State sues Bedouins for NIS 1.8M
Ilana Curiel
Published: 26.07.11, 15:27
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1. Bedouins have a right to settlement
Nour ,   One-State   (07.26.11)
And they also have a right to preserve their heritage and lifestyle. If the new state of "Israel" doesn't like it, you can get the h@# out of Palestine!
2. IS THIS THE FAKE TOWN???????????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.26.11)
Is this that same village that Amira Haas was caught and embarrassed about? When she lied about the village, representing it as a permanent town, city or village. When in fact it was just a seasonal camp used by the Bedouin (just few months out of the year) for herding their goats or whatever?
3. Right to settlement in LEGAL towns. As much as Id love to
Yosemite Sam ,   West Coast baby   (07.26.11)
plop down wherever I want I cant juts go build myself a city or town or house whereever I choose. Try doing that in arabv and muslims lands, hey maybe do that in mecca see how it goes nour you hypocrite hater. apply ur standards to yourself and the world.
4. Nour you're wrong
Yossef   (07.26.11)
One State : One Law, for everybody, the same. Israel is a modern country, it's not anymore a desert where the beduins could buy Yosef to his brothers ;-)
5. Verry Funny
Abdurahman Solomon ,   Cape Town South Afri   (07.26.11)
The Israeli government builds illegal settlements Everyday and now they cry when others follow from there example :)
6. Good Luck
Yonason Herschlag   (07.26.11)
And if the court awards the State their full claim. Then what? It would be like ordering a rock to cough up water. They don't have any money. I think it would be more effective to prosecute them for the crimes they're guilty of, and lock them up.
7. Long over due
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.26.11)
The Arabs keep on stealing government lands and building on lands that they do not own. In every other country in the world they would not only be charged for the costs, but arrested for attempting to steal as well. Since this is on going we should deport these people to either Gaza or Jordan.
8. #1 - Palestine doesn't exist
William ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
and in Israel (as in Jordan and Sinai and Arabia), the Bedouins are nomadic and often squat on State land. You know what that's like, right Nour? I believe your family did the same in the 1930s as illegal economic migrants and now claim to be centuries-old natives. Hell, in Saudi Arabia, they aren't even considered citizens and have NO rights, and they're treated as sub-citizens in Egypt. But that's ok, right Nour?
9. Funny - is this about settlers in the West Bank???
Respond   (07.26.11)
10. #9 and 1
Alice ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.26.11)
The West Bank belongs to the Jewish People since " la nuit des temps." The Settlers are not bedouins but are the legal heirs to this Land.
11. Tricky one
James ,   London   (07.26.11)
It's a difficult subject. On the one hand, Bedouins have often (though by no means always) been loyal citizens of Israel, and they are historically a nomadic people. On the other hand, they are historically a nomadic people ie.they had no permanent town. Now they want a town - but not the one Israel offers - but don't want to pay for utilities and to pay taxes etc. In other words, and perhaps put simplistically, they want all the benefits of being in one place in a modern state but without the costs, or the rules, that other citizens have to pay. So regretfully I think I lean towards them having to move to one of the towns on offer. BUT a more elegant and perhaps kinder solution would be to offer them terms by which they could stay where they are but pay taxes etc.
12. #7 We know who is stealing land, the government
Fedup   (07.27.11)
BTW, why shouldn't Arab citizens be allowed on their State's land? If the Israeli Courts award a judgment, then the Arabs should go after the State's foreign assets.
13. Charge settler outpost builders too
Abdalla   (07.27.11)
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