Food prices up 12.7% in 3 years
Zvi Lavi
Published: 13.07.11, 08:43
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1. solution
marc   (07.13.11)
remove all government subsidies to farmers and exporters , Remove government price controls and allow real competition at all levels. Remove tariffs and barriers on all imported food ( and everything else too)
2. But, hey, the economy is great, right? Right???
yehuda ,   israel   (07.13.11)
3. The Israeli consumer is a sucker.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.13.11)
Israeli consumers are like sheep, the only difference is sheep get clipped for wool while Israelis just get clipped. In large measure, this is due to the abysmal state of economic education. The legacy of our failed socialist past has led to this. A few oligarchs control the economy, they are helped by the banks (also controled by the same oligarchs), protected by our monstrous bureaucratic morass & ever-so-helpful politicians, & defended by a complicit media. The result: we are being robbed. We need free competitive markets not gov't. supervision & regulation. We need an end to import duties & restrictions. We need competition to increase efficiency & keep prices down.
Smadar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.11)
We have to do away with things because they are too expensive meanwhile all the managers laugh at us all the way to the bank with their high salaries!
5. the arab spring, the jewish autumn?
such a rip off
6. Life is more expensive in Israel
Angry in ,   Israel   (07.13.11)
The price of EVERYTHING is utterly ridiculous! Not sure how they expect anyone to live a decent life - and they are still encouraging everyone to come and live here - if they were smart, they wouldn't - not until things get better and more in line with the rest of the world.
7. You're right, Terry
yehuda ,   israel   (07.14.11)
So how do we change things???
8. Food prices up 12.7% in 3 years
Marlene   (07.17.11)
Now after this story and the MK's report lets see what will happen. The usual big talk and no action.
9. Food prices up
Josh ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (07.22.11)
How is it possible that Supersol Sheli charges up to 30% more for the same goods as you find in its other Supersol stores? How come the Supersol Deal in Kfar Saba is cheaper than in Ra'anana? How come the Supersol Deal in the industrial area in Kfar Saba has different prices than the Supersol Deal in the G Shopping Mall a half a km. away? Folks we ARE suckers!
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