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Lieberman: PM backed Tibi but not us
Ronen Medzini
Published: 17.07.11, 10:52
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1. Liberman the knesset clown
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (07.17.11)
Left wing terror groups, gee i must be carefull in the supermarket you never know they might take customers hostage or something. Thanks for the warning , the public must be on guard. Actually talking of funding, how is the criminal investigation going in to Libermans unexplained millions ?
2. Netanyahu is afraid of the Left.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.17.11)
But, just as appeasement won't work with our unfriendly neighbors, it won't work with the Left. Netanyahu is making no friends. The Left makes a lot of noise, all the howling should not be interpreted as popular support nor will it translate into votes. The PM should have the courage of his convictions the way Lieberman does. Fine, the Left & their media collaborators will mount a loud & vicious campaign of lies, slanders, & misrepresentations. Let them. Times have changed & fewer people listen to the shrill demagoguery of the Left. The PM is a skilled orator - he can easily defend himself, a tough stand will only make him more popular.
3. When senior coalition partner shows some sense
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.17.11)
Lieberman needs to learn to not spout every thought that comes to his mind. If he had not stated that this was aimed at a specific group, but rather than he wanted to set up a probe to investigate the funding and the agendas of NGOs working in Israel this would have been fine. This would have meant looking at both right and left wing NGOs and even Magen David Adom. But by making this an attack on one side of the equation he makes this look like a witch hunt or a McCarthy era investigation and looses a lot of backing. Phrased the other way he could have gotten the Arab minority in the Knesset to back it as it would investigate settlers, Seculars would back it as it would investigate religious extremism, and the Likud could have backed it as it would be looking at the right.
4. Did BIBI say
Israeli 2   (07.17.11)
Nonetheless, we must act moderately, cautiously and wisely in regards to the steps we take." ? Why? and did he say "We don't need investigations at the Knesset, we don't need investigative committees," ? Why?
5. # 3 To Eric
Jules   (07.17.11)
Eric, this is not "McCarthy era investigation". What is needed is "pest control". A soldier cannot effectively defend the country when fleas are distracting him all the time.
6. Lieberman:
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.17.11)
Please bring down Bibi's gov't, so we can elect you as PM! Your coalition loyalty, as honourable as it may be, is achieving nothing aside from earning you slaps in your face. Your loyalty is not being reciprocated. You have the support of the people, even those who may disagree with some of your policies, because you are a man of integrity, and you stand by your voters. Bibi is broadly seen a sell-out now, while Livni is seen a spiteful laughing stock. Barak....irrelevant. You will be the next PM, and I believe now is the time for you to save the country from the rest of the gang of traitorous, self-serving failures.
7. Investigate the left
Ian ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
Lieberman made a political mistake. He showed his fascist colors instead of simply asking to investigate parties which break the law or work against the interests of the state of Israel. We do need to guard democracy, but also defend it from being cynically used to hurt the country. You need to be fair bout both, not fascist political witchhunting.
8. Liberman go home (or to jail)!!!
Adam ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
9. Liberman is a facist who everyone hate!!!
Israeli ,   ISRAEL   (07.17.11)
Bibi tell him you don't give a damn about what he thinks!!! we want israel to be free again!!!
10. Is something going to happen?....
smells ,   il   (07.17.11)
that you keep trying to distract us with these monkeys' politicians businesses?
11. Want Israel to be free again!
Solomon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.11)
What a dumb thing to say.
12. Leiberman for PM....he is not scared to tell the truth!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
13. # 7,8 & 9 - Sickening
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.17.11)
It is vary painful to watch and listen when Israelis are "snitching" on their own, releasing stories, photographs and videos, whether of the settlers or soldiers defending the state and the Jewish people, in order to discredit them in the eyes of the world. To resort calling a fellow Jew a fascist and "go home" is a moral decay and it shows that the so called left in the name of democracy, is willing to discredit anyone in their blind hatred toward people, who are passionate about Israel. It seams that they conveniently forgot the horror caused by the fascist to the Jews in Europe and the deafening silence from the rest of the world. What a shame!
14. We USED to be only "law-abiding democracy in the MidEast."
Moshe ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
Those days are long gone. We are no longer "law-abiding." We are a Soviet-style, oppressive, civil rights-violating state. G-d save us.
15. i when i said your home i ment your home in israel
israeli to # 13 ,   ISRAEL   (07.17.11)
i have the full right to demand my goverment to stand firm against anti- democratic resolutions!!! thank you.
16. Nwtanyahu ,the Manchurian
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.17.11)
The useful idiots who support the phony right wing Netanyahu have been given hint after hint that their man is a tool of Israel's enemies. He's protecting them.
