Israel urged to stop faking foreign passports
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.07.11, 10:13
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1. Some NZ journalists reached a new low in creative writing
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.21.11)
Presumably other intelligence agencies only use their own passports.?
2. We shouldn't have to fake passports.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.21.11)
If these dummies had a half a brain, their secret services would furnish passports to the Mossad. You have to ask whose side these morons are on, aren't we all fighting terrorism or what? They'd rather bash Israel than fight terrorism.
3. Some people have deception rooted in their DNA...
4. Agents using false passports?!! How dare they!
007 ,   Israel   (07.21.11)
5. Don't come to New Zealand
Hannah ,   New Zealand   (07.21.11)
That is if you don't want to be abused by paranoid and ignorant kiwis. The newspaper closest to the South Pole decided it had the story of the year and has vilified dead Israeli tourists to sell its pathetic newspapers. Kiwis want to believe that all Israelis are spies, so stay home or go to Thailand where they don't know or care who you are. I'm ashamed to be a kiwi this week
6. Rediculous
Lance ,   Pretoria, SA   (07.21.11)
I was with the South African BOSS(Bureau Of State Security) in the 1970s. We often issued South African special forces with bogus foreign passports before they went on corss-border raids into Angola and Rhodesia to take out a guerilla. All m intelligence contancts in Europe, America and Israel often used the same technique. Everyone in the intelligence buisness uses fake passports. Its how it works. You can show up to Dubai looking for a a Hamas Jerk with Israeli passports.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (07.21.11)
Israel does what it has to ,other countries should shut up.
8. Hypocrits !!!
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.21.11)
You are also using fake passports in your intelligence agencies - what do you think - we are stupid ?
9. Don't say things like that about Jesus.
Ira ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.21.11)
God will curse you for badmouthing Jesus and his tribe. We love our DNA. In fact, we probably discovered it! I would write more but I'm following the developments this week on our cure for pancreatic cancer.
10. Lie spread by Southland Times
John ,   NZ   (07.21.11)
Even though the NZ PM said that the Israeli who died in NZ was not connected with Israeli intelligence and did not have 5 passports as reported, the Southland Times continues to repeat its fabrication which it obviously prefers to the truth. If want to explain your displeasure to that newspaper then here is the link
11. #2
Hakim ,   Palestine   (07.21.11)
That was the funniest thing I heard all day. "Aren't we all fighting terrorism or what" LMFAO
12. #5 Hannah
Ivan ,   South Africa   (07.21.11)
You do not have to be ashamed to be a Kiwi as there are media morons in all countries. Your Prime Minister, Mr John Key, comes from a Jewish background so you have a good thinking leader and I'm sure he is doing a good job.
13. What a stupid article .Even if part of this Gossip is true
There is a breache of security on behalf of somebody at the Foreign Ministry, bul also is a breach of security on irresponsable journalism that is in a obscure campaign on tarnishing the Image of Israel, at all costs.
14. Spies using false passports?? The scandal!
Scott ,   USA   (07.21.11)
And maybe James Bond will travel under his own name in the next movie? Yeah, sure.
15. Ummm, right....
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.21.11)
This is some very creative and imaginative writing. Is Itamar Eichner practicing his suspense novel writing skills?
16. Captain Cook also had a Mossad passport when he discovered Antipodean Islands
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.11)
17. UK special forces use FAKE passports in Libya
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.21.11)
BBC - March 2011 (my EMPHASIS) : A British DIPLOMATIC TEAM, including six soldiers believed to be SAS, have been freed two days after being detained in eastern Libya. They were held after going to an agricultural compound when Libyan security guards found they were CARRYING arms, ammunition, explosives, maps and PASSPORTS FROM AT LEAST FOUR NATIONALITIES, witnesses told the BBC.
18. Ummm, Itamar...?
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (07.21.11)
Care to provide some sources for these claims? ...or are we just supposed to take your word for it...?
19. But meddling in Israel's internal politics is OK?
Tahl   (07.21.11)
So according to our Western "friends": Faking passports to fight terror = bad. Funding leftist, terror-supporting organizations in Israel to = good. Islamic terror wins twice!
20. As Usual, Israel is Held to a Double Standard
Dallas ,   Canada   (07.21.11)
Even between so-called "friendly" countries, the Jew among the nations is held to a standard higher than any other.
21. Ein breira- will have to continue
Stephen in New York   (07.21.11)
Israeli passports will not suffice.
22. Spy agencies don't have to fake them
Sam ,   Canada   (07.21.11)
They can lend them from citizens who are dual citizens.
23. How many passports was Mahmoud al-Mabhouh carrying
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.21.11)
in Dubai when he was killed? I suppose they were ALL valid, in which case some countries should be embarrassed at who claims their citizenship.
24. #11 Yes well some are fighting for terrorism.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.21.11)
TG Hakim is part of a minority.
25. Why fake them? You can use mine if you like !
Talula ,   Israel   (07.21.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.21.11)
That is what all spies do, use fake ID. Obviously you can't use Israeli passports, since they would not be allowed into any Arab countries. So as a spy, you use the tools you have to, to get the job done. Live with it. Of course what the countries (who have had their passports forged) have to do is protest it, so what. They need to appear not to approve, it's all PR games. I expect Israel to do what it has to to stop terrorism. I expect the same from the USA.
27. At least our Mossad people are trying to save the west!!!
Priorities!   (07.21.11)
democracy, and to rid planet earth of terrorist scumbags. What an ungratefull world. Mossad is a good thing!
28. "Rebuked comes because of Mabhouh hit"
William ,   Israel   (07.21.11)
Till this day, there is nothing more than suspicion that ties Israel to the assassination of Mabhouh, and NO real evidence tying Israel to forged passports. These same countries which again jump on their "holier-than-thou" moral platform remain mum when Hamas and Hizbullah terrorists, like Mabhouh, travel on a forged passport of a Western country. No recriminations come for the Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Pakistani, and many more spies and terrorists caught using Western forged passports. They ignore this trend to their own detriment.
29. #5 - interesting. The Swedish paper near the North Pole
William ,   Israel   (07.21.11)
Aftonbladt, decided it had the story of the year in 2010 by running an article on "palestinian" organ theft by Israeli troops which even the Arab family they used as the basis for the accusation denied the story.
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.21.11)
All's fair in love and war. These same anti semites are just annoyed because Israel beat them at their own terrorists protecting ways and nailed the terrorist right before their own 'protected' eyes.
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