Rabbi: Café chain used me as model
Meirav Crystal
Published: 27.07.11, 14:30
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1. Wouldn't an apology be enough?
David ,   Hartford   (07.27.11)
I guess not. Not while some easy money is ripe for the picking. Rabbi, if you are such a good man, and from what I read, you are, why take them to court? Accept an apology and be done with it. If the firm has to lay off several employees to pay this judgement, are their hardships really equal to the 'damage' you received? I think not. Your reputation is not harmed.
2. where in the Torah of Moses is coffee kosher?
observer ,   Egypt   (07.27.11)
3. #1
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.11)
Uh, no actually, it is a copyright violation. Nobody or no business has the right to use someone else's picture, photo, music etc. for their gain without strict permission. Doesn't matter if it is for kosher coffee or kosher sex. Read about copyright law and then get back with an intelligent response.
4. Bringing the cafe chain to court...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.27.11)
is cheap publicity for them.
5. By law you cannot use a photo of someone without permission
Viviane Nathan ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.11)
The rabbi has a case. And I hope he will win it. I am not religious. I have nothing to do with religious people . I am only defending what the rabbi did because nobody can use anyone photo for commercial purposes unless they have a model release signed but the subject of the photograph. It is good to know that.
6. #2 Coffee is a major part of the Torah
Adam ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.11)
Coffee is explicitly mentioned in the exodus from egypt when God took the Jews out of with a "Nes"
7. To #1
Because he's hareidi he has to turn the other cheek? They did him an injustice, he is in his right's to sue them , so why shouldn't he? Anybody would and it would be acceptable but just because he's hareidi people think he's greedy. Such a double standrad.
8. #3
Chodesh Av   (07.28.11)
Terrific response. Well said. Some, specially in so called religious circles will do anything to slur Chabad, but it won't help. They are superb. Not so kosher sour grapes, maybe? Welcome to the month of Av, Rabbi(s). I would have thought you'd support him. Just goes to show.
9. The coffee chain should immediately offer
Chodesh Aviva   (07.28.11)
to donate the amount to charity. I am not a rabbi and I would be disgusted to appear on anything as gross as facebook. Arrogant over confident and ruthless firms need to be taught a lesson.
10. It's about privacy
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.28.11)
nobody has the right to use your picture for any reason without your consent . Be it a unknown person or a well known one .
11. #10 David
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
The "Chain" intentionally used his photo without bothering to obtain a "Photo Release" which is required by law, even in America Don't conjecture about the laying off of employees, they knew exactly what they were doing, they were just too cheap to pay a modeling fee, as any legitimate firm should have done What do you mean his "Reputation wasn't harmed", it would be like your jumping the turnstiel in the Subway and saying that "the subway was still there" Their use of his photo was theft by deception What would you say if they took a picture of your daughter or wife and they posted it on a porn site ?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
You've outdone yourself They didn't have coffee in Moses' day Anymore dumb questions ?
13. #4 Ora
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
Would your attitude be as generous if you photo was used commercially without your being compensated for it's use? A "Photo Release" is always required, that's the Law
14. Using the Coffee Chains own standards
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
Anybody wanting a FREE cup of coffee is allowed to take one without question, and so that he can enjoy it to the utmost, he gets a donut to go along with it Photo release forms are readily available, the cheapskates should have use one What they did was "Theft of Services, by deception"
15. I recall a similar story
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
Circumstances were slightly different, food wasn't the subject matter Chabad Lubavitch in Brooklyn, discovered that a Hebrew Christian Pamphlet from Long Island, was using a photo of one Chabad's members in their publication Chabad sued, received big bucks in compensation, I believe it was around $200,000 Needless to say, that Missionary outfit never tried to repeat their deception again
16. #8 Adam - I did some checking
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
They named a coffee for the occasion, it's an American Brand NEScafe Available in a lot of Makalets and most Supermarkets
17. Chabad Zionist movement?
Pinchas ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.11)
You can detect a Leftist journalist when they make up terminology and labels that fit into their narrow world-view. It's like saying, the Peace Now Socialist Movement etc. Chabad is a Religious movement that is pro-Israel, pro-settlement, pro-aliyah, as a natural expression of how they understand Jewish Law, but adding Zionist to Chabad is a gross mis-representation of what the group is.
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