Report: UN panel rules IDF boarded Marmara 'to kill'
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 24.07.11, 16:07
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1. More UN BS
Frank ,   Canada   (07.24.11)
Soldiers were equipped with paintballs.
2. Yeah, right
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.24.11)
Turkey is scrambling to save face. The Palmer Report is going to slam Turkey and point up the fact that Turkey acted with IHH to deliberately provoke Israel. That is why Turkey has fought so hard to have the Palmer Report suppressed. Israel is not going to apologize to a state sponsorer of terror (Turkey). Israel is not going to compensate the families of terrorists (IHH). Get used to the idea.
3. Intent to kill with paintball guns? More blood libel
Cynic ,   USA   (07.24.11)
4. they are high rated liars
turkish blubbers ,   IL   (07.24.11)
known fact to their arab brothers as well
5. Prophet Muhamad said:
Jadida ,   palestine   (07.24.11)
jews are criminals. follow muhamad. justice is his name.
6. wrong
fad egypt   (07.24.11)
the IDF boarded the mavi marmara with the unlethal paintball weapons they did that only after the ship which was the sixth one of the flotilla refused to cooperate with the IDF as the other five did if the IDF had the intention to kill it would ve used lethal weapons and boarded the whole six ships in the flotilla also israel didnt open fire except only when the activists started to beat the IDF with knives clubs and axes and that was very clear on the tv stations including the turkish news agency DHA israel was 100 percent right in its operation to defend its legal naval blockage against gaza to make sure that no weapons will enter the territory which ruled by an enemy regime seeks its destruction it is turkey which must apologize to israel for helping the terrorist organization IHH to carry such provacation against israel netanyahu will be stupid if he expressed his regret or to pay compensation regret what ?? killing terrorists ?? andd paying compensation to whom ?? the families of terrorists ?? this is a great shame and humilation of israel and the IDF if netanyahu makes anything like that he wont deserve to continue as a prime minister and must be brought down immediately shalom he wouldnt deserve
7. Bollocks!! It's been documented the ship was armed
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
and ready to kill soldiers - so what were our boys supposed to do, go aboard with water pistols? There were published photographs backing this up, so Turkey can go stick their report where the sun doesn't shine.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.24.11)
This is the first time I heard that, so of course WE MUST question the source. But when you board a ship with paintball guns, how that translates to premeditation to kill, should be interesting. It clearly proves the opposite was true. But we do have video's (many from the ships system, that the terrorists forgot to disable) proving the terrorists had a premeditated plan to attack the IDF, so there is no dispute there at all. But what the heck, let's play the Pallywood game of distraction. I can't wait to see how a paintball gun shows an intention to kill with premeditation???
9. Fad - #6 - I love you
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.24.11)
10. No. 8 Mark
NYC Girl   (07.24.11)
You wonder how a paintball gun shows premeditation to kill? Trust me, the that moral cesspool known as the UN will find a way to do it. Even Franz Kafka couldn't come up with anything more surreal.
11. Israel Should Offer A Statement of Regret.
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (07.24.11)
The state should come from the FM's office and state " We regret that Turkey is such a dumb, obstinate country that could have stopped this fiasco from the very beginning. They should have followed the example that Greece set this year!"
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.24.11)
what else can one expect of a failed paid mercenary anti semitic turkish attack on an Israeli legal naval blockade? ( with the blessings of a known terrorist ally, the UN, no less, oy! ) Maybe the turks will become more involved with the thousands of escaping Syrians who're flocking into turkey daily, only to live in worse conditions than the pals? No one believes the turks bullshit.
13. Just like Turkey spreads lies about Armenian genocide
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
14. me, my riends and actually all this country is the IDF!
Daniel Baum ,   Israel   (07.24.11)
we all serve in the israeli millitary if if we were in to the kill we all would probably know about it. but in the IDF we are told to respect everybody and don't shoot at anybody untill we are in life danger. and these are our best solders so I truely believe that they were in life danger!!! as we saw in the photose from the marmara these "activists" were armed. SHALOM AND PEACE EVERYBODY!
15. Daisy horoscope
Atilla ,   giresun   (07.24.11)
'Israel' apology to Turkey' is not important .Turkey is using its geo-politic power.we will see this on other issues.Israel is only a tool for this.Turkey is rising power in the region.Israel has only limited power on palestanians.
16. #15
Jorgr ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (07.24.11)
Turkey is a banana country and the influence in the world is like a aunt in the earth.
17. 'to kill'
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.24.11)
The ship entered a war zone,bringing supplies and even terrorists to a country at war with Israel,in war,like in war,of course the intentions of the IDF were, to kill the terrorists aboard the ship,the IDF had no idea what's awaiting them,Turkey,who gave it's blessings for this adventure should climb down the high tree.
18. what else to you expect from UN or Turkey!
rachel ,   usa   (07.24.11)
19. how could soldiers with paint ball guns
Michael   (07.24.11)
be accused of excessive force?
20. fad stay safe in Egypt. I know you are surrounded by fanatic
rachel ,   usa   (07.24.11)
fanatics ....
21. Gimme a break
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (07.24.11)
Breaking news! Turkey claims that paintball guns can kill. Oh yeh. Pull the other one. Why should we compensate them? They attacked our soldiers, they took the risks. Not one penny of our money should go to the Turks.
22. Turks play a zero-sum game.
Stephen in New York   (07.24.11)
Turkish demands are crafted in a manner designed to guarantee rejection. The Turkish government seeks ongoing conflict.
23. Israel Idiocy
Liz ,   USA   (07.24.11)
The Israelis are out of their minds if they truly plan to respond to such nonsense by groveling, apologizing to Turkey and paying the "victims." Where has sanity gone to in that country???
24. @ 5
Ariel ,   ISRAEL   (07.24.11)
stop the hate speach! PEACE EVERYBODY...
25. Simple and KEY question ...
sk ,   USA   (07.24.11)
Which nation instigated the entire flotilla nonsense?????????
26. at the same time, muslims are massacring their own people
robert renders ,   belgium   (07.24.11)
in Libya, Syria, Iran, Turkish Kurdistan, Egypt, etc...
27. intent to kill?
sensible guy ,   tel aviv   (07.24.11)
i have served in the IDF, in a combat unit. If these soldiers, undoubtly some of the most highly trained as well, went into a situation like that with intent to kill, there would not be one survivor.
28. to # 9 and # 20
fad egypt   (07.24.11)
thank you for your comments
29. Apology
Sam M ,   UK   (07.24.11)
Israel should certainly apologise to all the wanabee shahids on the Mavi Mamara who weren't selected for their final glorious mission. We all saw them on the ship's deck baying like crazed hounds for martyrdom their arms raised to the sky shouting in unison. Perhaps one or two even had a feeling of impending disaster since unposted letters were discovered among their personal effects informing family and friends that they would be returning home shortly. How can financial compensation or a mere apology ever make up for the glory that was denied them? One poor man even boasted on video that he was on his third mission to be a shahid! It's obviously harder than we realise.
30. If supposed intent was to kill, why board at all?
Jake ,   Colorado, USA   (07.24.11)
If the IDF intended to kill, they could have easily killed everyone from a safe distance. Boarding the ship clearly prevents doing so,
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