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Women banned from economic conference
Omri Efraim
Published: 12.07.11, 14:26
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1. man only??? HOW DARE THEY!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.12.11)
Women of Israel, take them to court, before they change Israel into an Ayatolla state. The answer that there is a conference for 'women only twice a year, just proves this point. There is a name for it, its called 'sexual discrimination and private or not private (it was subsidised and NOT private), it must be stopped NOW.
2. Haredi Conference
NYC Girl   (07.12.11)
First of all, it's an outrage that any taxpayer money should have been involved in anything so blatantly discriminatory. Also, any secular politician who took part in the conference should be expected to answer for his participation in this misogynistic event at the next elections.
3. Nir Barkat should be blamed for participating
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.12.11)
And all the other non haredi participants too . Jerusalem , the ICC should NOT rent the ICC to people who hold segregated conferences , shows and so on . Reminds me of : nicht fur Juden some 70-80 years ago .
4. Mayor Barkat should be denounced for participating.
mea   (07.12.11)
5. Ladies, time to use your feet and boycott those companies
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.12.11)
who were involved in excluding women from the conference. Someone should also remind Nir Barkat whom women helped get elected that he does not speak for only men. I have to pinch myself to remember what century we are living in.
6. Extreme freedoms motivate...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.12.11)
extreme measures.
7. it's true
ale ,   italia   (07.12.11)
to ban woman it's true in israel where settlers and haredi are heroes. not only goim or arabs , but woman too.... are unable to be free in the jewish state, the democracy only for jewish. the only one democracy....that ban woman......
8. Steinitz, Barkat and Keinan should apologize or step down
Noa   (07.12.11)
from their office. THis is an outrage! Singling out a certain sector of the society and not allow it entrance is against the law and has to get punished!
9. Why exclude women? They are nice.
Israeli 2   (07.12.11)
10. why is it illegal to hold a men only conference
yoni ,   tel aviv   (07.12.11)
The only reason for anyone to say it is illegal to hold a male only conference is because they want to force their own vies on others. If you dont like it dont go. Why is it illegal? Did they do anything to women? they made their own conference big deal. They live here and are part of our country whether you like it or not. As long as they are not hurting anyone let them live in peace
11. Liberalism has its limits
yoni ,   tel aviv   (07.12.11)
Liberalism has its limits. the liberals can accept everyone except the ones they dont like. they can let everyone else live in peace and apply the "live and let live" moto to all those that they are indifferent about but once it comes to religious ppl they must force their ideas upon them and make sure that they obliterate any tolerance for those who choose to live differently than them. Stop forcing your secular ways on them live and let them live their way of life. end secular coercion and lets try to be open minded here. this has nothing to do with women it has to do with the fact that the religious haredim want an all male venue. Soon you are going to say that separate classes should be banned from haredi schools. whats wrong with you ppl?
12. women banned from...
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (07.13.11)
RIDICULOUS, BACKWARD etc. this is discrimination and should be against the law, punishable everywhere and always!
13. Contempt for women
Peter Beck ,   Accokeek, MD USA   (07.12.11)
This could be described as the Jewish Taliban. Less violent to be sure, but still.....
14. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (07.12.11)
They don't produce , they don't serve and procreate 3x faster than the rest of Israelis ,...
15. This is really too funny..especially #5
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (07.12.11)
How dare they!! Boycott them!!! Unless they are haredi settlers in which case any boycott, or even advocating a boycoot, is against the newly promulgated Israeli law. Funny how things work. In israel there seems to be a very strict pecking order. At the very top are Ashkenazi Jewish males. Then Sephardic Jewish males. Then religious Jewish males. Then Jewish women ( discriminated against by the above three groups). Then European goys (both male and female) then Arab men, (freely discrriminated against by all the other groups with the possible exception iof European goys). And at the bottem of this totem pole are the Arab women, freely discriminated against by all of the above. If you feell that it is fine discriminating against those below you in such order, then why are you complaining? Do you want equal rights? Or merely equal rights for your group alone? Curious, isn't it?
16. Taking Modesty and Sexual Segregation to Extremes
Yehudit ,   US   (07.12.11)
I understand that men need to focus on prayer and not be disturbed by sexual thoughts. However, to just erase women from other areas of normal lifetime activity such as attending events or riding busses because men do not know how to deal with women in the world except in a sexual way is ludicrous. Stop this before Israel becomes Iran
17. Talmud-iban
Ben ,   USA   (07.13.11)
A woman referred to as "S" in the article above wonders if it's too late? It is. Too much sympathy for the "Sanhedrin Now!" crowd. Too much caving in to Abba's and Ima's shame-tripping; e.g., "can't you be just a little more frum?", "when shall I expect the pitter-patter of a little bubbeleh?", and so on. Enjoy your loss of freedom, S. Say hello to Israel's answer to the Taliban and the Ayatollahs: the Talmud-iban. All the sudden, the Treifa Medina across the Atlantic Ocean doesn't seem so treif, does it?
18. Get over it.
You women know you are attractive and this meeting was designed to not have that kind of distraction. Blow it completely out of proportion. Say we shouldn't be distracted but you are not believable.
19. Sexist Pigs
American Sabrah   (07.12.11)
They certainly sweat like pigs wearing all those heavy layers underneath them. I don't read the Hamodia or the Yated anyways and I have no intentions of subscribing to them.I am not suprised that they stooped this low-just disgusted.Haredi women should revolt.
Aviv Benedix ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.12.11)
‎"Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Bank Hapoalim CEO Zion Keinan addressed the audience during the conference. Women were banned from the stage, from the audience and even from the press gallery." THEY SHOULD ALL BE SUED!
21. Haredi businessmen,be tycoons,than sit back..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.12.11)
sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.
22. 1 tiki And while you are at it...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.12.11)
take to court the footballclubs.
23. 5Ladies,use your feet to play football,
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.12.11)
among men
24. cry baby cry baby cry cry cry...
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (07.12.11)
I am not a women and tried to get in but because I did not have an invitation I couldnt get in either. But I am not crying discrimination! You people will just bitch at anything these haredim do GROW UP!
25. I thought Israel was a liberal democracy
Leon ,   Ottawa, Ontario   (07.13.11)
Do democracies prevent half of the population from participating in an economic conference? It may have been private, but democracies normally don't openly discriminate against someone based on their gender. The Taliban would be proud of Israel.
26. Women unite
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.13.11)
To solve any and every problem caused by Haredim quickly, every woman should refuse to have a child from those people. I think this is the quickest and easiest solution.
27. incapable
galilean ,   Israel   (07.13.11)
The separation of men and women in religion addresses the issue that men are incapable of controlling their lust for women, any women.
28. Do they think Israel is Iran?
robin ,   israel   (07.13.11)
These men need strong psychological counseling to confront their abnormal and uncontrollable urges that get stirred up at the mention of women.
29. The Haredi are entering hesitatingly
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.13.11)
into the workforce.Let them do it at their pace and their ways.And this is without women around.I don t see anything offensive there.Many big cities have "only men clubs".In the diamond bourse of Antwerp,it is only a few years ago that women were admited as members.
30. Confused
Concerned American ,   USA   (07.13.11)
For a moment, I thought I was reading "Saudi News" before I came to my senses. I guess an apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Contempt for women must have something to do with the area called 'Middle East' and if not, then surely it's the water.
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