Greece stops another flotilla ship from sailing to Gaza
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 05.07.11, 23:39
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31. 27
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.06.11)
Wally noone says turkey is innocent completly yet at this point it doesnt matter whetrer the report is in favor of turkey or not and dont forget if the report was favoring turkey, israelis would go all hypcrite UN or arab controlled UN etc what we hope here that we wont make same mistakes and move on and you guys can do whatever you like friendship has died noone can change that i am good example i had positive opinonons regardin israel and its people not long than 1.5 year ago but today i dont want my country have anything to do with her if erdogan tries to restore relations its almost sure this will be his last 4 year periodin office
32. #31 Anton
Wally   (07.06.11)
I'm not Israeli nor American nor Jewish , Anton. Sorry I should have mentioned that...I was just shocked that Erdogan made such an issue out of it with constant demands for apology. Turkey is a great country and I felt he was very undignified about the whole affair which putTurkey in a bad light. I wish you and Israelis all the best in patching things up .
33. Yes
dshap ,   Miami, USA   (07.06.11)
Salma, I've heard of Goldstone Report, time and again... from you. Yes Israel and the West reject the report. Goldstone himself rejects the report after learning the indisputable facts. Thank you for bringing it up.
34. # 5 Excellent sarcastic remark!
Swiss Miss   (07.06.11)
Indeed, the Lake of Zürich would be a wonderful starting point. And I bet that the idiots on board these "ships" would fly to Zürich expecting to sail off into the sunsets.
35. The Greeks.
David ,   Israel   (07.07.11)
Well done Greece, at last Israel has found a true ally. An ally not only of words, but of actions. For the economic prosperity of Israel a close relationship with the Greeks is the best idea, gas from the Leviathan field will be transported to EU member Cyprus, then onto Greece and to the rest of the EU. The world's largest energy market. In a few short years Greece and Cyprus will be our economic and political partners and as such are far more trustworthy than those two-faced Turks.
36. Eat Greek Food Tonight, Everyone...
Dave ,   Boulder   (07.07.11)
It will annoy Salma to no end!
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