Sources: Flotilla report says blockade legal
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 06.07.11, 19:47
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1. WTF? How can Turkey change a report?
The UN is controlled ,   by Muslim fanatics   (07.06.11)
2. its in vain all this talks
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.06.11)
let the chips fall where they may and be done with it
3. UN published biased Goldstone report and not this one?
Marco ,   Spain   (07.06.11)
This is only because the former accused Israel with no proof and this one finds Turkey guilty with proof.
4. Screw Turkey...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.06.11)
Turkey demanded this commission. Now that the report is not to Turkey's liking, the truth is swept under the rug and kept from the world? The UN is a corrupt cesspit from which any self-respecting country should get the hell out of forthwith. May Turkey rot in hell!
Ari Gold   (07.06.11)
Everyone knows Turkey was directly involved with the flotilla. Let them suffer for it. Right now, Israel needs to form and alliance with Greece, Bulgaria and Armenia. Screw the Turks.
6. Why dosen't Israel the biggest pr
ben   (07.06.11)
machine in the universe release all the vidio they confiscated on the ship' if they have nothing to hide. While there at it maybe they could tell the truth about the USS a bonus
7. stop vessels without boarding
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.06.11)
we hope Israel has learned this lesson, not only to save lives on both sides, but to save face as well
8. Blockade: legal - trespassers: illegal
Mikey   (07.06.11)
Turkey is at fault, and should be ashamed for supporting terrorists.
9. "too soon" means that IDF should have acted the same later
Marco ,   Spain   (07.06.11)
The issue of timing is nonsense. How can anyone who was not there can determine that danger to troops lives should not be a good enough reason to kill the thug attackers. This is standard procedure with any police department dealing with criminals and more so on a dark night in a blockade zone when the passengers are well known trouble makers and they attacked troops first in order to kill.
10. Spit in the face
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.06.11)
Erdogan has lost. The rert says that he was involved in the IHH affair. Israel had the right to intervene at high seas, and the blockade proved to be legal. Isael used excessive force, the report says. OK, what now? Erdogan has lst face. Israel will not apologize. Maybe some compensation as an excuse for "excessive force".
11. On mistakes were ...
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.06.11)
Boarding the terrorists vessel, we should have sunk it instead, because that is what the San Remo Maritime Treaty states. We are always punished for going about what international law requires so let's stop doing it.
mark ,   t.a. israel   (07.06.11)
13. #6 ben - BRILLIANT post
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.06.11)
Yeah, why doesn't the UN commission asked for the CONFISCATED vids? Hmmm, maybe cos the commission has MORE than enough PROOF to formally VINDICATE Israel's actions. As the for USS Liberty, the ONUS is on the ACCUSERS to provide IRREFUTABLE evidences to make their allegations STICK. Then again, ben's BRILLIANCE does not include LOGIC and FACTS. Laughable.
14. Will this finally stop...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.06.11)
The useful idiots on the present flop-tilla from making their incessant and erroneous claims about the "illegal blockade"? Probably not--these people only read what they want to read...
15. Down with Turkey, and to Hell with them!
macktheknife   (07.06.11)
Sorry, I shouldn't have said that! They are already suffering from the grip of Hell! I pity the genuine (if there are any) Turks who are forced to live there. Now that this has hit the newspapers, let that be a warning to Holidaymakers to watch their every move if visiting Turkey.
16. I said it all along, and here is the proof
john   (07.06.11)
Erdogan and his government are directly involved with the terrorist organization the IHH in creating this shameful provocation and criminal action in the name of turkey. Now Erdogan and his unsmiling foraign minister Ahmet Davutoglu still have the audacity to demand compansation and apology , it is they who owe Israel and the IDF an apology,it is they who have tarnished the good name of Turkey. Shame on you Erdogan ,shame on you Ahmet Davutoglu for making false speach at the UN podium.
17. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.06.11)
Why on earth would Israel have any interest in saving the lives of terrorist scum?
18. Nora @ 10, please , not a brass farthing.
leo ,   usa   (07.06.11)
19. Apology ??
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.06.11)
NEVER apology any action against terrorists. Their mission is to harm, and getting hurt or killed is the calculated risk. They should be happy, meeting 70 virgins :-) Turkey should apology to Israel for housing those IHH-terrorists, and supporting their killings abitions. Turkey's demand is shameful and out of propotions. Why not be happy for getting rid of those terrorists?
20. #14
Jane   (07.06.11)
They don't read at all. They only spew.
21. We have to sue CNN for slander.
Alyson ,   NY, USA   (07.06.11)
At the Turkish flotilla time Hala something (CNN correspondent) was reporting from the Gulf of Mexico from whom she slandered the State of Israel. Now that the report shows the closure is perfectly legal, we should sue her and every journalist slandered Israel. Citizens of the world it's time to sue! Next time, they must understand their words have a dangerous impact on Israelis and jews lives. I hope next time they will check the legal aspect just before they're lying to the viewers....
22. @9, Marco: I think "too soon"
E ,   IL   (07.06.11)
refers to where the ship was boarded, rather than what happened on it once boarded.
23. Broken record
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.07.11)
"'We have been saying the same thing since last year. Israel owes an apology and compensation. This is our principled stance on this matter,' he said." This is getting embarrassing for Turkey already.
24. #3 Marco
Wally   (07.07.11)
It is not the UN holding up the report. It is the countries involved in the dispute: Turkey , Israel and America America has been using the findings as pressure on Turkey and Israel to repair their relationship. Last I heard Palmer intended to release it Thursday regardless of whether Israel and Turkey agreed . If he does not publish then probably he has bowed to pressure from America,. America fears that releasing the report will ruin any chance of Israel and Turkey making up. In this affair the UN has found in Israel's favor. Palmer's impartiality cannot be questioned and he is an expert on international law. The UN is not to blame if the report is buried.
25. #10: You are right but NO! Not even
Israeli 2   (07.07.11)
compensation! It must be the other way around! Turkey must apologize and compensate!
26. "excessive force" Pavlovian slobber
Golan ,   modiin   (07.07.11)
what is it with the UN, even if it hides its tail between its legs it can't help itself but overuse the absurd statement "excessive use" That is just plain silly
27. Report the reason for flotilla #2 flop
Harvey ,   London   (07.07.11)
It is quite apparent that the report ,which upholds the legality of israels blockade on gaza, has caused
28. lol hillariouss
Ester   (07.07.11)
29. A win for Israel......
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (07.07.11)
All in all this is a win for Israel. The report confirmed two facts; a) the blocade is a legal and b) the miserable Turkish government has ties with IHH and other terrorist organizations. As far as the charge against Israel of "excessive force" any NYPD officer will tell you that that term is not clearly defined. If it is between the cop and the perp the cop is going to make sure he walks away every time.
30. USS Liberty to #6
Joe ,   New York, USA   (07.07.11)
If you really want to know about USS liberty, here are the facts: 1. USS liberty was stationed in June of 1967 off the coast of Egypt having on board the most advanced at that time radio spy equipment. 2. Pretending to just "be there", the USS Liberty was transmitting the movements of all Israeli military units during the Six-Day War to the british intel service. 3. Brits would transmit this extremely valuable intel to their arab "friends". 4. Israel's counterintelligence service uncovered that plot, and the government decided to attack the ship. (There was no time for political BS) 5. Afterwords, presented with all the evidence of espionage against Israel, USA made Israel publicly say that the IAF "made a tragic mistake" and (!) apologize, for the exchange of hiding these documents forever.
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