Hundreds riot in Mea Shearim after police raid
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 14.07.11, 00:12
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1. CHILLUL H'. Police show all are equal before the law
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.14.11)
2. Haredim R Out of Control: Defile the Torah
EZ ,   USA   (07.14.11)
This is turning into such a disgrace to watch these "religious" people acting like baboons when legitimate state issues are at hand (especially when the Torah says they must uphold the acceptableaw of the land: taxes are certainly acceptable). R we supposed to let the haredim run wild against the law? This is absolutely insane. These people pervert the Torah to unseen levels and literally deserve no respect. In fact, they should have all rights and privileges erased, taken away and be FORCED to serve in the ISF like everyone else. No more kid gloves: the prayers of savages like this r not heard but the damage and lawlessness they promote is CLEARLY seen. Let them move out, back to the ghettos they set up in other nations. I just don't get it: in the US we have even MORE orthodox than Israel and you would never see such open lawlessness in the streets. The haredim disgrace and shame Israel, the Torah and certainly themselves. Shame on them.
3. Transfer Mea to the PA
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodCAUSA   (07.14.11)
The ultra want it both ways. They have learned from the Pales. Creating on taxes, and getting caught is one thing. Interferring with law enforcement officers is another. In the US, it is a felony. If need be, the US can call in local police and the marines. Im sure the taxing authorities investigated this thoroughly..and received permission to raid the locations and seize assets. Lets see, some dont work, and those who do, sometimes cheat. Others refuse military servicxe and send their wives to work in religious activity.Which is the most dangerous 5th column...Abbas or these people? Land swap: keep the settlementsand transfer these Mea to the PA. Hmmm, how would the Pales tax authorities view non-compliance and insurrection?
4. OMG!!
kapriza ,   tsafon   (07.14.11)
What on earth is going on in this state of ours?? Everyone who is busted breaking the law goes on a community rampage! What would happen if they just didn't break the law??? What a novel idea!
5. Pay your
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (07.14.11)
tax or go back to Broklin!. The Haredim act like mafia in Israel.
6. Newark,LA,Crown Heights...Mea Shearim
leo ,   nyc   (07.14.11)
Riots in these communities over the years have a good deal in common with what takes place in Mea Shearim.. All the so- called "oppressed" people believe they have a right to disobey the law, Unless the law is enforced equally, Mea Shearim will end up just like Watts several decades ago...
7. Hypocrites!
Eric ,   Toronto   (07.14.11)
These faredim are supposedly religious people observing God's laws. But stealing from the state is not counted as a sin! Such hypocrites!
8. Command and Control
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (07.14.11)
There must be an agreed upon command and control structure covering all parts of the Holy City. People must realise that the Police have teeth.
9. haredim, or the art of making instant garbage
Shaul   (07.14.11)
the haredim are at it again. Their march for destruction has no relevancy; time, reason, mood, incitement , all play important role in their lives. This time, tax evasion, resisting arrest, rioting, property damage, burn, destroy, --- just like the islamic thugs do. They do it because it's in their koran, haredim do it because it's in the bible..
10. important correction
observer   (07.14.11)
The idea that they are going after the Sicarii can only be a good thing for the entire haredi cimmunity. However, it should have been made clear that the Sicarii are not part of the Eda Haredit group. On the contrary, they are blood-enemies. The Sicarii are an autonomous group that are more extreme than the Neture Karta, who consider themselves independent of the Eida. The Sicarii formed as a group because they were unhappy with the thought of being responsible even to Neture Karta. These facts are widely available and should have been integrated into the article.
JOE   (07.14.11)
12. Proper Rule of Law
Israeli grandma   (07.14.11)
Israeli police and our government appeared for a long time to treat Mea Shearim as ex territorialis. It is correct procedure to make sure that the laws of the land are applied to everyone equally. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but thats how a modern state is run. Mea Shearim has felt itself above normal laws for too long. Also the physical violence used by some of the Haredim against their own people and wilful destruction of municipal property would not be tolerated by the police in Tel Aviv or Haifa either
13. Israel joining Arab spring ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.14.11)
It seems that the bolshevik government of Israel who are determined to crush any scent of religion are determined to start a holy war and imitate the chaos and destruction of the Arab revolutions underway.
14. #13 - still using the word Bolshevik?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv (not in FL)   (07.14.11)
Really? Do you have any idea of how many religious cops there re in Israel, cops in high positions? Bolshevik? Like Netanyahua and Lieberman? Can I have some of whatever you are smoking?
15. Marcel Florida
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.14.11)
Marcel... why you hate ISrael so much? If you hate us, why read a Israeli paper? You that much of a loser? Get a life man.... Stay Spain... sorry FLorida... land taken in conquest from Spain and the real Native Americans.
16. Potential oleh beware
Ruru ,   New Zealand   (07.14.11)
The Israeli government targets the easy marks - and YOU as a new arrival and stranger ARE that easy mark - you will be eaten alive "with salt" as the Hebrew has it... You have been warned!
