Glenn Beck compares Norway victims to Hitler Youth
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.07.11, 07:38
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1. ''Disturbing''
marc   (07.26.11)
the only thing that is ''disturbing'' is that millions of Americans are so ignorant and poorly educated that they take Glenn Beck seriously. In every other western country this clown would have been laughed off the stage years ago. And yet, Americans pride themselves on being ignorant. America is bound to be the downfall of western civilisation. ...the United States of Stupidity.
2. He's going to embarrass us all at the IL rally he's planning
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (07.26.11)
3. If a peaceful soul like Beck says it, it's gotta be true.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.26.11)
4. political brain wash for kids is just
ghostq   (07.26.11)
suit for either Nazi era or communist era, it isn't justify killing but this phenomena is very problematic. this isn't democracy.
5. Glenn Beck, the essence of ignorance and conceit
mea   (07.26.11)
Beck, the poster child for all things white trash, uncultured, under exposed and socially ignorant once again takes the grand prize for being the biggest and ugliest pig at the anti-anything that isn;t white Fair. That's a pretty big accomplishment, Glenn, so pull your head out of your fat ignorant bitt and pat yourself on the back. A new low? This white trash wants to give a rally at the Kotel? THAT in itself should speak volumes on his complete lack of knowledge about Israel, the Jewish people and Judaism itself. Go to hell Beck. And stay out Israel.
6. #1 "Americans pride themselves on being ignorant"
american ,   america   (07.26.11)
Are you insinuating there is something wrong with american pride?
7. Very likely most commenters only disapprove the comparison..
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.26.11)
... but would approve of such carnage were it metted out on actual German children being indoctrinated in the Hitler youth movement. Yeah, I get it: It would be righteous to slay those children, but how dare you claim that any form of comparison could justify the slaying of these children?! Am I right? Did it ever occur to any of the readers that perhaps Beck is against the slaughter of any children for any reason? Does it not strike anyone that the righteous indignation towards Beck comes from a stance that there are some children that it is alright to massacre? Perhaps this approach is the greater evil, and conversely, perhaps the two groups of children are indeed similar. It's something to think about before lashing out at Beck.
8. Hitler Youth
were educated to love the German race above other races. They were taught that only pure-blooded Germans should live in Germany. They were taught that multiculturalism was a communist plot to destroy the purity of the German race. This sounds like the EXACT opposite of what a left-wing political camp would be learning. Beck himself has founded political camps for children. This confusion in America between ''left wing'' and ''right wing'' is bizarre. They better get their act together soon because this event is probably a sign of the beginning of a whole wave of ''right wing'' terrorism in Europe.
9. Glenn Beck compares Norway.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav   (07.26.11)
And to think that this man is coming once more to Israel, to sow discord,he is like a black cloud hanging over us . Israel deserves better.
10. glenn, LACK of compassion can B cured! ful stop.
nice ,   tlv   (07.26.11)
R.I.P young victims of the MONSTER. and prayers 4 the families. glenn your views R SMELLING.
11. Mr. Torbjon Eriksen should be asked whether
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (07.26.11)
playing "Gaza flotilla" game is part of learning about democracy or it is the act of solidarity with Gaza islamofascists terrorists? See the pictures of brainwashing camp games at Liam Getreu.
12. You wanted Beck, you got him !
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (07.26.11)
Take all the bigots in the world you want to Israel. We will bebetter off with them there.
13. @ #11 Very good question! (EOT)
me ,   world   (07.26.11)
14. It was publicly described as a Political Labour Party Youth
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.26.11)
Camp. So I can see why Beck made that comparison. It would have been all about indoctrinating the young minds into the liberal ideology of the Labour Party. Some people call that grooming. Apparently it is very effective considering the anti-Israel banners they displayed and their mock flotilla games. It stinks and i consider that child abuse. I can expect the anti-Israel Pals youth / summer camps, but such a camp so far away in Norway is beyond my comprehension. Indeed, according to Beck, it is "disturbing" and it is certainly not my idea of a youth camp.
15. Discusting comment by the hero of the right wing
Haim ,   TA   (07.26.11)
Naturally the hero of the right wing here in Israel, just a matter of time before some nutter does the same here.
16. THIS is the ugly, mean-spirited..
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.26.11)
ignorant, Holocaust-cheapening individual who addressed a Knesset committee and who is giving a rally in Israel. What an utter disgrace! For shame on his sponsor, Danny Danon. For shame on the Knesset.
