Lebanese women travel to Syria to support Assad
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.07.11, 19:00
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1. Don't know whether to laugh or cry...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.17.11)
The arab world is officially insane. Not that the rest of the world is sane, but the arab world is way beyond any hope of a rational solution.
2. I am certain Hez has nothing to do with this. What a joke!
Cynic ,   USA   (07.17.11)
3. sponsering the trip
Ali ,   Tehran, Iran   (07.17.11)
Who do think is sponsering this beauty trip? Syria with money recieved from Iranian mulla Khemenai. Both Assad and Khemenai may burn in hell sid by side to Komainei. Ali (theran)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.17.11)
Since both Syria and Hezbollah are heavily backed by Iran, one could even say, mercenaries for, or lackeys of Iran. How long do these Western dressed women think it will be before the "Morality Police" of Iran will be in Syria and Lebanon? So I hope they are having fun being used, and those tears of happiness keep flowing. Because soon they will be tears of tyranny, when the Mullahs of Iran transport their "morality" to Syria and Lebanon. Hamas already has them in Gaza. Who do you think is next?
5. I wish those women do something for women in Iran
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (07.17.11)
...but they will not!!! They support a man,the same man that take s away women freedom and dignity;i guess Pink Arab Revolution is far away from them.time waist
6. expertise
tiki ,   belgium   (07.17.11)
There are people who are "experts in ALWAYS choosing the wrong side of a conflict.
7. Lebanese women
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.17.11)
These Lebanese women know what side their bread is buttered on, and who the winner will be!
8. They came to show support for Assad!
Barak Yur ,   Israel   (07.17.11)
That shows their moral standards. They support a dictator that is butchering his own people, well done!
9. Maybe its a zionist honey trap
zionist forever   (07.17.11)
The zionist entity is paying all these women to come over and distract Assad long enough for the opposition to oust him. Then again some women are just attracted to men with power, even the ones who are on the verge of loosing it.
10. #7 Bussed in by Hezbollah
Cara ,   US   (07.17.11)
A meal ticket to show solidarity with the government that shoots men, women and children in the back. If Assad falls, they could be next.
11. Sponcered by Nasarullah?
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
12. Ah Lebanon, how pathetic you've become
Cameron   (07.18.11)
Nothing but a wretched shadow of a state.
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