Bill revoking terrorists' benefits gets thumbs up
Aviad Glickman
Published: 24.07.11, 19:25
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1. HA HA!
Sean Green ,   Pasadena, USA   (07.24.11)
Awesome idea
2. After Their Third Offence All family and Perpatrator
should be DEPORTED out of Israel Never to Return.
3. #2 Yes but deport on their 1st offense, stop terrorists from
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.24.11)
the first act.
4. Netanyahu take notes
Rachel ,   US   (07.24.11)
A few weeks ago, you told your ministers to be more like Moshe Kahlon. You need to be more like Lieberman.
5. Bravo and that new Law
Moragh   (07.24.11)
should have been ceased long ago. In the first place, a Bill should never have taken place. To implement such a Bill was sheer madness. If the arabs (muzzies) want to live off a stupid state, then they must move to England. I'm sure they have thousands of relatives there who will wisen them up how to lie and scheme to get money (never to work again) from the weak and idiotic British government!
6. Terrorists benefits axed ? I will believe
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.24.11)
it when I see it. Since Netanyahu is such a friend of the Left I am waiting for him to change course (again) and block this
7. So i presume this applies to Yigal Amiers family
Haim ,   TA   (07.24.11)
and the Goldsteins
8. Thumbs UP for Lieberman
John   (07.24.11)
as President. Then sit back and watcvh the muzzies squirm. Have fun!
9. An excellent decision!
John ,   Alaska   (07.25.11)
People who commit terrorist acts should not even get 50%. They should get executed and their families deported.
10. third offense?
dshap ,   Miami, USA   (07.25.11)
Why give them three strikes? First offense eliminate benefits. Second offense, revoke residency/citizenship and deport entire clan. No exceptions.
11. to #7 I believe the aim of the law
ghostq   (07.25.11)
after seeing what palestinians r doing to Gilad Shalite, he can't even see the red cross for health check. so the palestinians get the same conditions and it is no time to get petty.
12. About time! hurry up and don't dilly dally
Talula ,   Israel   (07.25.11)
should have been done 63 years ago.
13. #10 Thats Why Two minds are better than One
This would be a Perfect Bill For "Israeli" Citizens to vote on!!! Baruch Hashem
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