Gaza gets new luxury hotel
Ronny Shaked
Published: 18.07.11, 14:19
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1. Attract western tourists ?
Haim ,   TA   (07.18.11)
Well first they face arrest at Ben Gurion for the horrendous crime of wanting to to Palestine, then when they get to Gaza they are likely to be kidnapped at the very least, i wonder does holiday insurnace cover that ?
2. New Zionist propaganda for Hamas.
Palestinian Fahman   (07.18.11)
3. The absurdity of Gaza
Cameron ,   USA   (07.18.11)
The opening of luxury hotels amid fanatical militants.
4. they build hotels. this proves that we are not apartheid!!!
eli ,   USA   (07.18.11)
they build hotels. this proves that we are not apartheid!!! we are not apartheid! we are not occupiers!!! it's them, they are building hotels!!!!!!
5. Halo, is that the TOURISM section?!
Michelle   (07.18.11)
6. Why not! They deserve what we deserve!
YOAV ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.11)
Did you forget that they are human being and they deserve to enjoy life and line on freedom and dignity. This is what we the jews belive in. All people have the right to live free. I wish all the luck and I hope oneday I will be visiting Gaza.
7. #1 - after all, Hamas IS at war with Israel
William ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
and Israel is not obligated to allow passengers to traverse its sovereign territory for travel to a closed military zone, run by terrorists. I believe Holland didn't allow visitors to pass through on their way to support Nazi Germany, either. But the latter part of your post is correct. Just smile and know your kidnapping is justified and part of the poor oppressed Gazan mentality of victimhood - it's not their fault.
8. 5 Star pile of rubble soon
BH ,   Iowa   (07.19.11)
if hamas terrorists don't behave.
9. What a joke!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.19.11)
I'm sure this is what all the international aid paid for.
10. Who in their right mind would go on vacation there?
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (07.19.11)
11. I thought they were all starving to death
zionist forever   (07.19.11)
Luxury shopping malls Water parks Luxury hotels All these flotilla organisers are telling us how the Gazans are all starving to death as a result of the blockade. There must be money around somewhere if they can build all this stuff and afford to go to the malls and water parks. Considering how many billions are donated by the international community every year and that doesn't even include the funding of individual projects we are expected to believe the PA is broke and doesn't have the money to pay its employees. The PA is like UNRWA, they inflate the scale of problems to encourage the international community to get out their credit cards. How many members of the PA top brass send their children to public schools or have trouble paying the rent? We want to get the palestinians talking like adults then the solution is for the international community to start showing tough love. Cut off the donations .. money talks loudest.
12. Activists have to be acomodated or they'd go elswhere (L O L
Au.   (07.19.11)
it's for that pro-Pali activists, you know how they were complaining that Israeli authorities didn't provide a bus with central cooling system... They have to be acomodated, or they'd go in North Korea to protest against regime ( R O F L )
13. Luxury Hotel in Gaza
Bernhardt ,   Toronto Canada   (07.19.11)
Who in their right mind names a(n) hotel Moby Dick? .. Yep ,... I got married at Moby's Dick . Nice ring to it ,what?
14. They better not use the Hotel for snipers
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.20.11)
It sure make a big target
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