Knesset votes in favor of 'boycott bill'
Moran Azulay
Published: 11.07.11, 23:39
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1. The palestinians denounce the bill THEN it is good for Jews
2. typical zionist behaviour...nothing new LOL
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (07.11.11)
3. So, if we boycott cottage cheese the cows can sue?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.11.11)
One would think the Prime Minister Netanyahu would have more sense in letting his poodle MK Elkins to draft such a law! It is opening Pandora's box because it can be used both ways! The right boycott Peace Now! as an organization the Peace Now! Can sue them! As for the Palestinians, well they would condemn Israel for "boycotting" a Hamas anti Israel rally and the "Quartet" is so anti Israel and in the pocket of the Arabs that they are a joke! Where are the Quartet members regarding the massacres in Syria? Russia vetoed any action! Let's boycott Russia. That's legal!
4. Outlaw all Left Wing Parties
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.11.11)
June 1933...Hitler outlaws all political parties other than the Nazi Party.
5. Sick behavior
John R ,   NYC USA   (07.11.11)
The Palestinians obviously can't militarily fight Israel. Look at the results of Cast Lead. They can't fight Israel diplomatically in the UN even though the entire world, including the US, says Israeli West Bank settlements are illegal. Why, because AIPAC controls an American veto which 3 times prevented a worldwide economic boycott of Israel. What they have left is boycotts and civil disobedience. Naturally this law attacks even that. When Israel figures out that the most important Nobel prize to win is not in science or math but in peace. When they figure out that electing has bins, crooks and religious nuts brings them nothing but world condemnation and creates Anti-Semitism. When they figure out that Rabin was revered worldwide for accepting half a loaf for peace even with an imperfect result. Then and only then will they gain world respect for creating an extraordinary miracle of a country out of a desert wasteland. This proposed law is an embarrassment to every fair minded democratic loving Jew everywhere in the world.
6. Out the inlaws...
Ehud ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.11)
Thinking of the possibility of outlawing my mother in law.
7. This bill deserves massive patriotic support.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.11.11)
This bill is an excellent step in the right direction. It deserves the massive support of Israel's vast patriotic majority. It is way past time to make racist boycotts against liberated Judea and Samaria, and all of Israel, illegal and subject to severe punishment. It is ridiculous to allow anyone the benefits of Israeli citizenship while they foster boycotts and other loathsome hostile actions against Israel.
8. Land for peace???
Lengualima ,   I   (07.11.11)
Land for peace? Land for peace is a joke who is 18 years old, and like all old joke every day we laugh less of it. We have returned 3 times the Sinai. The next government likely led by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood use as toilet paper, paper with which we change the Sinai by a piece of paper not worth the ink it was written. South Lebanon returned the two times, so Hezbollah today has it full of rockets to threaten Israel. We deliver Gaza, where Hamas has launched over 12,000 rockets into Israel. Look for another story, that of land for peace is no longer credible. Greetings. .
9. Does it apply to Cottage Cheese boycott ?
mark   (07.11.11)
10. to 7
sama   (07.11.11)
do the boycutters do not pay taxes or do you think taxes must be payed by all of people and give it to supporters of your posts ..i will not support your post even if you will give me money but if my taxes is given to the extremitists i will aske god to punish them i have no force or way in taxes payments
11. #6 Nobel Peace prize is least important or valued prize
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.11.11)
Jerry, you are mistaken. The Nobel Peace prize is least important or valued prize. It started to loose its luster when Arafat, a known terrorist who tried to over throw 2 countries, received it. It completely lost any validity when Obama received it for being nominated as Presidential candidate. His nomination had to be a year before his election as President, and even then 1 month into his Presidency he had done nothing to warrant such a prize (it can be argued that 2 years later this is still the case).
12. Nazi boycott of Jewish stores
Gene   (07.11.11)
Was it a freedom of expression? Or anti-semitic act?
13. Oh, my knees shaking, I've been boycotting for almost 63 yea
observer ,   Egypt   (07.11.11)
14. by Israel's law
observer ,   Egypt   (07.11.11)
when Israel considers the WB disputed, then settlements are not legitimate.
15. #13 - what you don't use computer or cell phone?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.11.11)
The device you used to write you response was probably developed and/or manufactured in Israel. Time to go back to the dark ages where you do not use equipment made by Intel (PC chips), Microsoft (Software), Qualcom (cell phone chips), Scan disk (disk on key/flash memory) etc. as you do not want to support Israel.
16. boycot sedition
moron ,   galut   (07.11.11)
intentional interference and conspiracy to interfere with lawful livlihood of others are tortious as against private parties--as against the state of israel --small and isolated--it is treasonous...the bill lets individuals boycott who they want but fights to protect majority
17. The stated goal of the BSD tactic ...
John ,   Alaska   (07.11.11)
is to provide a means of economic warfare against Israel. This legislation is simply protection against such warfare.
18. Only Israel apologizes for not committing suicide
Sick!!!   (07.11.11)
.... hard and fast enough. No wonder the world thinks we are crazy!
