'Some people think army is yeshiva'
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 20.07.11, 14:40
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1. Ezactly ! Seperate state from religion once and for all
Haim ,   TA   (07.20.11)
You cannot and will not force religious law on non belivers end of ! Religious freedom also includes freedom from everyone elses religion. Your religious fine, have a nice life but dont , judge, slander and force religion on those who do not share your beliefs. Just take Iran as an example of forcing religion on others, killing and murdering people in the name of religion.
2. You people are nuts
Joe McDonald ,   Spartanburg,SC   (07.20.11)
Stern is Satan's plant to destroy morale and bring Hashem's wrath on Israel. Even a gentile knows that Jews are special. Too bad this clown doesn't.
3. A yo-yo country
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.20.11)
I just wrote a comment to the article on commander Nitzan Alon visiting Elyashiv. It's the same issue here: without a Constitution Israel is stuck in the inefficient dark ages. Some even think Halachic restrictions apply on a modern State, which is garbage. Religion needs to separate from the State and one Constitution should be the basis for State's law, had v'halak. Then nobody will have anything to say about women soldiers singing. We are Israelis, free people, unencumbered by superstition and hokus pokus beliefs. Without a Constitution Israel remains a yo-yo country in which nobody knows what the law is and IDF commanders need to remind us periodically that they are competing with yeshiva commanders. Let us hear for IDF commanders winning through pushing the Knesset to ratify a Constitution for the modern State Israel is purporting to be.
4. Arabs should declare peace to exacerbate this infighting
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (07.20.11)
If the Arabs declare a unilateral peace with no demands, Israel will eventual fall into a civil war. This infighting has potential more harm than all the arab conflicts and terrorist actions put together. It is so unnecessary, thoroughly taxing and threatenng to the future state of Israel.
5. as the charedim grow and enlist...
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.20.11)
the more the ultra orthodox grow, so will be the greater the strain on the IDF to accomodate them. The army is realizing that the seculars can not continue to be the sole supply of men to the army. Also they have seen that the religious men who join are capable soldiers. The problem is as more religious men join, the army must make accommodations for them and this means changes. As a father of two boys who have served and of two sons-in-laws, one who is currently in the army, I see the army being more receptive to the religious and I believe that it is good for the religious and good for the army.
6. what then when RABBI'S view would B opposit 2 the ARMY'S 1s?
nice ,   tlv   (07.20.11)
the army would surely run OUT of soldiers. or if U like , it bwould be an army WITHOUT soldiers. just imagine.
7. is there an error
ale ,   italia   (07.20.11)
'Some people think army is yeshiva'... it's uncorrect. all israelis, all settlers, and knesset too... are happy that army , and idf, are yeshivot.
stude ham   (07.20.11)
enough of their pseudo-religious strangleholds in modern day israel.
9. no Religeon no state
Elieazer Deutsch ,   Israel   (07.20.11)
The state of Israel was made in the land which was the biblical homeland of the jewish people for a reason, If you make a seculer state than you make a problem. If Israel was made in Austrailia or Africa than it wouldn't be a problem seperate religeon from state,but because the land was given for a jewish homeland it has to be Jewish
10. No. 7 ale
NYC Girl   (07.20.11)
Are you kidding me? It's obvious you don't know anything about Israelis and the fact that the majority of them aren't religious. But, of course, don't let that stop you from spewing nonsense.
11. The IDF is also not the place
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.20.11)
to promote 'co-existence' ideology, or fear policies of 'take a bullet first, shoot later'. The government's International reputation does not take priority over being Human, or the perfect and just laws of self-defense within Torah Law. The IDF leadership has made Truth and moral responsibility (which always gives priority to one's own safety) a greater enemy then suppressing the Arab enemy.
12. Seperation of army and religion
Ronnie ,   Israel   (07.20.11)
The army has to defend Israel. This is its purpose and this is its priority. Nothing must step in its way.
13. so the army wants NON-religious coertion?
jk ,   usa   (07.20.11)
In a Jewish state, someone that is religious should be able to attain the highest level possible according to his or her capabilities , while being able to do it so in a religious sensitive army. A religious soldier can only be serving in a combat unit because the elites can accommodate them there but not everywhere? Indeed, non_religious coertion
14. A Goy Would Be Better.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.20.11)
Goyim, at least, have respect for religion and religious sensitivities.
15. Religion in the IDF
Epstein ,   Antwerp. Belgium   (07.20.11)
Haim. I understand that you are a non beliver and also a non inteligent . Yechiel.
