Treasury: Israeli economy slowing down
Avital Lahav
Published: 12.07.11, 09:42
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1. And if you believe what you read...
yehuda ,   israel   (07.13.11)
about the economy in Israel...I've got some cottage cheese to sell you...only NIS 5.39 for 200g...on sale for 2 weeks (was NIS 7).
2. Supermarkets..
Smadar ,   Jerusaelm, Israel   (07.13.11)
Why is it such a wonder that the supermarket sales are dropping?!? They increase the prices on a REGULAR BASIS! Some things DOUBLED in the past few months whereas our salaries are that same or 3% raise at best. I myself cut down on groceries and it looks like everyone else is doing the same. KOL HAKAVOD! We should all cut down the spending so the supermarkets will lower their prices.
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