Horror in Norway: At least 92 killed in shooting, bombing
Reuters and Ynet
Published: 23.07.11, 10:12
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1. Those who harbor the raven, risk having their eyes eaten
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (07.23.11)
Those who harbor Muslim, well, take your pick
2. so is this the
nahum514 ,   eilat   (07.23.11)
beginning of what Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi meant when he said 1) "Hundreds of Libyans will martyr in Europe" 2)"when the war moves to Europe" i guess he meant it..... Libya 1 NATO/Europe 0
3. A marriage of convenience
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.23.11)
It would not be the first time that radical Islam teamed up with far-right Nazi crazies. Was not Haj Amin al-Husseini (may his name be cursed throughout eternity) a loyal ally of Nazi Germany?
4. Europe and North America entertain Neo-Nazi
Joseph ,   Africa   (07.23.11)
In the name of free speech, North America and Europe have been entertaining Neo-nazis. They have been attacking Jews, Blacks and Arabs but no one cared. In Norway a Ghanian 15 years old boy was killed by Neo-nazis at the bus stop, in Sweden someone was shooting blacks and people did not take note. I They thought that whites are safe. It is time to ban these evil groups and eradicate them forever otherwise this will happen again. Deal with Neo-nazis the same way you deal with muslim terrorists
5. "We love death more than you love life"
Devorah   (07.23.11)
So said Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan during a U.S. Army slideshow presentation on Islam in 2007. Two years later, in 2009, he murdered 13 and wounded 29 at Ft. Hood, Texas.
6. We love life WHENEVER WE CAN
Devorah   (07.23.11)
We love life WHENEVER WE CAN. We dance and throw up a minaret or raise palm trees for the violets growing between two martyrs. We love life WHENEVER WE CAN. We steal a thread from a silk-worm to weave a sky and a fence for our journey. We open the garden gate for the jasmine to walk into the street as a beautiful day. We love life WHENEVER WE CAN. Wherever we settle we grow fast-growing plants, wherever we settle we harvest a murdered man. We blow into the flute the color of far away, of far away, we draw on the dust in the passage the neighing of a horse. And we write our names in the form of stones. Lightning brighten the night for us, brighten the night a little. We love life WHENEVER WE CAN. Mahmoud Darwish 1941-2008
7. Terror in Norway
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.23.11)
A home grown terrorist? From international press: "A 32-year-old man is connected to both the bombing and the shooting, and it's looking less likely that international terrorists were involved in the plot, The Guardian reports."
8. Norwegian massacre
Ron ,   Israel   (07.23.11)
Why do you continue to publish the rantings of the "all-knowing" self-satisfied Sarah B?
9. Why r there so few attacks in US and Europe ?
marc   (07.23.11)
terror organisations are always boasting about what they intend to do but nothing ever happens. All a terrorist has to do is buy a gun and attack a crowd of people. Its not rocket science . But it hardly ever happens. Why?
10. #3
billy   (07.23.11)
Yes , Al Quaida and the Muslim Brotherhood are defineately in bed with today's right wing Muslim-hating groups in Europe. Who do the right wing groups in Europe really hate? Why the Jews of course, not the Muslims. Therefore this attack on Norwegian citizens is actually all about ..........the Jews and Israel. On the other hand it might be about Norway. Ever thought of that?
11. deport all blond blue-eyed Arab Muslims now!
12. Mr. Stoltenberg, I have a message for you
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (07.23.11)
Don't support terrorists. Or do you think it is OK for terrorists to kill Jews but not others including your people? Don't shoot to silence. Speak against other terrorists.
13. Sarah B. off the wall as usual
Nina ,   NYC   (07.23.11)
The guy is an anti-muslim fanatic, like yourself. And wasn't it Israeli/Jewish groups meeting with the far-right from Europe?
14. Finally
Tom ,   New York , USA   (07.23.11)
After incessant diatribes against Israel , Norway finally got a taste of what Israel goes through .
15. My advice
Sean Green ,   Pasadena, USA   (07.23.11)
find those responsible and kill them. Nazi or jihadi or whoever did it. There is no fear of punishment in Norway. And deport anyone who praises it.
