FM won’t apologize to Turkey
Moran Azulay
Published: 06.07.11, 12:52
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1. Liberman - only Israeli politician who sticks to his ideals
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.06.11)
Liberman - only Israeli politician who sticks to his ideals and speaks his mind. No political hedging or game playing just the straight story. He is likely to become the next PM.
2. Good move
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.06.11)
Israel has nothing to apologize for. Turkey, on the other hand is solely responsible fro the nine deaths from Turkey's shores. The IHH is a known terrorists organization.
3. Lieberman go back to your home
Tearston ,   Greenland   (07.06.11)
This man should go back where he came from: Moldavia He is nothing but a extreme rightwing troublemaker
4. mazal tov! good decision. we don't want
turkish   (07.06.11)
your apology, believe me. stick with Greece.
5. Tearston (#3), Go Back to Yours
Erich ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.06.11)
Free Greenland from Danish colonialism!!
6. conviction
alexi   (07.06.11)
of course haaretz villifies liberman. You see barak and even bibi willing to sacrifice principles to curry favour with erdgoan only to be disappointed later because he is an israel hater to the bone. Turkey may need israel as much as the other way around. hard bargaining can lead to a deal not the livni approach of one way concessions. Barak and livni are weak , svach jews with oven mindsets who h ave learned nothing from history. I can write whatever I want, it repeats itself. Hard bargaining and compromise on both sides or forget it.
7. In the Middle East, with no respect you are nothing.
Tahl   (07.06.11)
If it were up to Barak or Ben Eliezer or Livni or Olmert, we would sell our dignity for a quick diplomatic gain, apologize for protecting our soldiers, and consquently erode our image considerably. This will promot more and more such flotillas, increase their legitimacy, and put us into a tough corner internationally. Worst of all, it would make us the laughingstock of the Middle East, where respect means everything. Good for us that we have one politician that remembers where we are, and realizes the importance of keeping our national respect. Let the Turks howl holler and threaten - we are not selling out our dignity. We are proud of our IDF!
8. #3 And you should go back to your igloo
Tahl   (07.06.11)
Oh it melted? Then go hunt a seal or something... And instead of sticking your nose into stuff you know nothing about, go and sort out your own issues.. Last I heard, you guys are still being colonized by Denmark.
9. Did Turkey apologise to Cyprus?
Andreas ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.06.11)
These people deserve no apologies. They are backstabbers and you cannot count on them. Islamic imperialism that's what is hiding below the smily face of Ertogan
10. A man destined for to be a legend!
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.06.11)
Bring on our next elections. Lieberman will restore dignity to Israel.
11. Hey bouncer, where were you?
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.06.11)
uhhh i miss the crap out of you! just thought you should know : )
12. #4 turkey learned their lesson from . . .
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (07.06.11)
13. ... and no compensation either
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.06.11)
I'm with Lieberman on this one. Right now, Israeli and Turkish reps are negotiating how to make "regrets" not sound like an apology, and no doubt even offer compensation without also taking on liability. Nuts to that! Israel owes Turkey neither. If Turkey wants better relations, there's nothing stopping them. But Israel should not demean or debase herself to get the other to make nice to her.
14. Save the apology
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.06.11)
You are going to need it, in mean time plase stay away from turkey
15. Apologize? YES.
Turkey should apologize to Israel for the damages. For the time wasted, fuel wasted, PR damage, medical treatment for the soldiers being linzed. Then it should appologize to the armenians. Then to other muslims being butchered in Lybia and Syria while Erdogan seats quietly, silent as a fish.
16. #3 Tearston
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.06.11)
I am sure you advice from greenland will be well recieved... not
17. #4 turkey learned their lesson from . . .
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (07.06.11)
. . . the "flotilla of fools" number 1. That's why they stopped "flotilla of fools" number 2 dead in it's tracks. They seemed to have learned their lesson and don't want their asses kicked again ------------- They're backtracking on iran, syria and pals & are now begging for friendship of USA & IL --------------- I see they let the USS Monterey into the Black Sea last month to protect turkey. ---------- also, not too much out of Windbag Ertogan these days. we told him, "read my lips:: STFU fool !!!"
18. #3
Ram ,   London   (07.06.11)
What trouble has he caused? Is telling it like it is trouble because it doesn't suit your ears?
19. #3 please stay back at your home
Max ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (07.06.11)
and don't bother us with your "enlightening" ideas.
20. #3 Tearston
Yossef   (07.06.11)
There are no free newspaper in Greenland, where you can distribute your prose? What are you doing here so far from home !
21. To #14
Standing Tall ,   USA   (07.06.11)
Yes, I agree, no apology to the Turks for their obvious anti-Israeli stance and their refusal to be responsible for their actions. I also agree with you, Greece is a better friend to Israel. So, to you, Anton, you can stick it up your butt. Israel has nothing to apologize for.
22. I don’t know about you, but
Stephen in New York   (07.06.11)
I find it difficult to believe in rapprochement with Turkey given recent words and actions from essentially a hostile regime that is Islamist in nature, if not in fact. I certainly hope Israel does not resume arms shipments to Iran. No doubt Israeli technology is shared with Iran. You can be sure of that.
23. I don’t know about you, but
I find it difficult to believe in rapprochement with Turkey given recent words and actions from essentially a hostile regime Islamist in nature, if not in fact. I certainly hope Israel does not resume arms shipments to Iran. No doubt Israeli technology is shared with Iran. You can be sure of that.
24. leiberman
annie smith ,   Glasgow Scotland   (07.06.11)
This man is a true leader in waiting ,as he's not prepared to give ANYMORE land to a terrorist regime which rejects the state of Israel as a nation>What kind of leaders in ANY democracy would swap ONE inch of their land to a people who they KNOW wants to kill them all!!!
25. Where's the apology to the Greek, Kurd, Assyrian, Armenian?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.06.11)
Turkey has a lot of nerve.
26. Dignity and Pride,thumbs up!
pan   (07.06.11)
27. greenland
erik ,   usa   (07.06.11)
and you should stay in greenland. no one cares about greenland. is it boring there?
28. Liebermann go back to your home
Murat ,   Antalya   (07.06.11)
in Moldavia, where you can play war games at home. Then you'll help Israel not loosing it's allies.. The more you keep on occupying your armchair in the cabinet you'll push Israel into isolation. You are not gifted with any skills of politics.
29. Eric, Tel Aviv @ 1
Moragh   (07.06.11)
It lifts my heart up to see I am not the only person wanting to see Lieberman lead Israel. BiBi is now out of the equation, and I don't foresee the likleyhood of him ever getting a 3rd term as PM of Israel. I thought I lived on top of the world when BiBi became the PM for the second time round. However, I don't see it happening again, and I certainly hope not. Let's have a bit of oomph to lead Israel and I believe that Lieberman is just the right person.... very tough and good for Israel against the arabs. Keep it up Mr. Lieberman. Don't disappoint us!
30. Murat from Antalya
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (07.06.11)
Be careful when you tell people to go back to heir homes. After all Turks are not the original people of current Turkish land which is Anatolia and Thrace. The west and north (black Sea coast - Greek Pontus) were Greek. East was Armenian and Kurd land until Turks came from Western China and stole the land from them. What if they tell you to go back to where you originated? Are you ready to go back to Xincian (Sincan)?
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