Killing chance for peace
Daniel Ben Simon
Published: 12.07.11, 22:19
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1. arent you ashamed of this article mr. Simon?
hadad ,   London U.K   (07.12.11)
ProudPatriot   (07.12.11)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.12.11)
The good old days are gone and so is the Atheist Zionist branch of Communism. Get used to it buddy your time has come and gone, we the Jewish people will always defy the odds no matter how much brainwashing has been done. We will return to our roots no matter how much you hate Rabbis and our Torah. In the end the truth always wins.
4. Ben-Simon writes as if he is member Egypt Muslim Brotherhoo
Marco ,   Spain   (07.12.11)
5. Wake up
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.12.11)
And look at our neighbours' racial motivated boycott and ethnic purity policies. Israel is singled out as "foreign body"; why not adapt to our environment, so as to survive?
6. haredistan
mike ,   uk   (07.12.11)
well-written article, as a Jew, I find it hard to offer any support to a State that is turning into a theoracy.Israel has failed to achieve its purpose, namely a home for Jews.My home is in England, which may have its own problems, but is not turning like Israel into a country like Iran.
7. .My home is in England, which may have its own problems, but
Ester ,   Canada   (07.13.11)
Mike; Juist wait for one or two new generations and you will see it to happen.
8. wrong again. you have an atrocious batting average. should b
ralph   (07.13.11)
be kicked out of the game. your articles, thinking, reasoning, prognostications are worthless, and at odds with reality as evidenced by how events unfold after your utterances. go back to school but with the right teachers this time.
9. #6 Mike, I agree
shlomo ,   USA   (07.13.11)
The Right wingnuts and haredim in Israel will fulfill the Iranian Madman’s prophecy that Israel will self-destruct. No need for a bomb, the Jews in Israel will destroy themselves. The problem with the Religious Right is that they seriously believe that G-D is on their side (as many defunct empires did) and that they can do no wrong. They have become so convinced of their superiority and invulnerability that their bravado is matched only by their recklessness. By dividing Jews rather than uniting them they are weakening the structure and social fabric of Israel and they do not care, because they are always “right”. Soon the majority of Diaspora Jews will forsake them, turn their backs on them, and use their philanthropy at home, where it will do more good. If moderate Israelis do not take back their country and restore its honor, it will never be a “Light unto the Nations” as the founding fathers so desperately wished, but will become irrelevant to all but the people who live there. No nation can stand alone, history has shown that to be a fundamental truth.
10. What Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace
11. Article centers on settlements
John ,   Alaska   (07.13.11)
The Honorable MK Ben Simon's article seems to indicate that the so-called settlements are the source of Israel's enemies emnity. If this is the case, I would ask Mr Ben Simon why the "palestinian" Arabs consider the founding of Israel in 1948 a "Disaster", but the territory Israel gained as a result of Jordan's attack during the Six-Day War as merely a "Setback"? If the "settlements" (more properly called Israeli towns and cities) are the problem, why did Israel's enemies attack so vigorously during the period from 1948 to 1967? And finally, if Mr Ben Simon believes the "territories" as simply bargaining chips for peace, why was Israel's unilteral pull-out from Gaza followed by intensive rocket fire from the area relinquished, and why does Hamas boast about their intention to "liberate" Haifa? I submit thise questions with true respect for MK Ben Simon's position, and look forward to reading the answers.
12. To #6 request clarification
John ,   Alaska   (07.13.11)
You said: "My home is in England, which may have its own problems, but is not turning like Israel into a country like Iran." Yet if I Google "Islamization of England" I get over 1.5 million results, including an article dated 20 June 2011 entitled "England criminalizes opposition to Islamization" as well as a report from 3 April 2008 about the a senior Church of England complaint about the number of mosques in England. Given that there is so much evidence that proponents of Islam are attempting, with some success, to turn England into a Sharia state (which Iran is), would you please clarify your post?
13. Ben Simon
Joshua ,   USA   (07.13.11)
The West Bank belongs to the State of Israel not because some laughable G-D promised it to our ancestors but because Israeli blood was spilled fighting those who attacked Israel, wanted to wipe it out and lost during the 6 days war. The so called Palestinians already have a state - Jordan, all they need is a regime change. The West Bank is indispensable it terms of strategic, military security.
14. Silencing dissent will be Israel's end
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (07.13.11)
Abe Foxman of the ADL today expressed strong reservations about the Boycott Bill. How long will it be until the Right Wing in Israel and right wing Jews in America begin calling Abe Foxman, a man who has spent his entire life serving the Jewish people, a self hater and enemy of Israel because he had the courage to speak out against this facist bill? Israeli online media sites have thousands of monthly posts calling any Jew who voted for Obama a self hater, enemy, and traitor and write the same vile words about any Jew who is in favor of a two State solution. Friends of mine who donate to Israel are shocked at the verbal fusilage launched daily on Israeli Internet sites against the Diaspora and anyone who does not agree with the Netanyahu government. It seems that when you spend time reading dozens of the poisonous hatred directed at fellow Jews as well as Israelis who may on the Left that you realize there are few people willing to speak up and not remain silent in the increase of attempts to silence anyone who does not agree with the policies of the current Israeli government and that can only meet very bad things for the future of Israel as a democracy. There is no reason to utter vile words against other Jews because they oppose the current government in Israel or support a two State solution. Israel is making a mockery of Netanyahu's claim when he spoke before Congress that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East when other Jews are either silenced or slandered and have their character attacked and their Jewishness questioned simply because they do not agree with the policies of the Israeli government. I pray that voices of dissent are never silenced because when that happens the light unto nations that Israel was once thought to be will be nevermore.
