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New: 'Segregated Facebook' for haredim
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 24.07.11, 14:35
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1. Sell it to Iran - they'd love it!
israel   (07.24.11)
I also hope that in his haste to separate men and women, Mr. Swisa didn't break any trademark laws.
2. He knows people who deteriorated spiritually?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
LOL!! Will there be virtual mikvahs? Because if so, you can be sure that Shlomo will become 'Shula' real quick, just to get a look in. Fact is, Haredim love to surf the net for sex and big boobies. They were even caught sneaking in to the computer rooms at Bar Ilan university to log on to porn sites - several times. I honestly pity them all - they have grouped together all the seculars and have labeled us as sick for dare entering Facebook where male and female profiles share the same server – SHOCK HORROR.
3. The writer has a problem with this??
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.24.11)
they're happy. Leave them alone. You dont have to join.
4. I actually think this is a bad idea
Chareidi Girl ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
Religious Jews have so much rich history and culture going for them, it actually upsets me that certain people try so hard to find "kosher" versions of everything that we just don't need in our society. What's wrong with the culture we already have? And as for you Talula, you have so much hatred for the chareidim it is obvious that it comes from the media. Answer me honestly, how many chareidim do you actually know on a personal level??? I am a chareidi girl working for a large secular company and I can't tell you how many so called anti-chareidi people have admitted that I'm the first actual chareidi they've got to know on a personal level. Instead of filling all your pores with hate, try getting to know us, not judging us by what the media spews about us. Thank you.
Chaim ,   NYC   (07.24.11)
I keep on laughing ever since i read this article, thx to whoever came up with the idea....
6. #3 You fail to see the bigger picture thicko!
Israel   (07.24.11)
7. I am all for, mutual influence...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.11)
slowly,slowly, between secular and orthodoxe societies untill we become one united Israeli society
8. The Left inner mentality exposed
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.11)
Here you have it again, the insecure, depressed, disconnected pseudo enlightened, trying to understand and analyze the behavior of the religious community. Give it up, your not capable of recognizing or understanding anything outside your miserable little dysfunctional, hypocritical world.
9. A great story,
Hazon Yeshaaya   (07.24.11)
wow! must be a true tzaddiq. that leaves all the pent up sexual energies for the mikvas; bochurs for bochurs and maidalehs for maidalehs. wonderful. just what the torah ordered. (I think). But what does Rebbi Swissa propose to do in order to fight the doresh el hameitim in Queens NY and idol worship?
10. Chareidi Girl said
Hazon Yeshaaya   (07.24.11)
"And as for you Talula, you have so much hatred for the chareidim " Of course CG, it's bad to hate anybody. But on another topic, what is chareidi about a resident of Kfar Chabad?
11. Sad, very sad
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (07.24.11)
Is being a religious Jew, mean essentially living an institutional life? A life where every move, every step, every friendship is at the whim and approval of the Rabbi. Who owns my life? Me, or the Rabbi? Men and woman are meant to interact, period. We are biologically designed to interact, and social networking is simply a tool for interaction. What happens in someones head that they feel empowered to control others lives. It is truly sad!
12. 5 Chaim,Mah Matzhik?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.11)
13. the latest from chabad
Hazon Yeshaaya   (07.24.11)
this will sure hasten the return of the rebbe and this time to rule over the state of israel and the rest of the world. boys holding hands with boys and girls pinching girls. uva letziyon goel.
14. Nobody is being forced to join
Zev ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
Not nice to make fun of others. If there are people that want this why not?
15. #4 Firstly, I utterly respect you for your comments
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
In particular, the first paragraph. You are absolutely right. Haredi Jews do, by default, live a life that is very different from a secular life. If they feel they are missing out, then don't be religious - but they shouldn't try to find 'kosher' ways to join in the fun. It doesn't work that way. Secondly, you may be surprised to learn that I grew up in a very religious home - I was given the foundations to live my life as a religious Jew but it wasn't for me, so I decided to become a wild-child at 18 years old. My family still loved me and didn't judge me for that – so why should anyone else? Also, I do know religious people. I love those that respect me and my way of life, without trying to change it and I loathe those that curse me and judge me because I don't live my life as they think I should. I agree you are not all the same, there are some more forgiving than others, but it seems to me that the loud-mouth secular haters seem to be the majority.
16. Let live
What do you all want? Everyone has to follow your secular ways! Do they monitor every corrupt website that you view? If someone has an idea that he thinks will be good for a large number of people that are interested in a "kosher website" live and let live! Who asked you to join? If your a true Torah observant Jew this new website would not bother you in the least bit! Yeah I have facebook, but I can do without alot of the garbage that pops up on my friends status's! And I would rather my teenage kids didn't have friends that post their latest pictures of themselves in all kinds of provocative positions! Are you guys also against all the kosher firewall programs?? Go get a life!