16. you can never do enough to appease the muslims
so don't even try. instead, side with democratic and free israel (who is fighting these same fascists) with whom you have everything that is decent, moral, and important in common. admit the truth now, later, whenever. but the sooner, the better.
17. #1,2,3
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (07.23.11)
18. Sarah @ 3, Nazis weren't 'right', they were socialists.
leo ,   usa   (07.23.11)
National-socialists to be exact.
19. the real cause
Spear   (07.23.11)
Norway supported palestinian and arab terrorism for decades, because their leftist leadeship find it a easy way to get the mostly muslim migrant vote. Now they get a taste fof their own medecine. B eit from islamist or extrreme right, I don't care. Europe should awaken to the real menace for our western civilization and throw out the invaders
20. We Love Death
Mr Dennis Hibbard ,   Whittier USA   (07.23.11)
Are these the Ones who Love the Wages of Unrighteousness? They don't know the Death by Deception is coming, HELL Eternal Torment by the Lord Most Vehement HHY created for Lucifer and his followers! Both side of the Truth need to be Told, instead of making it look like Evil is Winning!
21. Churchill said it best, "An appeaser is one . . .
Sargent Preston ,   U.S.A.   (07.23.11)
who feeds the crocodile hoping he is the one who is eaten last." Way to go Norway. Keep feeding that Muslim crocodile. You're already seeing the results,.
22. sad day for zionists israelis
finjer depe ,   europia   (07.23.11)
23. G_DS creatures murdered.
pasquinel ,   london.canada   (07.23.11)
It's still tragic with many innocent lives cut short. Rumors are the gunman is a Christian, this is highly unlikely as this is not what Christ taught. "you shall do no murder".Pray for the victoms and thier families.
24. Norway tragedy
ISSY HASS ,   Ra'anana-Israel   (07.23.11)
As an Israeli ,i feel sorry for the young people killed in Norway Norway kept silent and some time condoned the killing of innocent people in Israel at the hands of Hamas asa fair way for the occupation Norway hassent its troops to Afghanistant to fight terror,but denies this for iSRAEL ISSY
25. People young people have been murdered...
DBR ,   Israel   (07.23.11)
and the vast majority of foolish TBers here write advice and political opinions instead of condolences?! Sad very sad indeed! I sending out a prayers to the Norwegians
26. #18 another product of US education system
flabbergasted   (07.23.11)
is there no end to the idiocy spouted by Americans? Do they teach history of anywhere except USA in American schools? For goodness sake sit down with a few volumes of Churchill's ''History of WW2'' and educate yourself about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler and the ultra right wing National Socialist Party ( Nazi Party )
27. right wing neo-nazi groups
first they will come for the Muslims then they will come for the Jews. Make no mistake about it-- they are against multiculturalism. Do not think for one minute that European Jews can side with the European far right against Islamism.
28. Tom # 14 Dancing on the Roof
Nina ,   NYC   (07.23.11)
Tom wrote: "14. Finally After incessant diatribes against Israel , Norway finally got a taste of what Israel goes through ." You bitch about muslims dancing on 9/11, it sure sounds like you and your ilk are dancing on Norwegian graves. Your name is surely Moshe and not Tom.
29. World War III that President George W. Bush said started on
Rivkah   (07.23.11)
9/11/1001 is about to escalate. There will be many more Islamic attacks on Europe and America and Israel, considering what is about to happen. Alex Jones at said troops at Ft. Hood, Texas, have been told they will deploy to Libya in October-November for a ground war there. The objective is to occupy North Africa, the Middle East and the Near East. That is not going to set well with the Muslims or the Russians or the Chinese or North Koreans or a lot of other folks. US troops will be under NATO and UN commands unless the USA pulls out of NATO and the UN. This is Daniel chapter 7 and 8. A Grecian (Gentile) he-goat (UN) with a notable horn (USA) attacks a ram with two horns (Media-Persia or Iraq-Iran) with great anger (something happens to provoke that). When Iran is subdued, the notable horn (USA) breaks into four parts or nations. That means an attack on the USA by Russia and China, North Korea and other nations who object to the North African, Middle East and Near East agenda of NATO and the UN.
Mark ,   Simi Valley, CA, USA   (07.23.11)
Anyone out there who STILL believes that Islam is a "religion of peace"?
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