3 rockets hit western Negev overnight
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 17.07.11, 09:02
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1. Now what?
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.17.11)
Israel has tried many different responses, but none worked. Why don't you try with rockets sent back towards Gaza with no precise guiding, just that they hit whatever they hit. And in exactly the same number. In that case even BBC will not be able to find something against you.
2. Why DENY that the IDF retaliated?
Adina Kutnicki, ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
This is an Orwellian nightmare.While the enemy rockets our citizens for years !, the IDF is tasked to 'retaliate' and mostly at empty!buildings. Moreover, EVERY national leadership has a moral obligation to protect its citizens.The fact that an enemy population pays the price for their leadership's terror is a fact of war. Our leaders should man up, stop bloviating and destroy them-once and for all! It is us or them, or don't they recognize such a calculus?
3. I guess Israel will be immune till September
observer ,   Egypt   (07.17.11)
no injures or damage reported, in spite of the great number of rockets fired at Israel.
4. @3 Nothing will change in September.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.17.11)
They still won't be able to hit the broad side of a barn.
5. why are rockets launched?
IlanaB   (07.17.11)
I wonder why the Gazans launch rockets to Israel's civilian towns? What is the purpose? Thank goodness we have more open spaces than not, and although there are not enough bomb shelters, there are a lot. I have one luckily.
6. Au contraire, John #1
Chaim ,   Sweden   (07.17.11)
You are wrong, John. They will claim that palestinian rockets are legitimate means for freedom fight, where as Israeli rockets are state terrorism, expressions of old testamental vengeism. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
7. New Defense Minister Needed
Brod ,   USA   (07.17.11)
The PM needs to appoint a new Defense Minister who can do the job of defending Israel from external attacks. If the PM fails to do this, then he fails to defend Israel from external aggressions. The people should demand that their country defends the nation from rocket attacks. It is time to shout for action!
8. What is Bibi and Barak waiting for
Zev ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
For a rocket to hit a school bus or nursery? There must be a response that will make it not worthwhile for the Gazans to launch rockets against Israeli towns.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.17.11)
The IDF always admits when it retaliates, so when they deny this specific attack, what does it mean? For those who wonder, it means that a Hamas rocket landed in their own territory or they had a "work accident", i.e. one of their explosive labs or rocket factories blew up. At some point Israel will have to do more, right here is the Israeli policy according to the article: "In the past weeks the army's policy has been to strike targets in the Strip in response to each rocket fired at Israel, avoiding a large-scale operation for now." The problem with that strategy, which Israel has done for years, it gets the world public used to a tit-for-tat war. Then when Israel ups the game, they get accused of "disproportional use of force". As silly as it sounds that is what happens. This policy has the unintended consequence of reenforcing that incorrect world view. In the real world of war, to win, you use overwhelming force to utterly defeat an enemy. If this was a battle between any other two peoples that is what would happen, and nobody would question the morality of it.
10. Some very interesting reading:
Moragh   (07.17.11)
Isaiah 29 vs.5-8 (Good News Bible): Jerusalem, all the foreigners who attack you will be blown away like dust, and their terrifying armies will fly away like straw. Suddenly and unexpectedly the Lord Almighty will rescue you with violent thunderstorms and earthquakes. He will send tempests and raging fire; then all the armies of the nation attacking the City of God's alter, all their weapons and equipment - everything - will vanish like a dream. Like something imagined in the night. All the nations that assemble to attack Jerusalem will be like a starving man who dreams he is eating and wakes up hungry, or a man dying of thirst who dreams he is drinking and awakens with a dry throat.
11. meir
meir   (07.18.11)
why don't you make it costly for them to shoot the rockets they want you to hit them hard to inflame world opinion please oblige them - the world will be against Israel whatever Israel does your first priority is to look after yourself nb : send all the Pal lovers who have come from overseas to these areas
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