Video compares police to Nazis
Eli Senyor
Published: 10.07.11, 14:35
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1. Investigate the police!
Larry Clovis ,   Chicago, USA   (07.10.11)
The similarity between the Nazis and the police is obvious. Producers of the videotape have to be commended for bringing this up.
2. Haredi protestors could testify to accuracy of this report
3. It's good
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.10.11)
B"H It's good that Herr. Danino is forced to investigate his skinhead troops as some truth might come out of it.
4. Police Must be Protected, but who will Protect
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (07.10.11)
patriotic Jews, Defenders of Israel and the Free World, from Israel hating police who persecute and viciously beat up Jews who are loyal to Israel and the Free World? Who can ever forget the horror of Amona where cruel police inflicted multiple head wounds and broken bones on young patriotic Jews? Why is loyalty to Israel regarded as a huge crime to be severely punished?
5. Police Brutality
MOshe ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
When Police lives are in danger and they defend themselves with force , Its understandable when they use appropriate force for the action being taken..But what I have seen is terrible... Instead of wasting time effort and money to investigate the Producers, Investigate those policemen that acted like the comparison clip....Why act against Jews like that and not against those strangers in Israel that is actively destroying our country? Who are you protecting?
6. Sad
michael Pielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (07.10.11)
It is sad that in a jewish state the police have to act in this manner. Their should be an investigation and a trial regarding police brutality. Its seems like some jail time is in order.
7. Bizarre upside world...
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (07.10.11)
Don't you think it's bizarre that Danino would investigate the creator(s) of the video instead of the police who routinely brutalize Jews in the name of "just doing their duty?" Where did we hear that before?
8. Freedom of speech
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.11)
Professor Yeshayahu Leibovitch was the first to use the crude comparison against the IDF. Because of his stature as a great philosopher, a religious Jew and an internationally known professor, the damage he did to Israel and the IDF is immeasurable. I condemn him for his words, but Leibovich was never investigated, and rightly so, because he was merely using his freedom of speech. What is far worse than Leibovitch's words is that Danino is abusing his power to investigate people using their freedom of speech instead of clear evidence of police brutality. In the US, Danino would rightly lose his job.
9. 2nd attempt: Good luck with that...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.10.11)
...but to start arresting people for putting together video montages, is simply doing more of exactly what they are accusing you of. You have a serious problem on your hands, but tattempting to silence the people you are meant to be serving will not work, and will only provoke further.
10. Investigate the cops!
Dan ,   USA   (07.10.11)
So the police are investigating the authors of this clip, but not the cops who carried out these brutal beatings? So just how is Israel a democratic state? Police are allowed to mercilessly beat protesters but one is not allowed to criticize them? Hello Syria!
11. Sickening
Daniel ,   Modiin   (07.10.11)
This should be dealt with by the PM's office immediatel yand Danino should be put on trial and removed form his position immediately. I bet the police dont treat the arabs like this?
12. Danino
Beaten Jew ,   world   (07.10.11)
should be fired! He obviously thinks, this is normal police behavior! His brutal henchmen don`t behave like "Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanin" the trait of a member of the Jewish People. They act with brutality against their fellow Jews
13. No. 1 And the American Police?
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (07.10.11)
We've all see scenes of the American police beating protestors, suspect and so on. Be careful what you accuse the Israeli police of. I'd like to see what your police would do in similar circumstances. Any excuse to berate Israel, isn't it?
14. What would you expect?
Robert ,   NY USA   (07.10.11)
when the other side compares Religious Jews to Muslim terrorists? And how about the video from Fox news that the Mossad did 9/11? If you let the big shots get away with things, everyone expects to get away with the same. And now you got a mess.
15. The Torah is truth just as is a video camera in the hands of
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.10.11)
a chassid. Use your tzadakah and buy a video camera for chassids brave enough to protest the violent police. Never forget Amona and the violence, the brutality created by the government against unarmed Jews. Never again, bring video cameras.
