Palestinians losing European support?
Ronen Medzini and AP
Published: 09.07.11, 22:58
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1. Unrepresentative Sample
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (07.09.11)
100 MPs? Not a word on the unilateral actions in settlement-building? Jerusalem? Home demolitions? Is that the best they can do? How will they stand up to the official position of dozens of European governments which have already recognized the State of Palestine or elevated its diplomatic mission? Not a chance in hell will the PA and Palestinians in general give up the UNGA route. We look forward, Oslo is dead, served its "purpose", done that, bought the T-shirt, get over it and move on to 2-state solution.
2. No exception
David M.   (07.09.11)
All Obama's administration efforts are bringing no or bad results. His M.E. policy based on faulty logic is no exception. And he hasn't even started lowering the oceans as he promised before the elections. Instead we are drowning in debts.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.09.11)
IPalestinianState was nothing but a mirage Abbas was the magician that helped to make it vanish with his endless procrastination and refusals to compromise
4. Bye
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
bye Abbas, bye bye fictional palestine. We are moving on. Next please.
5. obama
David ,   TN, USA   (07.10.11)
If you want to succeed in peace talks and keep what is yours, my Israeli friends, leave obama and his crew off the table. I fear his motives is not in your best interest. Seems odd that it is always the Israelis that has to give up land when in fact they should be getting land restored back to them.
6. 100 European Union parliament members say they object to ,..
split ,   US   (07.10.11)
... out of 736 members ? - Nothing to brag about ,...
7. Abbas overplayed his cards. Bye, Bye.
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.11)
I would love to see his failure, if I wouldn't knew that it would lead to another intifada (aka we will pay for their mistakes and idiocy). Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. So be it. Israel will stand strong as always.
8. Jordani
jerko ,   Paris   (07.10.11)
there is a Palestiniane state, it is called Jordanie, see ?? the solution exist, the real problem is not 2 states, it is about people(if we can call them this way) that just want to erease Israel... so yes move on and stop the bullshit !
9. only 100 out of 750 - haha, what a joke!!
PZ   (07.10.11)
10. #6 and how many support it?
Danny   (07.10.11)
For most of them it not an issue. Fact is that the GA already recognised "Palestine" back in 1988 and this time they will simply get the backing of the same bunch of muslim countries and murderous dictatorships.
11. Settlements are not unilateral?
Raed ,   Palestine   (07.10.11)
12. He's nothing new...I agree.
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.10.11)
13. Pals - Go ahead and have fun
Jonathan, Tax Lawyer ,   Toronto   (07.10.11)
in September at the UN. 1. It isn't going to get you a state. 2. It isn't going to improve the situation of a single Palestinian in the West Bank or Gaza. 3. It isn't going to solve the problems of a single refugee in any of the miserable camps where they currently live. Maybe one day your leaders will do something that actually helps you.
14. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.10.11)
I will try and break this to you gently. The West Bank -- Judea and Samaria -- was aquired by Israel in the course of fighting a DEFENSIVE war against Jordan. Non-sovereign territory is the victor's choice of how to dispose of. That would be Israel. It's ours, mudhole. Ours. What part of that do you NOT understand? There is no two-state solution. The last time one was offered -- which would, I might add, have granted you 90% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a capital -- it was rejected in favor of starting the second intifada. Well, that was stupid, wasn't it? Gosh, who'd have thunk? Another extremely stupid erstaz "Palestinian" choice. But why do you think you deserve a fourth bite at the apple? We're rid of you. Get lost. Who needs a bunch of loser terrorists and violent scum in their country? You're toast. Bye. You really do need to start packing, before all of the best slums in Jordan are gone.
15. 100 parliament members
mike ,   usa   (07.10.11)
You fell to tell the public that 100 is out of 735 members
16. #6
but israel only needs 60 to vote NO. and israel surpassed this by more than 100%. so, no pal state. yes to pal negotiation.
17. "Conflict?" Not Really
Dallas ,   Canada   (07.10.11)
Why is this mess called a "conflict"? It's a situation where one side wants to eliminate the other. A conflict implied a moral equivalency and it's time the world recognized that the reason this has gone on for 64+ years is because the Arabs want to eliminate Israel if it's the last thing they do. Even in some bizarre fantasy that there ever were to be a PA state, there can be no progress since the PA has no intention of making it a permanent home for the "eternal refugees". So logically, a PA state would solve nothing and would look exactly as it does today.
18. Muayyad, the best solution for all
David M.   (07.10.11)
Muayyad, I think you should move on to Jordan. After all Jordan is Palestine. I agree with you, Oslo was a mistake.
19. # 1 Not a word about the Palestinian terrrorism
Frank ,   USA   (07.10.11)
not a word about the Palestinian provocations, smearing campaignes, vilifications of Israel, etc..etc. Yeah, pursue your sickening objectives and continue dwelling in misery as you have always had. Time is NOT on your side.