15. The problem with the Zionist left......
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (07.13.11)
The problem with the Zionist left is that they are lazy. Simply to write an article in English is not enough. The remnants of the Labor Party must roll up their sleeves and go back to basic politics. Kiss the babies, lick the envelopes and shake the hands of the electorate. Enter areas in Israel where Labor traditionally has no chance and communicate with the voters particularly the young ones. Finally, take aliya seriously from Western countries in particular from North America in order to balance the Russian aliya which is strongly conservative. That is the way you win.
16. Avoda is more irrelevant than ever
Frank ,   Canada   (07.13.11)
There is no linkage between this law and peace.
17. Abbas says
הנביא של אור   (07.13.11)
 there will be no Jews in any new Palestinian State. When he declares, how will he get them to leave? How indeed!
18. A light unto the nations?
jerri i ,   nyc   (07.13.11)
The only way this will happen is if Israel stands alone. This is the curse or rather the blessing of Bilaam in the Torah. If Israel becomes like the other nations of the UN then it is doomed to be impotent against evil like the UN is. It will then have no reason to exist as a Jewish state. Read your history!
19. Article
Ari   (07.13.11)
Only a member of Labor or Meretz would write such an article, the premise of which is that to maintain a chance for peace that there cannot be a law passed making illegal the boycott of the State and its institutions. Stop and think about that, of what you are saying. You are arguing that for peace to have a chance there must remain the possibility to boycott the state and it's institutions to be able to realize peace with the Arabs. This is an insane argument. Not only is it factually wrong, it did not happen that way when Begin made peace with Egypt or When Rabin signed the peace agreement with Jordan, so why should the boycott of the state and it's institutions be necessary to achieve peace with the rest of the arabs? This is a very poor article, with poor reasoning, and poor logic. This is why Labor will have 0 mandates in the next Knesset, because they dont even have the intellectual capacity to reason their way through basic arguments.
20. #6 Think again...
Phil ,   Ireland   (07.13.11)
If you think England is not turning into a country like Iran, check out the growth of Islam in England.
21. Dear Mike, "uk"
G. Fränkl   (07.13.11)
Your country is actually worse. It's a dying empty shell ready to cave in in any minute and one that toiled very hard to reach the stage it's on now.
22. Ben Simon, Jewish land is not a 'bargaining chip;
Sifter   (07.13.11)
This is why Israelis are totally disillusioned with Leftist party policies. Oslo failed, concessions failed, Gaza give-back failed, it all failed. The Left failed. The Right is going through growing pains, they're behind in every way, but they are learning. One thing they do know is that Israel is not a 'bargaining chip;, nor is Israeli security 'negotiable'. The Left has crossed so many Red Lines that they no longer have any left.
23. EVERYTHING Kills the Chance for Peace
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.13.11)
24. Armistice's,s,s,but Peace ?After Messiah
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.13.11)
25. #3 you are so right at the end the truth always wins
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (07.13.11)
always remember your equivalents on the other side who are thinking the same way as you, but with a different agenda then yours, actually the complete opposite agenda of yours...but they still have the same state of mind and mentality as you..." we are right and you are wrong " at the end of the day the truth always wins as you say, and obviously the battle is fought on the basis of that " truth "... so as long as you are willing to shed blood for that " truth " there is so many people on the other side willing to shed even more blood then you for their " truth "... so have fun blood shedding while the world watches you and them destroy each other and suffer...its quiet funny actually, just like an american action movie... some jews and some muslims duking it out lol no matter how many of you both fall its not a loss to the world, its better that you guys fight and entertain us then you trying to rule the world since its on both of your agendas hehehehehe
26. Hamas is following
הנביא של אור   (07.13.11)
Hezbollah’s construct for eventual control and radical Islamic rule. All the while, Israel waits and watches, much to the detriment of the citizens of Israeli.
27. Who built? Daniel Ben Simon
vitenberg ,   Paris   (07.13.11)
Who built Maale Adumim? Who built Kiriat Arba? Who buily Maale Ephraim? Who built kibbutzim in the Gaza strip? Who built Yamit in the Sinai? And...and... Ben Simon and his partners to-day don't built anything! Poor labor party! It's no more the same party who fought and built!
28. Labor is being voted out of existence for good reason.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.14.11)
Mr. Simon doesn't get it, but Israel does. Israel is fed up with the dangerous, phony "peace process" with the P.A., which causes Israel nothing but countless maimings, murders and incalculable suffering. Judea and Samaria legally belong to Israel. We "occupy" our own land. Labor is being voted out of existence for good reason.
29. I don't think it worked, eh?
Eli ,   Newton, USA   (07.14.11)
"While late Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and his colleagues saw the territories as bargaining chips for peace..." Yeah. That worked like a charm, didn't it? Like more Jews being killed in the first 3 years after Oslo than the 10 years before it. Wow. What a successful strategy!
30. Here is the US Law
John Cone ,   USA   (07.14.11)
You obviously did not read the US law which also calls for Civil Penalties Please read the law before you write articles and opinions It is illegal to boycott Israel in the US. By the way if you want to include the Neutrality Act we can speak about that. http://www.bis.doc.gov/complianceandenforcement/antiboycottcompliance.htm
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