19. It's OK
Dovid ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.11.11)
let this reactionary, racist Knesset do whatever it wants. The WORLD will be boycotting Israel before long. And we will deserve it.
20. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.12.11)
The world does not have to love us. As Machiavelli said, it is better to be feared than to be loved. The world does fear us, because they don't like the fact that we have, as you correctly point out, created a miracle out of nothing. Then -- in addition to building a thriving nation, being off the charts in IQ, dominating the Nobel Prizes in the sciences -- we kind of dispelled the notion that Jews cannot fight. We are, pound for pound, the best armed forces in the world. By the way -- the ersatz "Palestinians" have rejected a two-state solution on three occasions. Most recently, they turned down an offer which would have granted them 90% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a capital. They chose to start the second intifada instead. Israel does not owe the ersatz "Palestinians" anything. What part of six wars -- all started by the Arabs and won by Israel -- and seven decades of unrelenting Arab terror do you NOT understand? The ersatz "Palestinians" do not want to co-exist with Israel; they want to supplant Israel. That's why they have nothing.
21. Way to go Israel
Leon ,   Ottawa, Canada   (07.12.11)
Next, you should imprison anyone who criticizes the settlements or calls them the West Bank instead of Judea and Samaria. All hail Bibi or face jail time. This is great! Israel is redefining what a Middle Eastern liberal democracy is.
Israeli 2   (07.12.11)
The winds of sanity are blowing into Israel's direction. This will only be a baby step towards more pro Israel laws.
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.12.11)
COngratulations and Mazel Tov. Enough is enough!!
24. Economic boycotts ......
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (07.12.11)
are NOT freedom of expression, but a very aggressive and dangerous form of warfare. They are the negation of good-will and negotiations. In their jealousy and hatefulness they are a declaration of war. Ignoring them is NOT the just thing to do. There is more freedom of expression in Israel for anybody than anywhere else in the ME and lots of other places on this earth. Economic boycotts are not meant to be a positive, constructive way of communication, their aim in this case is the destruction of Israel. As such they are a clear and present danger and should be countered with all means possible, also in the international "arena".
25. Try boycotting and try litigation.
Bad assed Jew. ,   united States   (07.12.11)
Seems to me that traitors deserve more than 'litigation'. Try charges of sedition and attempting to do harm to the state of Israel. Damn lucky these loons live in a democratic nation, the arabs would be hanging them high. (Iran for example, Syria, Yemen, etc.) Whatever the cost to them by 'litigation' I hope the fees are as excessive as these traitors to the state of Israel.
26. "Kadima: Bibi crossed red line of stupidity".
leo ,   usa   (07.12.11)
But I thought Bibi was against it and if Kadima is against the bill too, then why is Bibi stupid? Am I missing something?
27. @20 Sarah B. Israel not feared.
Gazawi ,   USA   (07.12.11)
There is one flaw to your outlook. First of all, Arabs do not fear Israel. Even with all the walls and armor, israeli soilders are scared, that's why they shoot at anything that moves, they're scared! Also, Israel desperately needs love. all you Israeli rightists hate U.S.A. when really U.S. was the best thing that happened for Israel. Arab leaders that make peace do it for U.S. not for anything else. When U.S. influence falls, so will Israel. (also, It certainly is NOT the other way around, lol)
28. Response to #11
nadya ,   CA., US   (07.12.11)
I hope that under the Mideast Quartet Obama will stay out of any negotiations and let Israel deal with the EU. Let's see how far you can push them and manipulate them. And then I hope Obama, who you have such disdain for, abstains on the U.N. September vote.
29. It's time to stop the Leftist sedition!
Tom ,   USA   (07.12.11)
If you follow the recent events it's palpable that the International left smelled blood in the water and launched a total war against Israel. The ObamaJews with T. Friedman at the helm shot the first salvo and the Israel bashing articles multiplied . Then the boycott initiative by the radical, Leftist Jews and finally the flotilla and the air-assault by the Soros-Arab financed international left. We MUST stand up and resolutely tell our Obama supporting enemies that NEVER AGAIN! Stop being PolCorr. dont get intimidated by the KAPOS and their American and EU allies! "Aux armes, citoyens formez vos battaillons! (La Marseillaise)
30. About time
Simcha ,   MA, USA   (07.12.11)
First off, I don't post often because there are more people qualified to discuss these subjects than I am. Especially since I live in the US (been to Israel once). Second, to number 20: Sarah B. I love reading your comments and am glad to see there is another person on this board who truly understands the term "never again". You make me proud and quite happy. Third, the concept of this bill ISN'T violating the rights of free speech. It simply brings consequence to those who protest. You can protest something and still have the right too. You are free to do such thing. Now the citizens of Israel as well its governing body have the right and freedom to press charges against you for any damages that might incur. Just because you are free to act out, doesn't mean it's the best way too. I'm hoping these regulations and laws that are passing Knesset will force people to start to comply, or at the very least, reinforce the notion of Israel being a lawful and Jewish state. Remember, it wasn't the Israeli Jews that walked away from nation building through the UN.
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