16. Unimaginable in America
Larry Clovis ,   Chicago, USA   (07.10.11)
Dear Madeleine, Unfortunately, police brutality happens in America too. But every documented instance is investigated thoroughly, those guilty of brutality are prosecuted and convicted and their superiors lose their jobs. I can not imagine that an American police commissioner would investigate producers of videotapes instead of police officers beating brutally the sitting protesters. If someone even tried to suggest such an investigation, he would have lost his job in an instance. Constitution protects our freedom of speech from any government restrictions. As #9 remarked, ordering an investigation of a video producer is another example of totalitarian behavior. I wonder why you tolerate it. Do you hope that the victims will always be your political opponents?
17. lack of training
Ian ,   Texas, USA   (07.10.11)
What I gleaned from this short and grainy video was at least one out of control police offixcer - likely mishmar h'gvul. I've spent more than 40 years in US law enforcement and now am a private consultant in cases of police excesses. Israel police are NOT trained to deal with this kind of situations. Officers should be hired for temperment as well as intelligence and fitness. Mishmar h'gvul are little more than soldiers behind a police badge. Perhaps when this new national police academy is finally built they'll develop adequate training programs for the INP.
18. #16
Ian ,   Texas, USA   (07.10.11)
It is a violation of the law in Israel to infer any Jew is acting like a nazi - whether it is an outright verbal accusation or more subtly in comparing INP officers to nazi soldiers. The producers of the video are being legally investigated. Just like in America - there is freedom of speech, but that freedom is not ultimate.
reality ,   DC USA   (07.10.11)
This is legitimate police action. . . .and they didn't take them out back and murder the right wingers. You stupid fools. Making any comparison to what the nazi's did, disgraces your OWN heritage.
20. Salma
IlanaB   (07.10.11)
YOu should be ashamed of yourself and so should your parents. I am sure this is against your religion. If I ever thought you had any morality-and I did search for signs- I now realize there is not a gram. I hope everyone reads your post. If I were editor it would be loooong gone.
21. 20
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
You submitted your (this) post to the wrong thread!!
22. 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.10.11)
I agree with you. Comparing Israel with the US & visa versa is useless, it doesnt get us anywhere!
23. who cares about America
stuff America   (07.11.11)
always on every thread someone tells us what its like in America compared to Israel. Is Israel a colony of America? Is Israel a state of America? Who the hell cares what they do in America? This obsession with America makes me sick to my stomach... Israel is an independent country- it was never part of some American empire so stuff America
24. Before our very eyes!
exUK ,   tel aviv Israel   (07.11.11)
Whilst it is regrettable that the maker of the video NEEDED to juxtapose the 2 scenarios,in order to get the point across,I find it more regrettable that unarmed demonstrators seem to be treated this way.This is SUPPOSED to be a democratic country with free it cannot be just selective.There are many of us who do not agree with certain of our policies,such as settlements,destroying Arab dwellings in E Jerusalem and West Bank etc.But I for one would not dare demonstrate in a PEACEFUL way,because I have heard and seen incidewnts such as the American girl studying here who was merewly standing with a placard and voicing her opinion,when she had a tear gas canister fired into her face ,breaking her nose and jaw and destroying an eye. The fact that it has come to this...that our own citizens feel the need to point these things out here,is surely potentially damaging in the eyes of the world, should we all just keep quiet although we do not support such actions against our objectors.CERTAINLY NOT. This is NOT traitor-like behaviour.We are very concerned with the direction that the country is taking.We are militarily strong--yes...but that does not justify disregarding the situation of our fellow human beings.Unfortunately too many people dont care at all.The score card is beginning to be too heavily weighted against us......
25. Re my first email..just noticed that the police were beating
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (07.11.11)
RIGHTISTS..So if it is the settlers and such,they are the tail wagging the dog,and perhaps they were themselves being over unruly?In which case,they should be arrested and tried for criminal behaviour?Where was the footage taken? If on W Bank or E Jerusalem,thgey evidently ,if stopped by the police,take it out on the Arab population.?Whereas if an Arab on W Bank does anything untoward 'anything goes' .This is the beginning of civil war.? The sooner we have agreed borders and a Pal state and end occupation the better.In which case we must control our extremists and the Arabs on new state must control theirs.
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