South Sudan is world's newest nation
Associated Press
Published: 09.07.11, 12:35
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1. Israel should be the last to ...
Jonathan   (07.09.11)
recognize South Sudan or maybe Israel should not recognize South Sudan as a state at all.
2. Israelies celebrate with you!!!!
Israel   (07.09.11)
Happy Independence Day
3. Mazal- tov!!!!
David   (07.09.11)
4. we in israel are really happy for you!!!
Ariel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.09.11)
make sudan thrive and grow!!! we would like to be your friends and help you in the misson!!!
5. #4 you'll have to beat off the Chinese
the Americans and the Europeans if you want to help South Sudan grow...
6. Happy Independence Day to south Sudan
israeli ,   israel   (07.09.11)
7. Good opportunity for Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.09.11)
We should sign a military cooperation agreement with this new anti-Jihad state.
8. Israeli technology and experiences can help
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.09.11)
With all of Israels experience in low water agriculture and desert living we should be able to show the world what can be done for the developing countries. As a country that has been fighting Muslim extremists as long as South Sudan Israel can help teach them how to fight to survive.
9. South Sudan
Daromi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.09.11)
Mazel Tov! May your new nation live long, be strong and free- more importantly, can we now please send the 100's of illegal Sudanese back home where they belong? Since when is Israel the dumping grounds for every illegal refugee in the world? Don't we have enough problems? We have native-born Israelis, for example, here in Israel who have fought in our wars and who can't afford to put enough food on their tables.
10. hag atzmaut s'ameach!
love from israel   (07.09.11)
behalf of all israelies i wish you -Mazal tov!
11. Israel can learn from South Sudan
ugga wugga ,   South Sudan   (07.09.11)
we are eager to help Israel and pass on our superior technologies , we like show the world how Africans can help poor ignorant white man
12. #1 A decisive breakthrough
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.09.11)
In the high wall of hypocrisy shielding arab-muslim imperialism. A string of other binational states in Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Congo) should be split same way to free black peoples.
13. worlds oldest democracy is not America
grr   (07.09.11)
it is New Zealand. Universal suffrage did not occur in the USA until 1920
14. I thought Iceland is the oldest democracy.
Ira ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.09.11)
15. Mazal- tov from your israeli friends!!!
Naomi ,   Israel   (07.09.11)
16. Idiots
Eric   (07.09.11)
It's actually Athens, about 2,500 years before the existance of either America or NZ.
17. Today South Sudan, tomorrow Palestine
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.09.11)
"Israel" recognizes the new state immediately at the same time it is conducting an international campaign to block the recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations General Assembly in September. Hypocrisy At It's Best.
18. south sudan-oldest democracy?
antoine ,   sao paulo - brazil   (07.09.11)
even that- it is Haiti, ask the french
19. dear salma. south sudanians support israel
ISRAELI   (07.09.11)
and recognize themselves as kind of jews wo got freedom in their own ancestral land. so go to your home land- Jordan!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOUTH SUDAN!!!
20. #11, LOL
Steve from Florida ,   Palm Beach, USA   (07.09.11)
21. The long conflict is over. Great!
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.09.11)
It took more than fifty years, but it ended well for South Sudan. A long conflict, so many victims in the South while fighting an overwhelming force from the North.It deserves a huge celebration. Hopefully, there will be peace between North and South Sudan. But I am sure there are elements already which are planning to disrupt a chance for long-lasting peace. They will fail with the help of the international community. Palestinians and Israelis should learn from the Sudanese that peace is possible and worthwhile no matter how long it takes. Peace will come, let's be optimistic, and the Middle East will thrive.
22. A new National Anthem something to sing about
Rita ,   Country   (07.09.11)
Now I hope these Sudanese refugees these so-called infiltrators, these people that were accused of changing the Jewish demographics, these guest that were maligned at every opportunity by the people of Israel, most notably Tel Aviv. I hope these people return to their new country with the lessons learned from the North Sudanese Arabs, their racism hatred, genocide and indifference, and the racism they experienced in Israel the land they sought refuge from a carnage that the world seems to forget every now and then. An international effort minus Israel should be made to assist these peoples return to their homeland and may each and every Sudanese, male and female remember how they were treated by the Jews in the land of Israel. I really thought racism and judging a people by their color was over such as the U.S. and their history of slavery and racism. I thought it was sufficient a lesson well learned as to how not to treat another human being, but it reared its ugly head in the land of God and witnessed by the Holy Host , may these people find peace and know and believe that the finality of this life is not fire and brimstone, hell and suffering and that the color of your skin won't be an issue when you walk outside your house.
23. Today South Sudan, tomorrow Palestine...Hell no!!
24. #19 shut your big fat mouth
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.09.11)
We have one homeland called Palestine that belongs to our forefathers.
25. palestine is already from palestinians
lopez ,   madrid,spain   (07.09.11)
sorry to inform you that Palestine was given to the palestinians in 1948. Iraquis, syrians ,egiptians ,yemenites, jordanians, moroccan, algerian, tunisian, lybian, etc,etc stop claiming you are palestinian and that Palestine now called State of Israel should be yours. Better try to get back Al-Andalous, maybe you are luckier
26. south sudan finally liberated from arabs and muslim enemies
rachel ,   usa   (07.09.11)
Listen to SIMON DENG and what he has to say about past and modern arab slavery . Its not a pretty picture !
27. #17 your on the losing side because your on the EVIL side !!
rachel ,   usa   (07.09.11)
28. #22 rita
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.09.11)
The "racism" you speak of is a reaction to illegal immigrants entering a country, taking advantage of [well conceived and good] assistance programs and possibly taking away jobs from legal residents and citizens. This also happens in the US. As far as racism, this has happened both in Israel and the US. In Israel, it was first against Mizrahim, then Ethiopians. Much of this has disappeared. Given Israel's accepting refugees from Vietnam when no one wanted them ('boat people', remember?), Ethiopians, etc, as well as helping many African nations to develop agriculture (after which they were rebuffed in favor of arab oil money...which they never received) Israel's record is a good one. You denigrate the Sudanese (and other refugees) by wishing they not receive assistance from Israel.
29. #Salma. First of all, be polite
ISRAELI   (07.09.11)
Second, everyone knows the British brought you here and before you were just wanderer Bedouin tribes. However, contrary to what people think: there has always been a Jewish population here. So this is my country too. And yours is the Jordan cause this is original land. "Palestin" did NOT have an constitution before the birth of Israel, had no president, had no flag and had no anthem. So what country you just called Palestin???
30. We are happy for you, but....
Avi ,   israel   (07.09.11)
Please stay there, we don't want you crossing the border to Israel...
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