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Netanyahu against probe of leftists
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 15.07.11, 01:01
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1. Israel is a good investment, no doubt.
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.14.11)
2. As an Israeli citizen I demand to know if LEFTIST
David ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.14.11)
are getting there funding from terrorist organizations! Period!
3. Bibi what is with you more weakness?
John Cone ,   USA   (07.14.11)
Everyone knows the United States Government and the EU government pours money into these NGO groups to change government policy why are you protecting them?
4. what ever happened to "no one is above the law"??
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh, Israel   (07.15.11)
oh, I'm sorry - that's reserved for the Rabbis. the LEFT gets special privileges
mark ,   T.a. Israel   (07.15.11)
6. A Democracy or a Dictatorship?
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (07.15.11)
A citizen has the right to criticize the policies of their government without being threatened with fines, jail sentences, and being tarred and feathered as the enemy. In America we are allowed to lambast the President and the policies of our government and there are even some deluded people who blamed 911 on America but none of them were fined or threatened with jail or law suits. A Democracy has to be strong enough to allow dissent and expressing ones dissatisfaction with the policies of their government is what democracy is all about. When you take away or delegitimize this right you only serve to weaken your democracy and delegitimize Israel. What has made Israel so special was its ability to tolerate ALL forms of peaceful protest, but now the right wing wants to silence and criminalize anyone who does not march in lockstep with their views and this a disgrace and NOT what Israel's founders believed in and it is surely NOT what Judiasm is all about.
7. I like Bibi, but...
Reuven   (07.15.11)
he's wrong on these two measures.
8. Stooge for Piece Now. Leftists breed gloabl discontent
Jae ,   Israel   (07.15.11)
and BDS against the lone Jewish state in a world of 57 muslim states. Shame on the spinelessness of Bibi. I hope Beiteinu grabs some Likud MKs and blossoms to 25 seats Plus, in the next elections
9. appeasing left on funding
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (07.15.11)
Mistake. If USA officials checked Obama's election funding, they' might find out that Muslims put him in power.
10. #6
Sam weinstein ,   Usa   (07.15.11)
No one says that your right to critzize should be stopped, but foreign goverment funded directed NGO and groups paid to change Israeli policy is not democracy. The left has foreign goverment funded groups not the Right. Do you really want foreign goverments running Israeli policy.
11. investigatewhere the leftists are getting their money !
rachel ,   usa   (07.15.11)
12. #6 Mark, sorry friend ur wrong on this one...
Rostislav ,   Israel   (07.15.11)
Everything you have said can be true if the reality was different. The extreme left is not just another "opinion", its gone far from that, too far for any reasonable country can accept, The left is being accursed of giving away intelligence information to enemy including private information of soldiers&commanders in the IDF, We have knesset member (mk.zoabi) who was on board the illegal flotilla boat that tried to brake the legal blockade on gaza, theres much more.. On top of that, Ynet have uncovered that the extreme left organization does recive funds that are traced to IRAN! nothing less! I'm sorry but the left organizations have crossed all the red lines and are creating too big of a damage to israel. how arab money funds the left,ynet:,7340,L-4011914,00.html
13. #2- what about radical rightist groups???
cohen ,   Israel   (07.15.11)
or is it just fine when radical settlers attack and abuse IDF officers and soldiers??????????????? when we will have special comity for that??? ho, i forgot- in current Israel we only witch hunt the left- the right is immune from that....
14. #6 Hear, hear! Well said!
keren ,   tzafon, Israel   (07.15.11)
15. Benjamin Netanyahu
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.15.11)
His speech in the USA before Congress was utterly inspiring. He made me so proud to be an Israeli and a Jew. I used to hear that Bibi was a "snake", a man who could not be trusted, a man who would take the shortest possible route in order to remainy in power, a man who would, without blinking, betray his colleagues, a man without a conscience, a man who would give up anything, including his solemn word, to keep up his popularity with the international community, especially the USA.. Now, I know, what I was told before, what I did not wish to believe, was the truth.
