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Lieberman: PM backed Tibi but not us
Ronen Medzini
Published: 17.07.11, 10:52
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31. Bibi is no Begin
Rachel ,   US   (07.17.11)
32. # 9 Israeli, Israel
The Lady   (07.17.11)
And I believe that, right now, only Lieberman can save Israel. Bibi, unfortunately, has turned into a SCARED crow. He will never be able to save Israel. Unfortuntely, Bibi cannot even save himself anymore!
33. For BiBi
Moragh   (07.17.11)
O Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
34. #1 explain
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.11)
Here is a list of facts. Show me they are wrong, or explain why you do not support Lieberman. Hamas calls for the extermination of all Jews, launched thousands of rockets at the children of Sderot and kidnapped Gilad Shalit. In a desperate attempt to free Shalit, the Leftist government of Olmert/Barak launched "Cast Lead". In "Cast Lead" the IDF managed to have few Israeli losses and an unheard of ratio of 2 dead Hamas to 1 dead civilian (in similar fights, the Americans and British kill 4 civilians for each combatant). Despite this, Olmert and Barak had to stop "Cast Lead" while Shalit was still prisoner because Israeli groups spread lies, delegitimizing the IDF and Israel. Why don't you want to know who pays these Israelis? If it is their honest opinion, that is one thing, but what if they took money from Iran to lie? Why don't you want to know?
35. 27 @ Terry
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
Once again, thanks for your sanity Terry.
36. 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
Whoa, you dont speak for everyone. nope, not everyone hates Lieberman.
37. Left/Right - enough already
mba ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
Why are Jews so self-hating? No one really listens to the other side. The right blames the left for all of Israel's problems, yet the left hasn't been in control for years. Really, Olmert and Barak are leftist? Get real. They don't want a strong and secure Israel? And lieberman? He has had some plans worthwhile but his obsession with wiping out the left at all costs is way out of line. If he has evidence of wrongdoing by the leftist organizations (or any organization) he should go to the shin bet, police, mossad, or whomever. We already have laws and groups to investigate any and all allegations. No need to trample on the rights of citizens at every corner.
38. Leiberman is right but...
Segal ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
diplomatically stupid.
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