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Jewish groups urge UN investigator to quit
Sarah Bauder
Published: 10.07.11, 14:00
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1.  Falk- jews are never our best friends
norbus ,   al kuds   (07.10.11)
Death wish by guilt ridden jews who never understood, nor felt proud of, as never taught their heritage. Parent Failure. Blame the parents who worshiped Mamon , and envied the Goyim instead of living a rich life of grace and plenty.
2. Didn' t get the expected presents...
Doktor Mabuse   (07.10.11)
on his Bar-Mitzvah ?
3. No. Not an embarrassment.
Ehoop ,   UK   (07.10.11)
"His shameful and outrageous behavior is an embarrassment to the United Nations." Actually, it's in line with the attitudes of the UN and its agencies nowadays. Durban, anyone? Getting rid of Falk deals with the symptom but doesn't cure the UN of its disease.
4. # 3..Hahaha...can't stand the truth...
Edithann ,   USA   (07.10.11)
You all can't be trusted..ask any Palestinian! TATA
5. #4 hahaha lets ask them about the US too
ronen   (07.11.11)
6. Jewish groups urge UN investigator to quit
jacques ,   nsw   (07.11.11)
its ironic we still have naive Jews who live in a shelter life, usually they are intellectual left, and gay, perhaps they should wake up for a realty check. only people like him cause hatred towards Jews
7. Richard Falk?
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.11.11)
Wouldn't be nice if Richard Falk and likes, emigrated to Gaza for good? I bet that after several months he would beg to allow him to leave.
8. Self hating Jew
Ruben Jacobi ,   U.K.   (07.11.11)
As a Princeton Proffesor maybe he could get a reduced price course in the art of detection, he obviousley is in need of help in these matters.
9. Richard
Richared Bi Laden ,   Somewhere   (07.11.11)
Richard Goldstone and Richard Falk are kindly invited to join me for my Shabbat Kosher dinner. There will be a lot of fish to eat, Love, Richard Bin Laden
10. falk
jakeoff ,   ny usa   (07.11.11)
when your Arab friends call for killing all the Jews Mr Falk they mean you too.You may hate your brothers,but those that hate your brothers hate you too
11. So he's pro-Gaddafi?
Global CItizen ,   Israel & USA   (07.11.11)
This is where the real story is now and every time one of these bits of lunacy surfaces - this is not anti-Semitic, it is pro-terror, pure and simple.
12. Islamic majority
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.11.11)
Obvious mr Falk has problem with reading... or is he without basic knowledge of how to behave diplomatic in his position? We all should know that islamic contries outnumbers the civilized contries in UN, and mr Falk might be influenced by the fact...and does stuff like this to be popular by his islamic friends...
13. Falk at Princeton
Dr. Stew ,   Las Vegas, USA   (07.12.11)
This idiot who can't recognize antisemitism when he puts it on his own blog, this idiot is on the faculty at Princeton? Had somebody that stupid applied to teach at my university, he would have been laughed right out of the Faculty Senate. Princeton apparently has much lower standards than we do.
14. Edithann the illegal occupation settler. Going home?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (07.12.11)
Here's Edithann again - the illegal occupation settler prancing on her soapbox from her illegal home in America stolen from its rightful owners. Edithann can't accept the truth - that America's existence as a country is built on war crimes, and the illegal settlers like Edithann should go back to Europe where they come from. Or at least they should start practicing what they preach - Edithann should leave her house and give it back to its rightful owners, then get on a boat back to England.
15. #4
Jawarhal ,   Mumbai, India   (07.13.11)
You are al lying racist. It is very obvious that the "Palestinians" are the source of the problems, not the Israelis.
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