17. Say what you want about talulah - but
Kobi ,   Tel Aviv   (07.24.11)
I respect her honesty, even if she a bit hard at times. i think she bring ynet alive with her comments on the pages. Will you mary me talulah?
18. #17 : ) Thanks for the proposal...
Talula ,   Israel   (07.25.11)
but I'm going to have to say no.
19. Different strokes for different folks.
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (07.25.11)
Let them be, they're happy with their lot in life.
20. They are sooo going to get sued by Facebook!
Rafi Hecht ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.25.11)
You are not allowed to have a domain name with the name "Face" and that it's a social network. Facebook came up with that patent a while back. Let's see how long this lasts.
21. when will we stop this obsessive haredi bashing
zionist forever   (07.25.11)
Why is it the haredi are not allowed to do anything without condemnation? Whenever they do something there is always a sector of the secular population who will find some reason to condemn them for it. If they want to live in closed communities and avoid technology they are accused of being backwards. They want to embrace technology but use it in a way that fits in with their Torah observant lifestyle they are condemned for it You don't want to use Face Glat, thats fine nobody is stopping you but what gives somebody secular the right to try and dictate the way religious should run their lives? If the haredi were criticizing Facebook this article would be about how dare these people tell us how to live our lives. Seems pretty hypocritical to me where we don't like haredi telling us to do things their way but we think we can tell them to do things ours. If there is anti sematism in Israel its not coming from the arabs. It is the hatred of the religious that you get from some seculars. They dress funny and don't conform to secular norms so they should be shunned. The seculars are not a master race so give the haredi a break.
22. Ynet editors
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (07.25.11)
Puerile cowards. You've censored my comments repeatedly for fear of offending the poor, abused Haredim. Israel is going down the tubes because of people like you - and it deserves to.
23. If it wasn't for money, Haredim would separate themselves.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.26.11)
They have their own way of life and they despise us, the secular. We are a threat to their way of living. So, why don't they separate themselves and be happy in their own milieu? Of course, as citizens, they will still need to cross the street when the light turns green, pay taxes and serve like anyone else. I think the only thing that keeps them from separating is the welfare cash they receive. They don't care to live without honor.
24. Haredi bashing
Paul S. ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.26.11)
If the Haredim would stop throwing stones and screaming "Shabbos, shabbos!" and condemning every aspect of secular life as "filth", then maybe there wouldn't be so much antipathy towards them. I wake up nights in a cold sweat thinking about how they will take over Israel with their large families and hound the seculars out of the country with their insane rules enforced Taliban-style. Seculars jailed or killed for extremely mild offences? Impossible you say? Just look at Iran. They're meaner to their own than they are to their ethnic minorities. That's vicious. Who wants that in Israel?
25. #21 Zionist ill tell you when
Haim ,   TA   (07.26.11)
When they go get a job, serve in the army, pay taxes and learn to behave like human beings and stop destroying council property, dancing on remberence day, stop attacking women and forcing them to the back of buses, stop rioting and stop imposing their ife style on others . Then we`ll talk !
26. connect or separate
Miri ,   Petah Tikva   (07.26.11)
the idea of a social network is that it connect ppl, not separate groups from the rest... i dont think this can work well... we live in a connected world)
27. segregated Facebook
Laura   (08.09.11)
interesting- this is actually against human rights even Facebook should understand... is there porno on the mens site- is that why women are not allowed to join? How do they KNOW who is female or male? They DON'T- so why the sham. Another religious attempt to dictate?
28. Who did you say is intolerant??
Jeffrey ,   Bnai Brak   (08.18.11)
People here a story about an occasional story about a few "intolerant" haredim and all haredim are blamed. But if you look at some of the postings to this and other articles, you begin to wonder who really is more tolerant...
29. Faceglat
Meyer ,   Toronto Canada   (09.14.11)
What a great idea! Let's face it, FB is a great place for cruisin'! Men do it all the time. Look at some of the FB pages of some chassidics from the US and you'll find all kind of friends, who in real life wouldn't make it past the front door!. Nobody is being forced to subscribe to this service. Take it or leave it.
30. Yaakov Swisa's Contact Information
Sara ,   New York City   (10.02.11)
Hi, I'm a journalism student writing an article on Hasidim and social networking. I was wondering if the author of this article might be able to give me Mr. Swisa's contact information so that I can request an interview. Thanks.
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