17. What I found troubling
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.26.11)
The brainwashing of children at this camp to take an anti-Israel position by supporting a boycott of Israel. In spite of Norwegian domestic problems brought to light by this incident, this was a politically "neutral" subject for this youth camp. I wonder if they ever discussed multi-culturalism and the rise of nationalism in Europe or if that would be considered too controversial?
18. He is lunatic. Period.
Mark ,   J-lem   (07.26.11)
Ignore him. If he will loose his listeners then no one will give him a stage for his moronic nonsense.
19. what an idiot Beck really is
Rina   (07.26.11)
Quote: "I mean, who does a camp for kids that's all about politics?" USSR did throughout its existence. Israel does that too - specific "programmes" aimed at youth (with a view to make aliya in future, for example). What do you think they discuss there? GDP to income ratio?
20. Beck desribed their anti-Israel hate.
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (07.26.11)
Some of these left-wing youth were shown holding banners calling for a boycott of Israel. Given that hamas remains committed to Israel's destruction and that the PA blew up the peace process in 2000 and still refuses to recognize Israel as the Jewish state, these youths were anti-Jewish - they did not call for an end to hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians or hamas acceptance of Israel or demand the PA's acceptance of a Jewish state to help bring peace. No, they targeted the Jews. My first impression, given their anti-Israel/Jewish leanings and their nordic looks was that they reminded me of hitler youth, poisoned by the anti-Israel bigotry of their leaders. Maybe Norway will think again and demandi that Palestinians make peace and accept the Jewish state as a necessary precondition for their independence. Beck is not so far off the mark.
21. Beck is absolutly lunatic!!!
Adam ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
22. Glenn Beck is good person
Millie ,   Colorado, USA   (07.26.11)
Why do things always get distorted when Glenn Beck's name is mentioned? What a bunch of garbage.. I watched Glenn's TV program for about the past year & none of the nasty descriptive comments I read here fit--the article is just nonsense! I can't believe he was saying it was ok to kill children in ANY group. He apparently had some misinformation about a Jewish group earlier in his career but apologized when he found out he was wrong. He tried hard to make amends. ps, he still had very high TV ratings: look it up on anything that isn't biased.
23. He is right. As much as it hurts to deal with that
aaa   (07.26.11)
at the current time, this camp is a brain-washing camp similar to the ones took place in the Nazi Germany. Selling extreme ideas to some 15 years olds in a summer camp - it is a pure brain washing. Especially when those kids know nothin' about life. After the mournings are over, it will be a great time for Norway to do a self-scrutiny regarding its way. And regarding the kids, take them to a luna park or something.
24. Israel and the Knesset should be
Dovid ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
ashamed. They should cancel this silly, self-promotional circus this clown is bringing to Jerusalem. Well, he WOULD be a clown if he were not so offensive and disgusting.
25. #7 no, you are wrong and you're way overthinking it
Beck is a total moron....that's all that matters. Gunning down any unarmed children at a political camp, Nazi or otherwise, is 100% indefensible. Surely that is obvious.
26. hitler's youth camp
devy   (07.26.11)
Coincidentally it crossed my mind also this parallel. The same brainwashing camps were also run in the communist bloc in east europe and in the Soviet Union. Today you can see them taking place in the moslem world for only one purpose , control and manipulate the next future generation of warped minds. No one can condone that tragic day in Norway no mater what , it was despicable. At the same time there are winds of resentment about the Islamisation of Europe that will only increase in intensity , as we go forward. It looks like the water and oil doesn't mix at all. It's a good time for a somber reflection, world!
27. First, my thoughts the massacre victims' famil
Liron ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
ies. Second, why do we let this madman get here???? He crossed the line in this statement!!!! It maybe I hate that they are boycotting me, but comparing their actions to Nazi Germany is unacceptable!!!!
28. I'm against a boycott and a political indoctrination but
Shira ,   Juresalem, Israel   (07.26.11)
This guy is crazy! you compare it to Nazi Germany??? Poor children, now you also defaming them? May they rest in peace. I wish Beck would not come here anymore.
29. Incorrect comparison
Alexandre Chinovich   (07.26.11)
Ideological youth camps is a form that can be filled with any content. Hitlerjugend used this form. they did not invent it. It does not change the fact that these innocent victims planned to suffocate Israel by humane economical and political means.
30. @marc (#1.)
Oslo-ite ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.26.11)
Let's concede that there are "millions" of ignorant Americans. Even if the total number of Americans who are truly ignorant exceeds the entire population of Norway at 5 million, it still amounts to less than 2% of its population. I can testify that far more than 100,000 Norwegians are "ignorant" and it probably is no different in Israel. Get off your absurd moral superiority complex!
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