16. Look quick you just saw the true colors of Big Brother (BB)
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (07.15.11)
While doing everything he can to destroy the lives of Yehudim in the land of their own name, from the first land of the first Jew in Hebron to voting over&over&over&over again to destroy the lives of ~10000 Jews and 22 Torah learning centers and beyound, this act too shows BB in his true light.
17. An outsider but Agree with PM
hoogstra ,   london canada   (07.15.11)
If you have a total parliament control of laws,then you have what your neighbours have are above that. Let your justices play out and reasonable belief is you will be blessed. You will have Devine direction. David did. Pray for yhe peace of Jerusalem the city of the Great King.
18. BB is Wrong!
babawawa ,   new york, usa   (07.15.11)
Financial contributions must be revealed. No wonder the left is frightened - they are bankrolled by Eurotrash Jew killers and Islamists.
19. Why not Bibi?
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (07.15.11)
Who are you protecting? Investigate these leftist scumbags & prosecute them.
20. Yesterday...
Mike ,   Rehovot,Israel   (07.15.11)
You were singing your praise for Bibi,saying hpw proud you were of him and his recent performance in the USA, when he was up against Obama.Today suddenly you change your tune and downgrade him based on his decision not to investigate left wing funding.Do you really not understand what Bibi understands ,that whats good for the goose is good for the gander?
21. To # 15 and my post marked "yesterday"
Mike ,   Rehovot, Israel   (07.15.11)
............forgot to mention on the original post to #15.
22. #19
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.15.11)
Trouble is Bibi knows that if you investigate "leftist scumbag" then you have to investigate all the other scumbags across the political spectrum. Scumbags dont just prefer one specific political leaning you know!
23. Anti-boycott law and Bibi
Nir ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.11)
Bibi is not a stupid guy. The courts have, probably, a list of charges against him. Lauder knows it, and some people in US know it. He simply does not want to get into jail/ What is worse: kissing Abbas or Arafat or doing time in jail. I believe Olmert made the decision and Bibi made too.
24. Israel's gov't has become an Arab regime
shadi arabica ,   GAZA   (07.15.11)
all arab regimes are notorious for curbing freedom of expression , jailing and torturing anti-regime activists. I advice Bibi's gov't to ask arab league to allow Israel to become the league's 23rd country .
25. #6 Your notion of "democracy"is naive...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.15.11)
...not to say blind and very unwise. Hitler was put in power under "democracy";your beloved America is going down the drain because of the same notion. If we lived in a world of Justice(True Justice)and honored,sane men,then we could eventually apply such notion of "democracy",but that's not the case. Nowadays,intelligence and good sense must be combined with such notion,lest we go down the drain also,and such drain ,in our case, case is called "palestinians" or "palestine"and all their evil derivatives. Jews shall never forget our History-detail by detail,and that's the notion that must drive us and no other,being that called 'democracy"or what ever else.
26. Leftwing groups
Ali ,   Scot'   (07.15.11)
Will fight to protect the freedoms of anyone including Right-wing fanatics. Lefties believe in equality and law.It would not be possible to have a government without an opposition to stop it from running amock . The right wing as dubious sources of finance,could Israel have built all these settlements contrary to peace without dubious money.It matters not where the money is coming from whither it be the UK or Arabia it does however matter where the money is going and if it goes to protect the helpless who cares?
27. To Scot
John cone ,   USA   (07.15.11)
Left wingers In Israel are fanatics who value everyones rights except people who disagree with them. They hate the very idea of Israel as a Jewish State and are my opinion anti Semites. The scots and the Brits and the Irish are the greatest anti Semites. I find there are people who are Iranian more tolerant than the Scots Brits and Irish.
28. "Democracy has firm pillars."
sk ,   USA   (07.15.11)
Israel is not a democracy; it's an oligarchy. Anyway, in the US, senators have veto power over high court appointees. Does that mean the US is not democratic?
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