodox Christians in order to set-up a Muslim state. They know that after Israel, they are next on the list.
30. @ 15
Anonymous Anonymou ,   Greece   (07.06.11)
Dear Salma, could you eventually grow up and start thinking rationally like ever human does. If we are pupets of zionism, what are you in relation to zionism? Think twice before you answer my question. Greece will always have its ups and downs, but implements the rule of law, may it be maritime, aerial or civil. Why dont you try implementing at least some limited law in "Palestine" before you have the nreve to criticize others.
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