Israeli companies discover South Sudan
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 22.07.11, 14:16
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1. Thank You South Sudan for your friendship with Israel
Moshe ,   Usa   (07.22.11)
We wish you peace & prosperity. Moshe
2. But can they compete with the Chinese?
Peter ,   DC, USA   (07.22.11)
Good luck with that one.
3. Israel has more to contribute than just about anyone
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.22.11)
Sure, China will swoop in and try to get in on infrastructure projects, but their association with the Bashir regime that for so long oppressed the South will not soon be forgotten. Israel has developed expertise in development issues affecting Africa since the Golda Meir's days. No one knows more about desert agriculture and dealing with water scarcity. It knows all about dealing with basic infrastructure, building much of what exists in Gaza and the West Bank after 1967, not to mention the work they've done in Iran, Kenya, and Nigeria, the youth villages in Rwanda, the medical facilities scattered through Sub-Saharan Africa, etc.
4. great move
BOL luak ,   Australia   (07.23.11)
That was such a positive move from Israeli officially. Israel support during our struggle was phenomenal. Military training is highly needed in our nation and also the agriculture infrastructure which will boost the country economy . hopefully we can build strong base foundation on those two thing.
5. To Peter: Better the Natural Gas Fields
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (07.22.11)
To Peter: Look, Israel needs all the friends it can get. Of course, it must give priority to countries like China, Brazil, over the Sudan. Lets not forget Germany which is now selling Israel another Dolphin Class conventional submarine..which can fire nukes There are countries and there are countries, the US is alwaysw at the top of the list and Israel's major supporter. Israel's approach towards Greece, since Turkey's foolishness..could backfire. Its involvement in Latin America became problematic, as in Africe. The Arabs will do everything possibe to separate Israel from the planet. The Sudan could be a way of reaching out to black Afriaca and black America. Sending aid is a good selling point. If Israel develops the natural gas fields..its position and strength will increase proportionally. Now that would be an accomplishment.
6. to Raymond: Israel Has Some Good News
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (07.22.11)
To Raymond: Israel at times seems lost in a blaze of news. Take for example the two flotillas. I mean who cares? Arms are smuggled through the Iran/and now Libya. With Rafah opened..who is monitering the Egyptian/Israelis agreements? Israel has some good news. For example, the natural gas fields offshore near Lebanon. (Disputed). Syria's barabaric treatment of its people, whould take any thought of returning the Golan off the table for decades. Opening up trade (more) with China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the USA, are possibilities. I would focus on Iran, Hez and Hamas..with little reporting on the Flotilla. How will Norway react now that it has been attacked by Islamists? Will it be so biased against Israel I wonder?
7. Peter @ 2, China can be a partner rather than and opponent.
leo ,   usa   (07.23.11)
Why US doesn't move in too, that is the question.
8. South Sudan
suter ,   tel aviv /israel   (07.23.11)
now its about time to send the ilegal sudanes people back to sudan
9. New phrase
Ron ,   U.S.A.   (07.23.11)
Noah I like that one "The Arabs will do everything possible to separate Israel from the planet" We can market this one. Thanks
10. 2
Rosie   (07.23.11)
No one under High Heaven can compete witht The Chinese.
11. Great move
Rachel ,   US   (07.23.11)
Maybe Israeli businesses can help create infrastructure, farming and other jobs in Sudan in order to send those in Israel back home.
12. How it should be. Israel has SOOO much to offer the world;
JC ,   Israel   (07.25.11)
medicine, agriculture, security police and defense forces, and moral comradery. Good luck to our freedom family in south sudan
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