Did Israeli hacker abuse 100 US girls?
Eli Senyor
Published: 14.07.11, 20:42
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1. Hmmmm
Gili ,   TLV   (07.14.11)
Considering they extradite him... he'll be potentially looking at some serious prison time in the US on charges of rape, basically. I'd be seriously, I mean seriously worried if I was this guy, Not only will he not see the light of day for a good decade and a half... but he could potentially be... how should i put this... well... physically violated... ahem... regularly. Yikes!! :-O
2. Israeli security still delivers the fastest
Ana'L Fury ,   Berlin Germany   (07.14.11)
this is not good infact its a jizzbom. the security around this needs rectally reaming. id expect more pissflapability from the police in future fistments.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.14.11)
I agree with you Gili, and I hope it goes exactly that way, for this blackmailing scum. He'll get to to speak...just what these poor girls had to go through. These lowlifes love the control they have, over they consider to be the helpless. Well the chickens have come home to roost.
4. Great. This is all we need. Now Jews look like pervs
EZ ,   USA   (07.14.11)
I wonder if idiots like this take even a second to think about the fuel they provide to Jew haters...even a SECOND. What a disgusting human being. Deport his backside and let the Americans deal with him. In the meantime, damage control is in order lest another suicide bomber strike to "dispose of perverted Jews". Oy Vey: what a world!
5. Hey perv, Bubba's waiting for you to be his b---ch
Shem Tov ,   USA   (07.14.11)
USA jails serve some function.
6. Want to wait until he physically does it?
Robert ,   NY USA   (07.14.11)
That would be in Israel then, to Jewish girls with physical contact. Like all the covering up for Levi Aron nut case. What sect are these morons?
7. Let him get what he deserves...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.14.11)
But what were such photos doing on the girls' computers? Where were the girls' parents? A personal computer with an Internet connection is a highly vulnerable object, even with firewalls and any other protection you can install.
8. US Justice Dept
Massiv 'Rection ,   Distended Anoose   (07.14.11)
Fairly understandable the inditement here is clearly a big load thats been shotacross someone's face... diagonally.
9. to #7 why were the pictures on the computers?
chava ,   yerushalayim   (07.15.11)
Maybe the pictures weren't on the computers. In a different case, someone put pictures that had been photoshopped on facebook. The pictures weren't real, but the people who saw them didn't know that. The young woman had to quit her job and move.
10. The Partly Free Press in Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.15.11)
Imagine all the things that are not "cleared for publication".
11. Extradited?
Josh Ebert ,   Chicago USA   (07.15.11)
The man is an Israeli citizen and the actions took place over the internet, what gives the US the legal authority to demand his extradition? Am I missing something? He should be tried by the Israeli legal system!
12. To #4 it won't affect anything
John ,   Alaska   (07.15.11)
anti-Semites will still hate you and still make up blood-libels against you, this won't affect that. As a parent I can say that I don't care about his ethno-religious background - all I care is that the %$#@ abused girls. I disapprove of prisoner-on-prisoner violence. It is not and should not be considered part of the legal system. I would be satisfied if they gave him 100 consecutive life terms in solitary confinement. 4 walls and nothing else until he dies. No tv/radio/anything. Just locked away until he is dead.
13. Get rid of him, we don't need people like that in Israel.
Nisk Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.11)
14. Indecent pictures
Moriah ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.15.11)
The only thing that really strikes me about this story is that the man has such an easy time finding embarrassing photos of girls as young as 12. Children should not be stashing nude photographs of themselves on their computers (or anywhere). I hope they learned a lesson.
15. This guy is in big trouble.
Devorah   (07.15.11)
Blackmail and conspiracy to distribute child pornography just for starters. I do wonder if it was exclusively U.S. girls. If there were minor girls from other countries as well, my guess is that Interpol will be hanging on this creep like a cheap suit.
16. to #7 photos
kapriza ,   tsafon   (07.15.11)
And so what if there were such photos on HER computer? That's nobody's business but hers. It sounds like you would be blaming the young rape victim for wearing a short skirt.
17. Perverts in Israel
Daromi ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.11)
Deport this pervert to the USA and let him face the music. He's not going to like US jails with 300lb seriously violent perps named Bubba who are going to show him a really good time. What is with all this breakdown in Jewish morality lately? Or is it just coming to light? On the other hand, where were the parents? If I had a 12 year old girl her computer would be set up that she could not enter chat rooms and other such sites. Too many crazy predators in Cyberspace.
18. #1, #3, #5
Tahl   (07.15.11)
As much as I'd love to see this scum jailed and punished, we must remember that it is the state's duty, and ONLY the state's duty to punish a criminal. There should be no "outsourcing" of punishment to other inmates. Morally - when you take away a person's freedom and ability to protect himself, it is your responsibility to provide him his needed protection. Moreover, since when are prison inmates, in charge of meting out justice? Who knows what they've done to deserve a place in the slammer. They could be just as ruthless, vile and cruel, if not more. Why then, let them enjoy? Why let them have the sensation of serving the 'good' side? I bet the victim who was hurt by a certain prisoner, hardly takes comfort in the fact that that his assailant sodomized another prisoner. Plus, who knows? Perhaps this sicko that is sent to jail here, would be a rapist and not a raper?
19. Israeli Law Allows Extradition of Citizens Only When...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.11)
... the country to which he is extradited agrees that the extraditee will serve any prison sentence on Israeli soil in an Israeli prison. No such agreement is in place, and a special precedent-setting agreement being made for this man is highly unlikely.
20. trade him for J Pollard
Lemmings Hotline ,   San Diego   (07.15.11)
21. 18
Gili ,   Tel Avivi   (07.15.11)
What are you talking about? Your post is jumbled and unreadable. Try to learn grammar a bit better.
22. To #10: This from the country that has the Patriot Act!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.15.11)
WOW! What a nerve you've got! Waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay, Extraordinary Rendition and all the CIA goodies "cleared for publication" with thick black lines through the "sensitive material". Clean up you own mess and then come to Israel to see a really free press that has brought down a number of governments in Israel's short history!
23. Both sides are idiots !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.15.11)
The girls: (underage and not parent supervised or advised) for putting pictures on the computer. People - you must learn that the computer is not a game to be taken lightly. Think responsibility ! The hacker : also stupid if he thought he could get away with this nonsense. He obviously has some sex issues.
24. Maybe the man is the one being blackmailed
w ,   s   (07.15.11)
25. The problem with the US Laws is that ...
george ,   Canada   (07.15.11)
The problem with the US Laws is that even a minor is subject to prosecution just for possessing a sexual photo of him/herself, and even a more serious crime if he/she ever showed it to anyone.
26. To #23 you're half right
John ,   Alaska   (07.15.11)
The girls were foolish (as kids can be assumed to be), and their parents were likely clueless. But the sick %$#@ that did this was not merely stupid; he was _evil_. He has forfeited his right to exist in this world.
27. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.16.11)
I say no.... Israel should not extradite a Jew to be raped by a black man named Bubba in some prison that serves as a factory for gays...
28. Sarah B
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.17.11)
Is it ever possible for you to make a comment that isn't racist? Not likely. I believe that every bone in your body is filled with racism for anyone who isn't Jewish. You always prove it with your vile comments such as this one.
29. Typical Israeli
IRAN#1   (07.18.11)
Now a group of American Patrtiots are going to circulate ads and tell American girls to stay away from perverted Jewish man :)
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