US: Israel included in terror watch list by mistake
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.07.11, 07:07
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1. Some Israelis deserve scrutiny
John ,   Alaska   (07.07.11)
I would not trust MK Zoabi, nor any member of the Muslim Brotherhood or any other group with ties to Hamas or other terrorist organizations, to enter or fly through the US. This might sound discriminatory, but the reason it is instead a wise perspective is that terrorists - and people who support terrorists - are our enemies. Not just enemies of Israel, but of the entire free world. A good rule of thumb would be, if the Israeli authorities are watching this person for terrorist ties, then those of the US should be doing so as well.
2. Yep,State Department clerks who issued visa to Sheikh Rahman
ab   (07.07.11)
(the 1't WTC bombing) have never beenidentified.They're still active and kicking.
3. Have Israel and other allies been removed from the list?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (07.07.11)
4. Yet another great combination,...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (07.07.11) the continuing saga, er,...continues. Everything is on schedule as the current administration of the United States slips, slides and flounders. This bungle is another in the looong chain. Stir well the combination of equal parts 33% arrogance, 33% ingnorace, with and rounded out with blistering 33% incompetence. Now THAT's a tough blend to beat.
5. Why is Britain not on List
John Cone ,   USA   (07.07.11)
Why is Britain not on List look at all the Al Qeada types caught there or in the act of attacking the US
6. 'mistake' israel put on terror list
moron ,   galut   (07.07.11)
before BHO re-elected with help of jewish 'progreesives'--just wait
7. Welllll...
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (07.07.11)
Israel may not be a threat to the US, but they are now way a peaceful nation. Niether is the US either, but still. It's a minor "mistake" on their part.
8. It's a massage
Eynav ,   NY   (07.08.11)
There are no mistakes with Obama he is a lier
9. #1 on the list
IRAN#1   (07.08.11)
Should be the USA itself, ironic but true.
10. Post #9 Iran#1 calling the US terrorist ...
John ,   Alaska   (07.08.11)
... is literally too ironic for words. Wow. Just ... wow.
11. list
golric ,   endicott ny   (07.09.11)
All evidence to the crime of 9/11 points to israel and the us . Sivan Kurtzberg and his brother were there to document the "event" ! Nano thermate found everywhere after the "event" . 60 israelis arrested and held for 70 days . Vehicles they were driving tested positive for explosives. The NYPD said on there radios "it looks like these guys are tied in with whats going on today". 9/11 was a false flag op in coordination with israeli mossad ! For a start go to A&Efor9/ It's happened before . Remember the USS Liberty !
12. A mistake? Really?
Theo   (07.11.11)
Everything was calculated. It's not a poor secretary who confused one papre with another... I believe it was done against Eric Cantor's initiative to cancel the need of visa for israelis.
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