PA: Russia prevented statement on Jewish state recognition
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.07.11, 19:45
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1. What's the problem?
Rachel ,   US   (07.13.11)
I thought Lieberman had the inside track to Russia since he's from there. Or could it be the Russians just aren't our friends?
2. To: Rachel at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.13.11)
Contemplate the fact that the ersatz "Palestinians" are -- GASP! -- lying. I've been watching the world press all day, and the Russians have not stepped up in support of the ersatz "Palestinians," which underscores the lie. Actually, what REALLY underscores the lie is the fact that the Russians have not vehemently denied it. They've ignored it. And THAT is what speaks volumes.
3. gloating dummies....
tiki ,   belgium   (07.13.11)
If mr. Nabil Sha'ath & friends will not come to the table soon, there is a good chance that Israel will 'eat up more , if not all the (Palestinan???) lands. If you don't show up at the dinner table, there is left more for those who came.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.13.11)
If you read this, what the Palestinians are complaining of is what exactly? That were thrilled that Russia prevented the Quartet from issuing a statement that called for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. So the Palestinians want to declare a state...a 22nd Arab/Muslim state...while NOT recognizing Israel. This is fair in their eyes. Also it was left out of this article, but was in the paper yesterday, there was a second condition. That the Palestinians stop teaching in their school curriculum to the Pal children that Israel doesn't have a right to exist. So all that was wanted by the Quartet and Israel was: 1) The Pals recognize Israel and 2) The Pals stop teaching hatred of Israel to their children. Apparently those two requests were to much for the Palestinians. So much for the Settlements being an obstacle to peace. Nonsense! The peace talks fail because the true goal is to destroy Israel. Otherwise why object so strenuously to those two simple statements? CASE CLOSED
5. even if the palistinians are forced by agreement to say it--
Galutia ,   Selah   (07.13.11)
-- I would not put much stock in thier word...
6. Israel The Promised Land
pasquinel ,   london canada   (07.13.11)
Israel belongs to the jews period.2000 years ago Rome occupied Israel but it was still Israel's. This land is jewish land, a small nation, the apple of a great G_D in heaven's eye, and heathen lands can't stomach this fact. It was a loose band of Arabs' nomads that roamed Israel's not theirs and they know it. News flash .. there is no Palestine therefor go bug Jordan..lots of room there.
7. leiberman and miller
alexi   (07.13.11)
putin is like old soviet, supporting the arab terror, hezbollah, syria and iran while trading with israel. They did this with hitler which ultimately cost them 25 million lives. They don't care. Selling guns and oil is easier than setting up businesses across different sectors. Do not sell russia sensitive equipment as ehud barak will do so as he is very weak. Russian and turkey should not be sold any sensitive equipment as they then pass it onto hezbollah and hamas.
8. ISRAEL is for EVER!
Gabriel ,   Montreal   (07.13.11)
Recognise don't recognise who cares from this corrupted arab terror thugs? I know one thing for sure: 1) Israel is a jewish state and a JEWISH land. 2) Israel belong to the JEWISH nation. 3) Jewish people are here to stay 4) ISRAEL belong to the jews and JEWS only. 5) Open a sefer Thorah and read how many time it's written the words ISRAEL, Yerushalyim, and all the other cities. Go back to Jordan, that's where you belong! Am Israel Hai
9. to nr. 8.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (07.14.11)
i do not agree with you and with your ridiculous zionist ideology. go (back) to the moon yourself or beyond. the world/the earth belongs to all of us (the entire mankind).
10. Response to #4
nadya ,   CA., US   (07.14.11)
I have heard Abbas say he recognizes Israel as a state. But if they claim Israel as a Jewish State that means there is a problem on their right of return. It's just an Israeli game that is recognized by all.
mark ,   t.a. Israel   (07.14.11)
12. Nabil Shaath's LIE re OTHER Russian CLAIM
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.14.11)
This SAME spokesman also ANNOUNCED in January that Russia WILL recognise a Palestinian state WITHIN the 1967 "borders". Yet the Russian STATE-owned media reported that Russia's POSITION re recognition has NOT changed from 1988. And back then, Russia NEVER mentioned anything about 1967 "borders".
13. This is why I am embarrased to be a Russian Jew
Russian girl ,   US   (07.14.11)
14. Israel should just walk away
Creoleguy32 ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.14.11)
First the US President gives a shocking pro Hamas speech, next the UN draws a cartoon of jews as dogs, then the EU, with countries that are running full blown concentration camps in Somalia, are working with Hamas to send silly Flotillas and now these idiots will walk away from land simply because they hate jews so bad that they will not call Israel a Jewish State? How silly! Israel is giving up land but these dummies cant even say the words "jewish state?" OMG
15. #9 justice for all - you are a SEXIST MCP
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.14.11)
So you LECTURE Gabriel about ridiculous ideology. Yet you DECLARE that "the world/the earth belongs to ALL OF US (the entire MANKIND)." (my EMPHASIS) So what about the WOMEN? You are a MCP for DICTATING that the world/the earth ONLY belongs to the MEN. Such a DISGRACE to use the nick "justice for all".
16. #10 nadya - your IGNORANCE is NOT bliss
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.14.11)
Name ONE pali group that OFFICIALLY recognise Israel or its right to EXIST. Fatah does NOT recognise Israel or its right to EXIST. Hamas does NOT recognise Israel or its right to EXIST. And Arafat FAILED to change the OFFICIAL PLO Charter that calls for the DESTRUCTION of Israel despite OFFICIALLY stating that he would do so in the run-up to the Oslo Accords. Neither did Abbas AFTER he succeeded Arafat. It is CLEAR that it is NOT Israel who is playing the CON game. And who is CONNED here (hint - NOT # 4).
17. Our "Russian" foreign minister...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.14.11)
bragged that he would improve relations with Russia. Once again, it is shown that he has been successful with Russian as he has been with the rest of the world. He has failed EVERYWHERE!
18. #9 World Whatever
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.14.11)
Self-Appointed, self-anointed I don’t place any credence to your pretensions of representing the World, Nobody elected or appointed you I do agree that some the Earth belongs to you,use your 6 feet immediately, you are an utter bore
19. #10; nadya, THANKS FOR THE HELP
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.14.11)
First post #16 revealed the lie you fell for. Abbas saying this or that means nothing since Hamas who is part of the unity government has said the opposite. Both Charters (PLO, Hamas) still call for the destruction of Israel. There is "no right of return" to begin with, but part of any deal would include the Pals going to their new and first country, not Israel. That has been stated by BiBi and many others around the world. Otherwise why have a new country. That is a deal breaker, so if the Pals do not drop that demand there is nothing to talk about anyway. As I said before it's not the settlements, is it? That was the point, you helped prove it, thanks.
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