French flotilla boat en route to Gaza
Published: 18.07.11, 21:07
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1. Boat Flying the French Flag
Aharon   (07.18.11)
I guess this signals that they will surrender, which should make the IDF's job easier and uneventful. It even seemed like the "activists" were surrendering in their interview.
2. shame on Amira!
IlanaB   (07.18.11)
3. row row row your boat
zionist forever   (07.18.11)
That little thing is never going to reach Gaza. I am sure it will proove very easy to disable and once the passengers have been put on the first flight home the navy can use their little boat for target practise.
4. "..we don't want to go during the night"
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.18.11)
Watch out! They're hoping to dash in during the night. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. the sign should read free Israel from this nonsense
DOV ,   USA   (07.18.11)
6. Who' s Samira Ass?
Yossef fm France   (07.18.11)
7. What a bunch of morons.
Zoe ,   LA USA   (07.18.11)
8. should peace, love delivered to Gaza also via Ashdod?
observer ,   Egypt   (07.18.11)
9. Flop-tilla just went pathetic
Richard ,   Ankara   (07.19.11)
The flotilla was a flop from the beginning, and now, its left-overs just went pathetic. Let the Egyptian coast guard arrest these pitiful fools, and let's see how they like the inside of an Alexandria och Port Said prison.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.19.11)
They sure aren't getting thru with the boat
11. Getting rid of advert
Geoff ,   UK   (07.19.11)
Does anyone know how to get rid of the advert that appears on the right-hand side of the page and prevents me from reading the article?
12. BESANCENOT "LE PERV" abandoned ship...
ANDY   (07.19.11)
and flew back to France !... What courage ! what sacrifice ! The ex-candidate to French presidency and the ex-spokesman of the radical left has become a laughing stock : LE PERV !
13. "Message of love"
Felix ,   Cairo   (07.19.11)
The Gazan population, home from shopping in the mall, and eating kebab and watching football in caf├ęs couldn't care less about the "message of love" from the moronic boat people.
14. God bless Amira hass
Abdalla   (07.19.11)
15. what to do with yacht
david ,   new york   (07.19.11)
confiscate the yacht, sell it on ebay and give procedes to victims of terror
16. La Franz Dingy
pasquinel ,   london canada   (07.19.11)
On board is a well respected Canadian..a Montreal Canadian at that This is the province that threatens to separate at any given time. . Corriveau is a Teamster so beware, this man knows how to negotiate. I am so proud a teamster is there to represent how all of us in Canada feels Israeli legal naval blockade. Please don't lock him up for 7 years, as that would cause an international incident. Thank you for your understanding ...p.
17. Caution
pasquinel ,   london.canada   (07.19.11)
One quebecois teamster on board... be wary IDF. Do not slap in face with glove. Sputter sputter fizzle fizzle this is the end of this years floatizzle.
HAL TRIPP ,   LA PAZ, BOLIVIA   (07.19.11)
19. Stop that vessel exactly how Greece did it.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.19.11)
If you don't, the others will come one by one, with each one giving Greece a fraudulent destination. Arrest the captain too and charge him. Impound the boat. They should be dealt with politely and professionally but more severely than Greece dealt with them because they have actually reached your doorstep. Number of boats and passengers have nothing to do with it. Either the blockade is legal or illegal. There is no in between. Throw the passengers in jail like the flytilla and make them pay for their fare back home.
20. The passengers will be very comfortable in jail.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.19.11)
21. Introduce these terrorists to the Megido Jail
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.19.11)
Then deport them to the West Bank and let them go ome through Jordan.
22. Observer from Egypt #8
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.19.11)
Actually Observer... you cousins... your fellow Egyptians should recieve everything from Egyot... food, medical, electricity and water... we pulled out... they ARE Egyptians RIGHT!!??
23. Haaretz should be sued
David ,   On this planet   (07.19.11)
for having a terrorist supporter on their payroll.In reality all of them are traitors
24. #8 - they can deliver that via Internet
William ,   Israel   (07.19.11)
which might be a better use of their time. Nah, they have nothing better to do, no jobs, no elderly hippies. I wonder if they know how to use the Internet.
25. Send them to Syria
DavidM ,   USA   (07.19.11)
The passengers on this boat say they support freedom. They should be sent to Syria to get a taste of the Assad brothers version of freedom. It is no coincidence that they will not protest tyranny in Syria, Libya, Cuba, Sudan or anywhere else but Israel.
26. "Peace and love"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.19.11)
Well, isn't that just the very first thing that pops into your mind when contemplating Hamas and the ersatz "Palestinians." Because Qassam missiles just ooze "peace and love," don't they? Amira Hass should be stripped of her citizenship. She can express all the "peace and love" she wants from beautiful, downtown Gaza City. Rats belong in sewers.
27. If They Believe in Peace, Then Obey the Law
Dallas ,   Canada   (07.19.11)
Remember the LAW??
28. Please, give Amira a break
Marco ,   Spain   (07.19.11)
She is going to Gaza to search for real estate to move back there from Ramallah.
29. Amira, the turncoat
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.19.11)
How on earth Ha'aretz can keep this woman who has never written anything but pro-Arab has always been a puzzle to me. She should be banned just like the Arab MK who travels to visit our enemies.
30. Hass means "hate" in German...
Just sayin'   (07.19.11)
Just sayin'
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