20. Its simple, HALT SETTLEMENTS
James ,   Canada   (07.10.11)
It is quite simple...if Israel truly wants peace, then they must halt their illegal settlement activities and prove it. But the truth is, Israel has never wanted peace as shown by its incessant settlement construction over the years which has made it all but impossible to reach a fair peace agreement.
21. Palestinian Independence and Western Hypocrisy
Alex Weiss   (07.10.11)
Looks like the Israeli lobby has done its work - the recruitment of Israeli sycophants more interested in supporting the illegal Israeli occupation than an independent Palestinian state - It's amazing what thirty pieces of silver can achieve.
22. they will still get the numbers in the general assembly
zionist forever   (07.10.11)
France,Germany, Greece and some of the former Soviet states will probably vote against. The US will vote against, in the middle of an election campaign Obama has no choice. Canada will vote against England will probably abstain Ireland & some of the other more liberal EU countries will vote in favour China & Russia will probably vote in favour. Just about all of South America will vote in favour Of course all the muslim states will vote in favour The arabs will easily get the numbers in the General Assembly with or without the EU. If it passes I think most these EU countries who voted against will start change their mind and vote in favour at the Security Council but Obama will have no choice but to use the veto. When that happens I am not sure anybody can predict what will happen next other than the fact that Obama will loose all credibility amongst the muslims and the liberal Europeans who idol worshiped him for so long. Most the EU countries, Turkey, South American countries they will all be cuing up to step in and take America's place as a mediator because the muslims will never trst the US to mediate again. Abbas in his attempt to be the hard man of the Middle East has put himself into a position which he is starting to realise might just backfire but he can't back down now he has spent so long making theats to go to the UN he will probably be considered a traitor in the arab world if he doesn't go to the UN and when he does that it will be out of the frying pan and into the fire.
23. Bye bye fictional Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
The bottom line is that fictional Palestine is going the way of the flotilla. In fact, the flotilla fiasco will be repeated, on a much larger scale, when the P.A. makes it's next fictional statehood declaration. The whupping of the flotilla by Israel and her friends is a rehearsal for whupping fictional Palestine later this year. The P.A. had a much better chance of achieving statehood during their last declaration in 1988. However, that was an enormous fiasco. Bye bye fictional Palestine.
24. About 15% of EU Parliament and 50% of EU PMs against
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.10.11)
So we have at least 15% of EU Parliament and 50% of EU PMs against unilateral statehood. The PA needs to rethink this fast.
25. #20: Settlements are legal & Israel did freeze construction
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.10.11)
You seem to forget that Israel did halt settlement construction for 10 months and the Palestinians still refused to talk until the last month. And then all they wanted to talk about was extending the freeze. Beyond that the settlements are legal under international law and the UN charter, etc. Even UNSC 242 does not call for Israel to give land to the Palestinians as it was not there before the '67 war. In '67 Israel liberated Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan who captured them in '48 from the newly formed Israel. Before that it was Ottoman, but never Palestinian.
26. Gaza is historical capital of Palestine
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.10.11)
27. #1 Muayyad - DROPPING the peace MASK so soon?
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.10.11)
Just a month ago, you posted a "Sincere message to Israelis" and mused about COOPERATION in pali-NATION building. And you CONCLUDED by urging Israelis to "ABOVE ALL join us in FORGETTING the past AND the BLAME GAME." (my EMPHASIS) But now, you - poor thing - WHINE that the >100 MPs did NOT blame Israel in the letter. Of course you PRETEND that the 10-month settlement FREEZE never existed or that the palis REFUSED to talk to Israel until the last minute. And that was only to DEMAND another freeze WITHOUT committing to SERIOUS and sincere peace talks. You too CONFIRM that it is all about PRETENCE - here, the EU MPs urge talks but as you have PROVEN, there is ALWAYS an excuse NOT to restart talks with Israel. Finally, your "RECONCILIATORY" post started with "We, a LARGE PERCENTAGE of the Palestinian population BOTH in the territories and diaspora". (my EMPHASIS). Now your "large percentage" has been EXPOSED as a LIE by your "Palestinians in general" are hell-bent on seeking the UNGA vote.
28. "only talks can bring peace"
Zev ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
Abbas & Co. are not interested in peace and will never dign a peace treaty with a Jewish country in the Middle East. He is only interested in a Palestinian state with no Jews as a first step in destroying the Jewish state Israel. The sooner everyone realizes this the sooner we can get on with our lives.
29. to Canadian James
Nadav ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.11)
stop your illegal occupation ans settlement building in Quebec and on Inuit lands!
30. James Canada @ 20
Moragh   (07.10.11)
Are you like the Palis whereby nothing sinks in, up top? When are you, commonly known idiots going to get it into your thick skulls that Israel - from day ONE - I might add, was G-d given to the Jewish people. The Good Lord is NOT tinkerbell. He does not play silly little childish games.The Arabs are attempting to win a war against the Lord. They haven't a chance in Hell!
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