Norway youths discussed Palestine prior to attack
Published: 24.07.11, 08:23
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1. To the families of the murdered condolences....
Israela ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
to those injured may they have rapid healing. About their politics I do not agree with them...but I firmly believe they are entitled to their opinions. And no they should not have been murdered for them!
2. why is this relevant?
Line Singer ,   Aarhus DK/Gedera IL   (07.24.11)
Does it really matter WHAT they were discussing? Yes the killer was a right wing fanatic, the kids were left wing. So?! Stop embarrassing yourself Israel!!!
3. That's because........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.24.11)
That's because they don't understand what's happening here and Israel is viewed in their eyes as a dominating opressive state. And THAT is the fault of Israel's crappy PR and Lieberman etc etc. These kids really didn't know what they were talking about and they certainly did NOT deserve to die like that.
4. Yesh Din ve Yesh Dayan
Sam ,   Eretz Israel   (07.24.11)
5. #3 Well said!
Line Singer ,   Aarhus DK/Gedera IL   (07.24.11)
6. #1
R ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
I agree with Israela. Though I very much disagree with the politics of the victims, I wish with all my heart healing to the injured and condolences to the loved ones of the victims. What have terrorists achieved in the world? Nothing. We take off our shoes at the airport, submit to being scanned and searched, but bottom line - after decades of terror, the terrorists have not achieved any of their goals, nor will the murdered of these young people.
7. To make such a tenuous link is disgusting
Isaac   (07.24.11)
Get real. To in any way, link Israel into any of this is ridiculous. (This sounds like the "truthers" who sought to blame Israel for 9/11.) It is bad enough that people or person so deranged went on a murder spree without attempting to look under every rock for any tenuous link to Israel.
8. #2 Dane in Gedera
Tomer ,   Gedera   (07.24.11)
You're practically my neighbor. What brought you here Line? Personally, I think Aarhus, Denmark is much lovelier than Gedera (especially in the summer), but if you like it here, then brucha habaa. Also, to answer your question: of course it is relevant. Nobody here justifies the murders, and like all normal human beings we are saddened by the tragic loss of life. But we are allowed to know to whom our sympathy goes out to. I do wonder: had there been a big terrorist attack in Israel (heaven forbid) by a Palestinian terrorist - would these leftist Norwegians express their unreserved sympathy to the Israeli people, without one word about politics? I seriously, but seriously doubt it.
9. Are you trying to make a connection?
Nina ,   NYC   (07.24.11)
If so, which? That someone encouraged him 'it was time'? Or, that one shouldn't feel so bad because they were 'bad youth'?
10. #4 -Could not agree with you more...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (07.24.11)
11. 1
Bil ,   Jerusalem   (07.24.11)
Get back up off your hands and knees and stop apologizing.
12. I don't understand something here
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
They were on this beautiful island and all they could think about was putting together a protest to boycott Israel? Even so, this is a shocking and sad affair that was executed by a brutal psychopath. It's been reported that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views - OK! so why go and murder a load of innocent teenagers. It's just an excuse to live out his wet dreams. Shoot him in the head - he's a sick evil oxygen thief and he shouldn't be allowed breath the same air as everyone else.
13. Why is this newsworthy?
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.11)
Had the youth discussed the British parlimentary system, or had they demonstrated their distaste for high-cholesterol foods, would this also be featured in the news? This story is highly suggestive, a la an opinion article, but devoid of any direct or relevant content that is the bread and butter of which a news article should consist.
14. This is the Land of Isreal if some like it or not!
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (07.24.11)
15. Youngsters of the world
Ivan ,   South Africa   (07.24.11)
It is a shame and disgusting to take away any innocent life, but I am sick and tired of hearing these stories of youngsters of different countries trying to control the running of Israel.
16. it doesn't matter. even if the boycott israel ...
David J ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.11)
no one should be killed!!! this man is barbaric!!!
17. Indoctrination Camp
BurgerKing ,   USA   (07.24.11)
They really start them young in Norway. Isn't Simmer camp supposed to be about swimming & arts & crafts?
18. It could never happen in "our" Denmark, could it?
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.24.11)
19. Norway! Take your hangs off Israel!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (07.24.11)
20. even if they are planing on boycottting israel
benny ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
like the Germans in 1933 (what lead to the cCristal night). it's not O. K to hurt people because of thier opinions!!! let everyone be!!!
21. My heart goes out to the Norwegians after this horrible
Rosene ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.11)
act of terror. terror is terror is terror. byocott me or not. I know i'm right for living in my country and I serven the army like evryone here so I know the IDF. IDF is me. is us. I don't have to kill anybody to show i'm right. the killer is insane!!!!
22. The Norway tragedy is so depressing.
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
it depresses me like when people don't get it's aconflict and 2 sides have to compromise, not only 1 side. but when Ithink about those poor people, my heart goes out to them all.
23. Labour is a left wing and leftists are no friends of israel
jason ,   haifa israel   (07.24.11)
Amazing that I see fellow jews that can't comprehend that the leftists aren't their friends. Leftists are obsessed with israel.
24. Nothing on syria leftist parties are obsessed with israel
jason ,   haifa israel   (07.24.11)
They are on a great island and all they can think about is their obsession with israel. Why no protest to recall ambassador from syria. The shame is that this left wing government got less votes than the right wing coalition but more seats for the second election in a row and now because of a mad man they will get the sympathy vote forever and this hostile anti israel government in power forever.
25. The right wing coalition in norway got more votes
jason ,   haifa israel   (07.24.11)
But less seats if they were in power they wouldn't be kissing up to abbas and they would be friends with israel.
26. Anders Behring Breivik was a Christian Zionist
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.24.11)
#2 Line Singer asked why it was relevant, well it was relevant because Breivik was a right wing Christian Zionist who was opposed to Palestinian statehood that murdered 80 children, and that is why it is relevant.
27. @Sam #4 E"Yisrael
joshua ,   galos   (07.24.11)
if so, let Him find you guilty of sucking as a human being.
28. such a sad story
anon ,   Johannesburg   (07.24.11)
They hated Israel blindly (they have no qlue of the situation on the ground) And now they have been killed blindly (by a man who believes he is on a crusade) Sending my hart felt conodlances to Norway, and my love to Israel. My the worlds wrong propaganda war on Israel end, and my the Pal choose peace rather than their pathetic war
29. ODIN he is a NORWEGIAN murderer. Sort out your own misfits.
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.24.11)
Instead of looking for somebody else to blame. He is YOUR mass murderer and YOUR Moslem rioters and terrorist supporters and leftist lunatics are also YOURS.
30. #1crocodile tears
observer ,   Egypt   (07.24.11)
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