16. stern turned his back on his religion and ppl
yoni ,   tel aviv   (07.20.11)
Stern is not welcome and has no say in any religious or Jewish matter. He turned his back on his people a long time ago
17. #3 a bit of humility on your part could go much furthur
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.11)
than all that hot bogus air you blow.
18. #12 Too bad a lot of the soldiers are religious, eh?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (07.21.11)
That means they have requirements that pertain to said religion, which the military needs to accommodate to some degree if it wants to have these soldiers as willing, motivated troops that will perform well in their duties and advance in the ranks. That serves the purpose of the military - defending Israel. Because if you think you can defend Israel with demoralized soldiers who are angry about having their religious concerns ignored or crushed, you have absolutely no idea how an organization like the military functions in the first place. Neither Stern nor Zamir have a true inkling of how to include more religious soldiers, especially ultra-Orthodox. Stern believes in "religion lightest" in terms of accommodation, and Zamir wants to go back to the days when most people handling religious matters in the military were utterly clueless secular kids, because that one really worked great in the past, didn't it.
19. #14 Reuven and his respect
Haim ,   TA   (07.21.11)
I belive respect is a two way street . Religious sensativities ? Thats a joke. The religious forcing their so called life style on others , so please dont lecture about respect.
20. This General Must be Removed Immediately!
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (07.21.11)
4 Million Jews against. 450 Million Muslims surrounding Tiny Israel and this General has the nerve to question the divine presence that protects our people. This is a dangerous General for Israel, he is taking credit for our victories as though we Mortal Jews actually won the war and not by the hand of God. A soldier must refuse to serve under his command.
21. It's all good
Edgy ,   New York, USA   (07.21.11)
Reading the talkbacks one would think that religious and non-religious soldiers are fighting each other in the barracks. Nothing is further from reality. I am the proud father of a combat soldier who completed his service, another who is nearing the end of his service as a combat soldier, and a third son who will enter the army next month who is hoping to join an elite combat unit. All are volunteers and all are religious. I was and am able to observe and hear of the interaction of soldiers on all points of the religious-nonreligious spectrum. The soldiers themselves don't seem to have the same level of difficulty with the religion issue as those writing the talkbacks. The problem, to the extent there is a problem, exists in the minds of those on the margins of relevance such as former commanders and outgoing commanders and others with their own agendas. It is an insult to the IDF and its fine soldiers when outsiders project their own petty worldviews on the IDF and its soldiers. If there is a problem leave it to the players on the field to take care of; and the rest of us in the cheap seats should be seen and not heard.
22. Judaism should be the spirit of IDF and IDF needs it........
Asher ,   NY,USA   (07.21.11)
23. #3: Hey Mike
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (07.21.11)
What does commander Nitzan Alon's visit to Rabbi Elyashiv have to do with a constitution? The commander chose of his own volition to visit the rabbi. I see you'd like to relieve the sufferring Israeli people from the encumbering superstitions and hokus pocus beliefs, such as Jews having a right to take over land in the ME that they claim was theirs once upon a time . . . . (sounds like a fairy tale opening to me). Looks like you're showing how to do this all the way from California USA. Gotta' tell you bro', you sound real convincing from 10,000 miles away . . . .
24. #21 We are very proud of you and your sons. May Hashem keep
Asher ,   NY,USA   (07.21.11)
them and all the soldiers of IDF under his protection.
25. 21
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.21.11)
Bravo to you as you have the right attitude. May your sons, & all IDF soldiers be blessed & protected.
26. army not a yeshiva
Richard Sherwin ,   Herzliyah   (07.21.11)
sad but true. still, it's also not a branch of b'tselem, sad but also true. and its not a branch of the PLO..... not even of meretz or yisrael beiteinu... it's just a branch of israel. like the knesset, the supreme court, and the prison service. enjoy it..... we all serve in it, we all benefit from it, and we all in our strange ways trust and love it. it's ours.
27. Eli , by the "hand of god" ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.21.11)
Tell me , Eli [ not my "el" ] where weas this "god" during the Shoa ? Who fought in 1948 during the Independance war ? Who were the casualties ? Yes , it are the SOLDIERS , without any "divine" intervention , who won all our wars . It was not your"divine" intervention that attacked the egyptian airfields in june 1967 . And out of respect for someone , i will not say what i think about your god .
28. Edgy We need more people like you
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.22.11)
here.Thanks for your uplifting comment.
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