Iceland against Israel
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 18.07.11, 18:13
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1. Obviously Mossad has to do the "Volcano-trick" again?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.18.11)
2. Historically, nations in ecenomic trouble, turn anti-Semitic
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
3. Who cares about Iceland?
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (07.18.11)
Frigid little shithole country where people still believe in trolls and fairies. We don't need their goodwill.
4. Iceland is also growing potatoes and ..
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (07.18.11)
bananas !
5. Boycott volcanic ash and unprounceable place names
ilan ,   Ariel   (07.18.11)
6. Just Neutral Europeans doing what they do best
k ,   US   (07.18.11)
and that is appeasing the enemy, and sucking up to the strong side, just doing what they do best, I hope these countries get what they deserve one day, that is my dream
7. We in the USA need to know such things. I wanted to visit
Dan ,   USA   (07.18.11)
that country but now I will not.
8. Icerael relations
Joe ,   London, UK   (07.18.11)
I assume you all know that the President of Iceland is married of course, to an israeli....Perhaps Ms.Dorrit Mussaioff could put in a 'good word', unless of course she has no interest in her own country...
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (07.18.11)
Screw them and the frozen horse they rode in on .
10. Iceland + Hamass = True
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.18.11)
With their icelandic childish behaviour , Iceland put itself on the side, at the same side as hamass, hizbolla and other islamic terrorists groups. Hopefully Iceland will receive the islamic terrorist members when they leave the gaza strip and the west bank. Sure the terrorists will find many icelandic females to marry. Iceland actually need the money which has been received from humanitarian organisations and put into hamass' pockets.
11. Icelands attitude towards Israel.
Daniel Klein ,   Annandale, USA   (07.18.11)
Perhaps Iceland should have the Palestinians immigrate to Iceland, that should make them all happy.
12. Giving Israel the cold shoulder before melting into the sea.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.18.11)
What climate change is bringing to the world.
13. Iceland against Israel
joe ,   uk   (07.18.11)
Maybe Iceland getting money from the Palestinians to help them with the lost of tens of billions of dollars and as for Skarphedinsson he is what is country is
14. against Israel
Niss ,   uk   (07.18.11)
Iceland and the world should ask themselves what do the Palestinians contributed & contribute to the world and what did and does Israel contribute or the world lives in denial
16. Not Iceland for long
Lioness ,   israel   (07.18.11)
17. I am waiting for ....
berlonski ,   berlin   (07.18.11)
... Mr. Gerstenfeld's article about anti-semitism in Andorra.
18. I love Island :)
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (07.18.11)
19. Eating rotten fish...
Hansje   (07.18.11)
Yes this happens to people who are eating rotten fish. No kidding. It's called Hakarl, a shark lais in the ground for some monyhs to rotten and ferment. Please Google!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.18.11)
Iceland needs Arab money. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
RL ,   Toronto,canada   (07.18.11)
They must have a large muslim population, they are probably afraid of muslim reprisals if they are pro-israel
22. Gregg,I despise socialist irreligious anti-Israel secularism
American Sabrah   (07.18.11)
And the countries that foment such anti Semitic tripe which is the entirety of EU (which I affectionately refer them as P-U). I feel much safer and more secure living in the Jewish state of Israel :-)
23. Yep... one more example of how Israel is doing "fine"
... per Hanoch Daum's 7/15/11 Opinion column http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4095771,00.html Of course the right-wing will just add Iceland to the ever growing list of "anti-Israel" states, including Norway, Sweden, Netherllands, Spain, Italy, Australia, NZ, etc, etc - and attribute it all to "anti--Semitism".... .... thereby absolving themselves of any responsbility for the UNPRECEDENTED wave of anti-Israel views currently sweeping the globe. Sure - these nations just instinctively hate Jews, especially in Iceland. Couldn't have anything to do with the right-wing's aggressive settlement policy however? Or perhaps Lieberman's superior diplomacy? Reality was that during Labor rule from the 1950's up until 1995, Israel was widely admired in much of the world. (On the eve of his assassination, Rabin had successfully expanded Israel relations with the Gulf States, Morocco - and even Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim state - not to speak of Israel's traditional allies) Under the current gang of thugs, Israel is daily growing into an isolated fortress ghetto - which, according to the heredim and right wing, is just "fine".
24. Iceland
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.18.11)
What can one say about a country whose national dish is the puffin? That totally adorable-looking bird. Only a monster could eat a puffin.
25. Iceland, Ireland, Pauperland...
ANDY   (07.18.11)
the bankrupt holy alliance... Which created havoc in Europe... Let them mass emigrate to Arab Lands...
26. #1 and #5 - LOL!!!
Cyndi Schwartz ,   Israel   (07.18.11)
Thanks for the good laughs!
27. Poor Europe
Eli ,   USA   (07.18.11)
They first bent over to the Muslims against Israel thinking they would make lots of money. Then the Arabs all migrated to their countries in the Millions while they have 8-10 babies. White Europe only have 1-2 babies. Then the Mohamedites rape and marry the beautiful White European women. Now Europe is waking up to a Mosque on every corner, calls for Jihad everywhere, they can't even draw a funny cartoon picture without getting murdered, they live in total fear. They should of read the Bible where it says "I will bless them that Bless the Jews and curse those who curse the Jews' That volcano eruption and their downfall economy was no accident. Notice how Germany which has strong ties to Israel is the richest country in Europe, they learned the hard way. It's not to late Iceland, we Jews are a peaceful forgiving people ask Germany.
28. So now, even the Icelanders are antisemitic....
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (07.18.11)
Along with the Germans, Americans, French, Dutch, Indians, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanians,...the list is endless according to the writer. Next on his list will be the Mongolians, Taiwanese and Maldivians. Perhaps the Icelanders are in good company, or at least don't believe that 'antisemitism' naturally equals an abhorrence of Israeli policies.
29. Iceland = Bankrupt, Frozen, Treeless Nonplace with Bad Food
Elliott ,   London, UK   (07.18.11)
I should know, I have been there!
30. Why is everone against the Palefaced Inbreds from the North?
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (07.18.11)
It is not their fault that 6 months of almost continuous light followed by 6months of continuous dark has driven them crazy.
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