Navy stops French flotilla ship
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.07.11, 12:58
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1. Some people get their HIGH this way.
Israeli 2   (07.19.11)
2. the mostly Jewish 'diehards that nobody is interested in
tiki ,   belgium   (07.19.11)
For the Israeli's they are 'traitors, for the Palestinians they are 'Israeli's & Jews and for the rest of us they are the 'ultimate idiots. They don't want to bring, do, say anything (not needed), they just want to 'proof a point to 'themselves.
3. Hopes...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.19.11)
So Feiler (do you read this as failure?) hopes that Israel learned the lessons of the former flotilla. It seems to me that he did not learn any lessons, so he must have one.
4. Sail to Syria, hypocrites!
Tahl   (07.19.11)
It is a known fact that there is absolutely NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Gaza's markets are overflowing with fresh foods, luxury cars roam the streets, more and more fancy restaurants are opened, and recently they even opened a new resort on the sea. From the beginning of the year, less than 20 Gazans were killed by Israel - all armed terrorists, most of them getting killed as response to rocket attacks to Israeli towns. While on the same time in Syria, president Assad butchered close to 2000 of his own citizens. So, which of these two peoples, really needs external help? But of course, Feiler & co. would never sail to Syria. After all, protesting for "human rights" is no fun and not as sexy, when Israel is not the bad guy. And they also know very well that unlike the humane IDF - the Syrian army would have no problems whatsoever putting a bullet in their heads. I hope the world media wouldn't buy into this crap this time around.
issy HASS ,   R'anana-Israel   (07.19.11)
6. I thought the people in Syria need help. Why don't they sail
Annie   (07.19.11)
to the ports of Syria who are being slaughtered daily by their Muslim authorities.
7. Lied to the Greeks & broke the law they will learn Karma
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.19.11)
Having lied to the Greeks about their destination being Alexandria and breaking the law in Greece in trying to leave, and now trying to break a Internationally Recognized Legal Blockade they will learn what Karma means
8. Yes, we know about Syria but they won't let us in to take ph
CNNBBC   (07.19.11)
so here we got bad Israel god Hamas our permanent motto. it's just humanitarian aid, and we know that their virtue is total. so pleas ignure the GUNS, GUNS, GUNS WE WON'T TAKE GAZA'S HOBBY AWAY.
9. Poor secular Jews have empty lives.
Eli ,   Gilo   (07.19.11)
Their purpose in life and only pleasure is to harm and upset Israel and Jews in general. These self-hating Jews are the worst anti-Semites in the world.
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.19.11)
any way and using any force you deem appropriate!
11. starting with bang ending in a sputter
Golan ,   modiin   (07.19.11)
this flotilla thing is getting more and more pathetic.
12. Swedish news agency TT manipulates reporting
Fredrik ,   Stockholm   (07.19.11)
The Swedish news agency TT manipulates the reporting on this story to Swedish media, because they sympathize with the activists and hate Israel. TT even edited the quote from Danny Ayalon, and took out the part where he says Ship to Gaza is breaking international maritime law by trying to sail to Hamas-ruled Gaza. 99% of the dispatches from TT contain claims favorable to the anti-Israel activists, while 1%, at most, could be viewed as neutral. TT SHOULD BE BANNED FROM REPORTING FROM ISRAEL.
13. Let them pass
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (07.19.11)
What is Israel afraid of? Look around you. The so called Arab countries are breaking up. Let the Palestinians live with dignity and Israel will be the first to benefit from it.
Lauren Booth ,   UK   (07.19.11)
new shopping malls, theme parks AN Olimpic pool and resort hotels. Not shabby for an area supposedly being strangled by an Israeli naval embargo. As for humanitarian aid, Israel transfers 5,000-6,000 tons of humanitarian supplies per day to Gaza.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.19.11)
Were down to yachts with 16 people and no supplies trying illegally enter a country? What a joke. But at least we see how foolish these people appear. Nobody really cares except a small cult of maniacs.
16. #13-Haider
sami ,   turkey   (07.19.11)
If Israel lets any of a boat to Gaza then Iranian,Syrian,Lebanese and all the other countries which are supporting terror groups,will start to send rockets,bombs,rifles etc.And guess what Hamas is going to do with them.Please read the objective history and learn what happened after Israel withdrew from Gaza.Read and learn.Put away your prejudices and reexamine the info that you hear from people or media who misguide you.
17. #9 Poor Eli hasnt got a clue
Haim ,   TA   (07.19.11)
Oh i see every secular jew who dosent agree to the fascist right wing policies of BB, Liberman , Yishai and the biggest biggot of them all MK Ben Ari,, is a traitor ? You really have swallowed the propoganda machine havent you? Well must get back to my empty life, oh if only i could be like you superior and righteous
18. Get them a falaffel& kick them in the butt on their way home
tom ,   telm aviv   (07.19.11)
PROTEST   (07.19.11)
20. Lying about destination is not a matitime crime?
Guido ,   Milano Italy   (07.19.11)
I don't know about maritime laws, but it seems to me that a captain lying about his destination should face criminal charges, lose maybe his license. So why don't start a proceeding against this first captain, if nothing else to scare all others? Otherwise - should the captain be right with his declaration of passengers taking control of the ship on high sea - this fact is even and much more serious, it is piracy. I don't say to hang its perpetrators, but to punish them as severly as international laws admit.
21. Deported?
Dan   (07.19.11)
Hopefully Amira Hass will also be deported and prohibited from entering Israel for 10 years.
22. What's the ecological footprint of Ship to Gaza?
Robert ,   Greece   (07.19.11)
An armada of 10 huge ships, initially, for only a couple of hundred people. The should be sentenced to cleaning the coast from pollution.
23. They didn't even bring some fish
John   (07.19.11)
Did they expect to be fed by Hamas or Israeli taxpayers at arrival?
24. Gaza flottilla
Dik ,   Spijkenisse Holland   (07.19.11)
well done Israeli Navy. Let these people pay for the cost made. Shalom from Holland
25. Have owners of ship post BOND!
sk ,   USA   (07.19.11)
Have the owners of the ship post bond for the full value of the ship. If the ship is used again within 10 years then the bond is confiscated. Also, shipowners must PAY full cost of the boarding operation!
26. gaza
barry ,   toronto   (07.19.11)
the islamists groups have stooped to moving weapons in baby carriages and ambulances, what makes you think they wouldn't use ships to move even bigger weapons?secondly, we just have the word of these groups that gaza is a "concentration camp"-but one the "inmates" are free to leave and free to accept nonmilitary donations.
27. feiler to jail
chanah ,   jlem, israel   (07.19.11)
reportedly on board is ex-israeli dror feiler, who smears israel in sweden. he created the "art" installation titled "snow white and the madness of..." with a picture of a suicide bomber in a pool of fake blood. since he was already banned from coming back, he should go to jail now.
28. 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.19.11)
You are becoming a pain. Go to Ha'aretz where you belong. lech kfar.
29. al-Jazeera TV crew on-board: Made for TV!
TheoMel ,   Chicago, USA   (07.19.11)
30. #13 Haider lives on a different planet!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.19.11)
Haven't you heard that Iranian arms and rockets are being smuggled into Gaza? What do you think would happen if Israel let one ship go through the blockade? Many would follow! And where do you think those rockets will end up? On southern Israeli schools and buses! Are you that stupid or do you have a different agenda? I think the second might be the answer!
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