17. "police's long reach?"
nadav ,   tlv   (07.14.11)
Yes, it is called the LAW of the Land, to which your Torah impels you to abide! If you live in Israel, you pay taxes, period. Get a job and serve in the military and take your case to court rather than attacking fellow Jews in the streets! fanatics!
18. Israel's black mark
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.11)
To describe these people as religious Jew's, simply defiles the definition, of a good Jew. Their behavior is violent and destructive. They damage the good name of Israel and Judaism. They provide encouragement to our detractors and enemies, by acting as zealots and fanatics. Rather than earning the title of "Ultra-religious", they have earned the title of hooligan. These outlaws need to be punished and their social services stopped. Why should our tax dollars go to providing subsistence to criminals? Enough is enough already!
19. Thank you number 13
I haven't had such a good laugh in a long, long time. You do realize, I assume, that the Bolsheviks were Russian leftists and that the government of Israel is overwhelming right and centrist, and that the left is almost powerless. Let me clue you in: the haredim are no better than the Palestinians, both have the destruction of the State of Israel on their agenda. Go to,7340,L-3352392,00.html, where you can find a picture of one of them kissing Ahmadinejad at the Holocaust denial conference.
20. #16 Ruru New Zealand - You've been
Yossi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.14.11)
eating too much salt with your wheetbix and don't realise that you're now an absolute nut! Kiwi living in Israel
21. Israeli version of taliban is here!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (07.14.11)
It all started very sweetly. Let us pray..we will pray whole day to have mercy and success for our land of Israel. Then they stop working, and with our duddle doo economy we have to support them and their bunch of kids who will have another bunch of kids who will not work, then they do not want to serve in army, they do not believe in independence day or memorial day. Whole Israel stands on siren and they walk like nothing happened. Then they don't want any secular buying house in their society areas, otherwise they are throwing rocks and throwing lit petrol bottles in their houses, then they started having trouble in their own community (Sephardic / Ashkenazi etc. just like shia/sunni) to treat everyone equal, they they are bringing their discrimination in schools (eg. Emanual), then they say that they don't recognize law of the state of Israel - they recognize law of tora and on the name of tora they started cheating by not paying taxes and stealing our tax money by not working etc., then they oppose all those who wants to work on Saturday and do strike/riots in front of those companies burning tyres, breaking cars and street lights. Then a women can not marry or divorce in civilized way without their permission. Then they separate buses and road for men and women. Women does not get any higher posts as only men are allowed, then they want to bring a law for a man to be allowed to marry more than one women...What's happening?? Hey don't worry this just a jewish version of Taliban in only democratic country in Middle east.
22. Haredim
ray ,   zurich /Israel   (07.14.11)
So again they riot ,pour oil on the streets and burn waste bins. Answer.. Walk away and let them clean up their own mess or else live in it. These religious fanatics are a shame to their religion and to Israel
23. Bnei Brak next, please
Glen ,   tel aviv   (07.14.11)
24. Police are wrong to target Haredim
Akiva ,   boston USA   (07.14.11)
The police regularly target the ultra-Orthodox due to their overt hatred of this group. They are prejudice and wrong!
25. #24 Akiva what a distorted view you have from Boston
Haim ,   TA not Boston   (07.14.11)
What total nonsense, the police were there to investigate tax frauds , it is their duty to carry out the law and here in Israel everyone is bound by the law. Do you think that throwing a rock at a police mans head is a fair response ?This could have resluted in death. They are nothing but a bunch of lawless parasites who obviously have to much time on their hands. Do you see other segments of the population behaving in such a manner ? Most of us are at work, paying taxes , its our money that funds this so called life style of theirs. Events in Israel are not your concern so spare us the lectures from the comfort of your arm chair.
26. Religious tax evaders?
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.14.11)
Acting very nonreligious when it comes to paying taxes and violent attacks on the police. If I didn't know better I'd say they were acting like muslims...
27. to #9 and what is going on?
Julia Fridman ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.11)
NOTHING in the Torah says for us to act like this anywhere! It says that the laws of the land must be observed. they feel that since Israel's law is not Torah law they don't have to obey it. However the funniest thing of it is that our law IS Torah based, every single democratic country's code of law is based in the Torah.
28. Such a deal, maybe I should begin another
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.14.11)
'religious' group so I may break the law and blame the Torah? ( then, I could be in the company of Jeremiah Wright, Obama's 'advisor', Iran's superman mullah, and the Saudis, of course ) Such power over the law, proclaim your 'religious' and act like a thug... Nothing new under the sun. Except for one thing, when did Israel replace the Levite priests for these hoods?
29. charedi are not supposed to be haughty or arrogent
acording to the torah, show some humility pplease. just becoz you allthink you are the only rightoues ones living in eretz Israel, dont give you the right to act like haughty self rightoeus should be more pious please. thank you, some manners
30. Haredi riots
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.20.11)
Would the Haredis have dared to riot against the Turkish rulers of the land or even the British ?.
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