17. Those who oppose the settlements...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.17.11)
are neither "enemies of Israel" nor "self-hating Jews." Quite the opposite. They obviously love our country far, far more than Lieberman and settlers and they are the TRUE Jews. Judaism does not teach racism, criminality, and oppression.
18. Looks like all we've got left is Glenn Beck !!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.17.11)
19. Cautioness is one thing...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.17.11)
...terror and subversive investigation in the country is another. What Bibi is saying is RIDICULOUS. His obligation is to protect Israel from insidious evil and not to please "internationals". Please stop with this bs already because it is getting dangerously old! Show you are a man of only one face and not many,Bibi,because you were elected to play with only one -and correct- face!
20. Why you call teror organizations "left-wing"?
Nir ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.11)
Some Left-wingers even serve in IDF and don't advocate to avoid the IDF. Many have jobs and do not receive money for participating in their activities.
21. Democracy is......
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (07.17.11)
only as strong as it citizens. It means not only majority rule but minority rights. If someone in the minority violates the law then the state has a right to take action. But to simply throw a net out to see what you can catch among leftist (or rightist) gadflys is wrong. I do believe Lieberman is a thug and has no idea what it means to live in a modern democratic society. It is time PM Netanyahu fire him and replace him with the Kadima Party to develop a national government that represents the sane side of Israel.
22. Don't forget where Liberman comes from!
Eric ,   Toronto   (07.17.11)
He has Russian mentality, or even Soviet mentality. Liberties don't really count as long as the state is secured. Bibi was right not to back him!
23. #9
James ,   Herzeliya   (07.17.11)
What an immature comment. Typical of the extreme left. If I do not agree with you, you start calling us names.
24. Moshe #14
Herzerlian ,   Herzeliya   (07.17.11)
Are we a Soviet-style, oppressive, civil rights-violating state? What have you been smoking? There is no limit to the absurdities of the left. How can someone take you seriously? Actually, I find your statement pathetic.
25. #2 Terry: No, Netanyahu is afraid of making decisions!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.17.11)
His biggest fear is that one day he will no longer be Prime Minister! However, while the left is a hugely destructive force and wages constant hate campaigns against our country, it is time to take a good look at the right as well. The actions of the right, spitting on our soldiers, cursing our officers and defying the laws of the Knesset only divide us even more. Their violence against the Arabs and Jews fuels the fires of hatred against Israel and they play right into the hand s of our enemies, both within and without. This said, Israel is a democracy and the Likud is the party that managed to form a coalition by getting intro bed with the radical right and the Ultra-Orthodox. Therefore the present Government is the elected government of the State of Israel and the majority of voters in Israel supported and still support them. Many of us realize that in the eyes of a very hostile world Israel has become a "pariah" state facing boycotts by people who buy our goods, fund research projects in our universities and even try to block our lecturers from visiting academic institutions abroad. The UK is a good example. This is the price we pay for standing by our principles. However, as the saying goes "its good to be right but better to be wise" and this is something that is totally lacking in the country. Mnay fail to see that Israel can survive without the territories but the territories cannot survive without Israel. Once Israel could count on almost blind support from the United States but with Obama paying lip service to "Israel's security" and then giving us the finger those days are gone and Israel has never been so isolated as it is today. The bottom line is that there is no leadership and by right wing intolerance and left wing waging a war against Israel, well the ship is sinking and someone forgot to lower the lifeboats.
26. #15
Solomon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.11)
So what!! Don't WE have the right to protect Israel from destructive leftists?
27. #25 David, Karmiel - Israel
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.17.11)
Indeed, Netanyahu has a well-deserved reputation as being weak under pressure. He is a politician, not shaking the boat is his first instinct. I would ask you if you saw the latest poll results re: Palestinian Arabs done by Greenberg for The Israel Project. If you have not, I suggest you do so. The ship is not sinking, our democracy (such as it is) is doing just fine, we are not sinking into fascism, & we are not a pariah state. You give too much credance to left-wing hysteria. We have many problems, no denying, & quite a few enemies but a little backbone is in order. And, please, read the poll results I mentioned.
28. # 4 Did BIBI say
17. July 2011   (07.17.11)
I think Bibi has to start tip-toeing. He's in trouble, he knows it, and he's scared. Truth to tell, he is a huge disappointment and it's now time to let Lieberman, the only one with guts as I see it, have his say. Time for Lieberman to take over. I can smell the arabs doin' it in their pants now. They're scared of Lieberman. Time for someone with some guts!
29. # 21 NS, Long Island, NY
Moragh   (07.17.11)
Democracy is "the art in telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip."
30. Bibi thinks hes being prudent and wise
Jack ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
allow for transparency for ALL sides. that should solve the leftist problems.
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