'NZ quake victims – Mossad agents'
Published: 19.07.11, 22:46
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1. Mossad agents?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.19.11)
In New Zealand to do what, precisely? Spy on the sheep? Preposterous nonsense!
2. Israeli ambassador's denials can't fool G-d...
3. Agents don't carry 5-6 passports around with them
zionist forever   (07.19.11)
Mossad agents might have more than 1 passport but it's unlikely that a single agent would have 5-6 passports especially in a non hostile country. Agents also don't carry all their forged passports around with them, they would be stored in a safe location until the time came to use them. I am not a Mossad agent ( at least I claim i am not ) and I have two passports, a British and Israeli. The British because its gets you into more countires without the need for a visa and certainly if I am visiting the UK. The Israeli one because I am obligted to at least exit and enter Israel on th Israeli passport as I am legally an Israeli citizen. In NZ they are paranoid right now about Israeli's and think everybody is a Mossad agent.
4. And why, oh why ...
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (07.19.11)
... would Israel spy on New Zealand? Why ever?
5. Paranoid
tiki ,   belgium   (07.19.11)
The New Zealand Press 'raises suspicions about dead Israeli travelers being Mossad agents. Here comes the new 'smear hype (learned from the Arabs). A Mossad agent behind every door. Today of all days, we can all 'enjoy what the much praised high standards of press 'reports & suspicions realy mean and where they come from.
6. They were recruiting sheep for Mossad
John ,   Alaska   (07.19.11)
The sheep were going to be trained by the same agent who trained the shark!
7. Karma is a beach!
IRAN#1   (07.20.11)
It was very fishy how the other Israelis left immediately after the quake leaving their friend behind.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (07.19.11)
9. Just the first step in the investigation
Arie ,   BaGolan   (07.20.11)
By the end of the week, the NZ media - which has increased its support for al Qaeda - will claim to have proof that the Mossad and their "Jew allies" in New Zealand acttually caused the quake while testing WMDs.
10. New Zealand Mossad Agents
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (07.20.11)
NZ is surrounded by water. If they dont watch it, we'll send them some Mossad Sharks!
11. Multiple Passports
Edwin ,   Canada   (07.20.11)
You don't have to be 007 to have multiple passports. I, for example, have been offered multiple British passports by the British Embassy for various reasons, none of them clandestine, when visiting the ME. Simply fo logistical reasons. I believe I can apply for up to six, if I can justify them
12. #2 I am too!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, CA   (07.20.11)
I've got 4 passports, and you moron what say you? Am I a Mossad agent? I wish I was to take out some muzzies and their sympathizers like you imbecile!
13. NZ quake victims-Mossad spies
Shayna G ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (07.20.11)
The 4 Israelis have been cleared of being spies, The investigation concluded they were all backpackers.Ofer Mizrahi had one passport and when the other three Israelis departed New Zealand they used only their own passports.No one had anything on them indicating they might have been involved in identity theft.
14. Next Thing
yabba ,   USA   (07.20.11)
They'll say is that Israel was testing out a new zionist earthquake machine. I guess it works.
15. New Zealand is a "HOTBED" for vital info! LOL!
EZ ,   USA   (07.20.11)
WTH!? Very funny indeed. Funny about the agents being outer in '04. I mean, the the heck does NZ have that Israel would want or need to know about? How they made Lord of the Rings? NZ is one of those places where there is zero value to anything that goes on there concerning it's political spectrum. Absolute zero. How bizarre indeed
16. #7 iran
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.20.11)
Very fishy: why on earth would people, scared because of an earthquake, leave, once they know their friend is dead, they can't do anything to help (the Israeli embassy was taking care of things) and the only thing left to do is to go home. But we all know why you love fantasizing.
17. Is there anything worthwhile to spy on in NZ?
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (07.20.11)
Gimme a break! If they look a little deeper they'll find that Elvis Presley also was killed in the quake. (Which, by the way, was due to undiscovered dinosaurs trampling on the ground).
18. um...
jay ,   Australia   (07.20.11)
he had 5 passports on him dont be so naive as if sheep has anything to do with the article
19. I have 2 passports - arrest me, I'm a spy!
William ,   Israel   (07.20.11)
20.  Mossad agents'
jacques ,   nsw   (07.20.11)
ha ha ha ha ha how ridiculous the story is please the southland times NZ, should stick to local topic news, like fush and chups!!
21. Silly but still...
good memory ,   Israel   (07.20.11)
Let us then remember that just a few short years ago there was a less than pleasant situation between Israel and New Zealand when a Mossad agent was indeed arrested there. That agent was traveling on a New Zealander passport.... (yes Sarah B go ahead do the google search on that one!)
22. #2:Ignorants like spread hatred in the world
Vardina   (07.20.11)
23. Next they'll be saying the Mossad started the earthquake
Aharon   (07.20.11)
24. Not only agents of Mossad but Easter Bunny and Mickey Mouse.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.20.11)
25. What a load of bull...................
Liz   (07.20.11)
Ofer Mizrachi's friends left NZ as soon as possible to get back home to their families and to Ofer's family as soon as possible. They are STILL in pieces after what happened one of the girls is my neighbour and one can see that she is still traumatised by the experience. Golly I knew that the New Zealanders were "a bit odd"... but this beats everything.
26. They were looking for Bin Laden
Judo   (07.20.11)
It is well known that Bin Laden had a strong "preference" for sheep, so therefor where better to look for his hideout than NZ.
27. Pathetic!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.20.11)
What's with this incessant obsession with Mossad? There ARE Israelis are travelling around the world, just for the fun of it and we are not all agents. New Zealand is pretty much off the world radar - this is a lame attempt to get some attention. EVEN if they were agents, they were killed with many others - what the f**k difference does it make now - many families lost children and loved ones - that's the issue not what they did for a living.
28. Israel caused the quake!
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.11)
If you really want to know the truth, Israel caused the quake to happen; Israel always gets blamed for something so lets get blamed for the quake. I have two passports so does that mean I can belong to the Mossad.
29. Mossad
Bruce Gibbs ,   Rotorua New Zealand   (07.20.11)
Kiwi's aren't paranoid about Mossad agents we're paranoid about French agents. Kiwi's Paranoid since 1985 - Rainbow Warrior.
30. Israel didn't cause the Chch Quake
Bruce Gibbs ,   Rotorua New Zealand   (07.20.11)
Christchurch has a wizard whom we suspect of attracting divine wrath. Also conspiracy theorists feel that their are countries experimenting with earthquake producing weapons. Open minded people we kiwi's :) LOL
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