Yaalon despairs of talks with Turkey
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.07.11, 18:55
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1. Cheer on Ya'alon
Rachel ,   US   (07.21.11)
Hopefully he will win this fight against grand appeaser Ehud Barak.
mark ,   t.a. israel   (07.21.11)
3. Turks
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (07.21.11)
Bring down turkish' arrogancy by lobbying Turkey out of NATO. Turkey should be suspended from NATO until stop flirting with Iran and Syria
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.21.11)
At last somebody tells the truth, and has some grapes, so to speak. The Turkish thing was never going anywhere, and if they did, they couldn't be trusted anyway. Sometimes they say keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. In this case though that isn't necessary, is it? We know what Turkey's goals are, so no need to keep them close at all.
5. he is absolutly right
Galutia ,   Selah   (07.21.11)
turkey knowingly allowed a group of thugs to be on those boats (IHH )
6. Statements meant to placate the populations
Jake ,   USA   (07.21.11)
Erdogan & Yaalon are telling the population what they want to hear, while Israel & Turkey rebuild ties. I personally think ties with Greece and Kurdistan would be better for Israel, but maybe for the time-being reconciliation is worth a try.
7. Spot on Moshe Ya'alon!
Rafi ,   US   (07.21.11)
To #3 and similar Talkbacks: don't forget - for the time being, the problem is Erdogan and his govt - NOT all Turks & Turkey. Let's not make the siutation worse than it has to be!
8. why talk
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (07.21.11)
its obvious that you cant bring back something dead turkish and israeli relationship is done even in public ground both society do not trust eachother anymore Jorge from argentina still drinking cuban coffe i see ;)
9. Enough already with the friggin'"flotilla"! Relations with
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.21.11)
Turkey have nothing to do with this banal incident and everything to do with the new direction Erdogan has chosen (supported by much of the populace). It's insulting to my (low enough) sense of intelligence!
10. #1 Cheer on Ya'alon
Moragh   (07.21.11)
Please don't overlook getting ehud barak with his fully packed suitcase transferred to Gaza. I would allow him to be dropped at the border fence on the Gaza side.
11. Time to say goodbye to Turkey!
David ,   Israeli   (07.21.11)
Turkey is an ally of Iran so any fool knows that all this acting by Erdogan is another way to trap Israel into a situation that the world can condemn Israel again for defending her people! Time for cold turkey with Turkey! \
12. Ehud Barak - another slimeball!
21/07/2011   (07.21.11)
13. Turkey
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (07.21.11)
I can feel fear from all Turks when mentioning Turkey out of NATO. In fact NATO can survive without Turkey. One day Turkey will start losing all friendly countries (USA, UK, Germany) and will gain all muslim countries (setting Turky back 300 years). Anton, we do not need Turkey anymore, we have better countries. By the way we drink mate better than coffee.
14. they basically want us to kiss their ass
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.21.11)
What else is there to say, it is the Arab way to show their superiority over us; that is the importance of our apology to them, it is our showing our second rate status to them, as if they are really something other than a big show.
15. Ya'alon statement is morally and ethically
john   (07.21.11)
Right , in the full sense in that Erdogan and his government lied and tried to deceive the whole world in the following: They have no hand with organizing the flotilla, this is a lie. They deny having direct hand with the violent IHH terror group and did nothing to stop them from boarding the Mavi Marmara ,this alone is a war crime and enough for Turkey to kicked out of NATO. And yet Turkey wants Israel to apologise? Who do they think they are?
16. Turks play a zero-sum game.
Stephen in New York   (07.21.11)
The Turkish demands were crafted in a manner designed to guarantee rejection. The Turkish government seeks conflict.
17. three cheers to moashe ya'alon!
celine woland   (07.21.11)
18. Turkey too dumb or proud to apologize to Israel
Captain Obvious ,   USA   (07.21.11)
Imagine the chaos if they took responsibility for sending their citizens into harm's way. Diplomats are not obtuse, they know they can't apologize because the people will riot. So, basically, they screwed up their relationship with Israel.
19. Islamist Turkey OUT of NATO, asap!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (07.22.11)
20. #8 anton and Jorge
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.22.11)
Israel apologized for loss of lives. And they even offered to compansate for the victims. What other apology do you need? Apology for boarding the ships will not happen. Your govermnrt sat still and let it happen. That's why they need to apologize to you and whomever lost their lives on the ship. They stopped the last one since they didn't want to get embarrassed gain. Take it or leave it. We can continue living w/o Trurkey. Can Edro continue rulling w/o bashing Israel? The answer is no. Think about this over a Turkish coffee, will you? Cuban coffee is hell a lot better than your coffee, anyway. Ma'salam
21. No one listens to Yaalon
S. Michael ,   Carversville, USA   (07.22.11)
With Lieberman at the top they are a bunch of clowns. Bibi & Barak conduct the foreign affairs of ISrael. Lieberman and Yaalon are merely paymasters for the embassies. Yaalon's opinions are as valuable as the braying of a hungry donkey.
22. cautiousness and competence
marcel   (07.22.11)
israel especially its defence minister has to be cautious as not to engage in battles that are not critical or where a win cannot be had short term without major planning. On the other hand,israel must not humiliate itself or beg for peace. Enemies will take the whole 8 yards. So an apology to erdogan is out of the question. Naturally ehud barak who is a paradox , military steeled yet weak in his decisions like olmert, cowardly. The UN vindicates israel. As far as excessive force is concerned, commandos were fighting for their lives because dumb ass barak and marom restricted them to paintball guns initially. bibi is prone to buckling and liberman and yaalon keep him steady. Its time for yaalon to swap with barak as his usefulness is over. While originally a good commando, he is a lousy land general. Ask mitzna,he'll tell you.
23. Turkey refused to accept the findings and got a 3-week
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.22.11)
postponement on the release. Way to go Israel - for the next Goldstone report. You just go ahead and call the shots and tell them what results you want to see in the report. Haven't you people wasted enough time with Erdogan? When is enough enough? Yaalon is so right! There should be no admission of liability, especially now when the findings verify that Israel acted within its right. Israel cannot possibly be expected to apologise for protecting its soldiers. Apart from apologising to Israel, Erdogan should apologise to Turks for endangering the lives of the Turks who participated in the flotilla.
24. Turkish logic
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.22.11)
Russia should apologise to Germany for killing German soldiers,when the Germans invaded their country.
25. Impossible with erdowan and fruitcake hardliners but not
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.22.11)
more normal turks who right now don't run the country.
26. Moshe Ya'alon is
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.22.11)
A MAN OF HONOR AND GUTS! I am patiently waiting for him to run for P.M. Most countries would be better off with leaders of his caliber. #6 I agree with you only on one point: "ties with Greece and Kurdistan would be better for Israel," . As for Erdogan (not necessarily the Turks) he can only dream of an apology because that's the only spot he will hear it, in dreamland!
27. Ya'Alon is correct 100%
IlanaB   (07.22.11)
American ,   Los Angeles   (07.22.11)
Apologize to the turks for defending Israel from the islamic terror?Turkish government supports Iran and hamas and did not say anything on their will to annihilate all the jews.
29. The only reason Turkey did not allow flotilla is NO appology
Moshe ,   Netanya   (07.22.11)
30. 101%
Sceptique ,   France   (07.22.11)
Before that, I thought no one could be more than 100% correct. It seems I was wrong ! Enough with Erdogan. Either the Turks apologize for their despicable attempts to embarrass an ally, or they can go to hell. Oh and by the way, Israel should officially recognise the Armenian genocide, which directly inspired Hitler, and demand that Turkey aplogise to the world and especially Armenians, of course.
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